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George Foreman 13622

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2015 22:21
      Very helpful


      • "healthy option"
      • "cleans easily"
      • "good on the heart"
      • "Cooks fast"


      • none

      Keep your heart and body healthy

      This is about average size for these machines, being about 28cm x 22cm x 24cm. It has a cooking surface of 310 square cm which can take a good amount of meet stuff in order to get it cooked.
      It has 1300 watts of power and a good ¾ metre cable to keep the wiring out of the way when the grill is hot.

      It is specially made for those that love cheese on toast as the top plate can be locked in a position so that is raised above the lower plate so that it is not touching the cheese on the toast. This way it slowly melts the cheese without it burning or ending up with cheese on the top plate.
      Other things can be cooked on it too, such as all meats, sausages, bacon etc, mushroom, tomatoes, in fact anything that you can normally stick under the grill.

      The plates are big enough to handle four to six generous sized chicken pieces, maybe four to six good sized burgers or equivalent.
      It is easy to use and as the fat from the meats rolls down the sloping plates, into the awaiting drip tray, it's amazing how much fat there actually is that drops into the trays which, if not, would end up on your hips... or heart.

      It can cook meat in half the time a standard grill does, because of the way that this grill cooks both sides at once. A burger can go from raw to fully cooked in about 7 minutes, which the weight of the lid not only helping the burger cook evenly, due to the floating hinge, it also pushes the unwanted fats and gunk out of the burger.

      This grill is well worth the £40 that I paid for it as it not only save me time in cooking, plus money in electricity, it gives my ticker a chance of lasting a few more years.


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      26.08.2012 16:39
      Very helpful



      A good grill

      Back at my flat in Nottingham, I have a different George Foreman grill which my mum won years ago. It's super heavy and a bit of a beast. Friends bought my boyfriend a newer version for his birthday recently as they knew that he was missing being able to use mine. The version we now have is the George Foreman 13622. Although we didn't buy this ourselves, I know it is available on Amazon for about £40.

      == Inside the box ==
      1 x Four-portion grill
      1 x Drip tray
      1 x Instruction booklet
      1 x One-year guarantee card

      == Design ==
      The design of this George Foreman grill is quite similar to my other grill but also different in many ways. The grill is mainly silver with a large handle at the front. The grill plates inside are black and the colour of these are visible at the edges of the main body. The black grill plates being visible breaks up the monotony of the silver and I quite like that there are two different colours to this machine. On the top of the grill is the usual George Foreman logo with an orange LED light which lets you know when the plates are hot enough. Unlike my other grill, this one does not have any heat or timer settings which I found very disappointing. I love these features on my other grill so it was a shame to see they have now been removed.

      The grill itself is quite lightweight and is nowhere near as heavy as my other grill which appears to be made from an extremely heavy metal. I love how light this one is in comparison as it is much easier to move around the kitchen and easier to put away after use.

      == Less Fat? ==
      All George Foreman grills come with a drip tray as they claim to remove up to 42% of fat from the food you cook. I often cook sausages on my grill and the amount of fat that drips down the grill plates into the tray is quite shocking. The drip tray is made from plastic but even with hot fat in it, it won't melt. These trays do need cleaning after every use or you will be left with a solid, hard, white lump of fat in the bottom of them which is a pain to remove.

      As I generally use this grill for meat more than anything else, the fat reducing aspect is a great thing for me.

      == Using the grill ==
      Using any George Foreman is extremely easy. As there are no heat or time settings on these newer models, all you need to do is plug it in and wait for the grill plates to heat up before you cook anything. The orange LED on the top of the grill lights up with it is hot enough to use and this only takes a couple of minutes.

      As I said, I cook meat a lot on mine but this can be a problem on the new grill. As there is no heat setting, you have to cook everything on extremely hot which is not always the best thing for meat. The outsides of sausages always cook a hell of a lot quicker than the inside so this part will be much darker than what you are probably used to. Much turning of the sausages is needed to ensure that they don't burn and that all sides are cooked properly. This isn't something I have to do much with my other grill so the ease of cooking is taken away slightly.

      Cooking other items such as grilled sandwiches are a fair bit easier thankfully as long as you don't pile them full of fillings. I've found that a grilled cheese sandwich can be cooked in a matter of minutes without the bread burning on the outsides. The cheese in the middle will be nicely melted while the bread will be crisp and brown. Although much more can be cooked on these grills, without a temperature control, some things could end up trickier than they should be which is a shame.

      == Cleaning ==
      Cleaning these grills is extremely easy. Even after cooking fatty meats on the plates, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp sponge. I usually do this while the plates are still turned on as it is easier to get everything off although I should warn you to be careful not to burn yourself. If you try to clean the plates when they are cold you will need to use a bit of elbow grease to get any remaining fat off.

      == Overall ==
      The George Foreman 13622 is a four portion grill which is more than big enough for just me and my boyfriend. A smaller one would have probably done us but this is nice in case we have people round to eat. I do like this George Foreman, however, it isn't nearly as good as they older, heavier styles. George Foreman's aren't cheap either so unless you're going to use it a lot, it could become a waste of money.


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