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George Foreman 14054 Family

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Brand: George / / Type: Indoor Grill

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2011 17:15
      Very helpful



      Good grill for the consumer

      The George Foreman 14054 is a portable cooking grill designed to take around 7 portions of medium sized meat. The fact it can take up to 7 portions means the 14054 is a relatively large George Foreman grill as the standard size is around 4 portions. I have two George foreman grills and I find the 14054 is perfect for parties and large gatherings. I bought the grill around a year ago on Amazon UK for £39.99 and the product has been of good use.

      The Grill on the top of the lid has a silver finish, in black font there is black text reading "George Foreman" along with a signature. There is no timer on the product but a coloured LED cooking light which tells you when the grill is ready to start cooking. The product features a black handle to the front which allows you to lift the grill easy and black panelling goes up the side of the lid too. The inside of the grill is coloured black, is made from metal and has some grooves to enhance cooking of your food. There are also small black legs to the bottom of the product which raise it from the ground. Included is also a small drip tray, which slots just under the front of the grill to catch any dripping fat or oil during operation. There are larger grooves to the bottom of the inside of the grill which aid the fat and oil in running from your food and out into the drip tray. There are some hinges to the back of the grill, which move around and are not fixed, this helps accommodate different thicknesses of meat and so on. The total available cooking area is 774cm2 which is large enough for 7 medium sized portions of chicken. The product weighs 3.4kg which is sturdy enough to be well made but still portable. The product needs electricity to operate and features a 75cm lead for which it has a 1850 Watt power requirement. Overall, the product looks large and modern and I particularly like the handle to the front.

      My 14054 has been a brilliant investment in terms of durability, I've had the product for over a year and it still works as well as when I first bought it. It has seen regular use and nothing has broken or malfunctioned, needing repair. The product is sturdy and well made, the anti stick grill inside the product has scratched a little bit from cleaning it, but this is only a minor problem. The product does need cleaned quite a lot as it's amazing how much fat and oil come off meat which surprises most people. The drip tray needs regular emptying or a white coloured solid of fat accumulates and dries making it hard to remove. Included in the product is a scrubbing pad which is useful but I generally need good quality cleaning wipes to get rid of the hard on stains. Overall, fantastic durability but the product does require frequent cleaning.

      ===Cooking Quality/Performance===
      The 14054 as with most George Foreman grills for that matter, cooks food very quickly. This is a double edged sword, as on the one hand you get quickly cooked food but the on the hand, the outside of your food (especially any sauces on the top) cook before the inside of the food. For example I recently cooked a chicken with a sauce on the top of it, but the sauce came out burned as it was cooked before the inside of the chicken. I still found the taste nice and satisfying, but I know some people were not keen on the taste. This is a fact as with all George Foreman grills and not just the 14054, so before buying the product I would try taste a George Foreman cooked product as some people just prefer BBQ or oven cooked meat. The product for cooking sauceless food like plain burgers or plain chicken breast is perfect in my opinion and I love to cook food on a GF grill. A fair bit of fat and oil drips out the food as well, so it is a fairly healthy way of cooking meat.

      ===Ease of Use===
      The product is easy to use, you just plug it in, wait for the LED light to show you the grill is ready to cook, put your food on the grill and close the lid. The handle is a great touch and allows you to open the lid to check on your food easily and safely. There is no timer, so you have to manually check food or time it yourself. This makes it a little more difficult to use than my GF grill with a timer, but overall the 14054 is easy to use.

      I bought my 14054 on Amazon UK for £39.99 including free delivery about a year ago. I think this was fantastic value for money, as the product is solidly made, cooks food quickly, drains fat and is easy to use. This product will see years of usage and for £39.99, if you're in a rush and don't have time to oven cook food or maybe your hosting a party, the product is a superb grill for you. Overall, I find it good value at just £39.99 on Amazon UK, and even now after all this time, I still think the product is sold on Amazon for the same price I paid.

      The main problem I see with the 14054 is that the product includes no countdown timer, just a warning light which tells you the grill is heated enough and ready to cook food. I have another George Foreman grill, so I can appreciate how handy and useful the timer is, it allows you to cook food without constantly checking and manually timing the food. The warning light does work and comes on after a few minutes when the grill is at the right temperature but is no match for a countdown timer. The last problem as stated, would be the fact that George Foreman grills in general, cook food on the outside first before the inside. Food with sauces or herbs or seasoning on the top frequently burn before the inside of your meat is ready to eat safely.

      To conclude I love using my GF 14054 grill when I can opposed to an oven as it is easy to use, portable, drains quite a bit of fat from meat and is very durable. I like the cooking quality of the food but the grill does burn the outside of meat before the inside so if your meat has sauce on the top this could be a problem. The 14054 does not have a timer on it, just an LED light and does require frequent cleaning. You have to manually check your food quite a lot to ensure its cooked correctly, but for large gatherings with multiple burgers on the go or even if your just in a rush and need meat cooked quickly, the 14054 is a brilliant product. I paid £39.99 for the 14054 from Amazon UK and think of it as a very useful and essential appliance, but the taste may not be for everyone. Thank you for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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      George 14054 7-Portion Compact Grill Non Stick Finish

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