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George Foreman 14685 Multi Grill Plates

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Indoor Grill

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    3 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 22:44
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      If you worry about the amount of fat that you eat from meat then try cooking with this...

      If I said to you George Foreman you'd instantly think of one of two things, depending on your age of course. The two thoughts would either be that of a great boxer who became best known for his 1974 fight against Cassius Clay, (Muhammad Ali to us), which was entitled 'The Rumble in the Jungle.
      Or, for the younger ones amongst us, the vast range of healthy eating grills that seem to have flooded the market for what seems like since the 'Rumble in the Jungle'.
      Me, when I hear the name George Foreman I first think of a great man who has a heart of solid gold who happened to be one of the great boxers of all time, along side his great opponent in that 1974 fight. Then I think about the healthy eating grills.

      Anyway, as you can probably guess, this review is about George Foreman, not the man himself but the lean mean grilling machines that he has put his name to, to which I have bought quite few of, including the family sized anniversary edition one that was brought out in early 2000
      This particular review is about one of the smaller machines that has the great mans name on it, with this particular one being called the George foreman 14685.

      If and when you do chose to buy this then in the package you should get a few items, which are...

      * The 1000 watt grill itself, which is a nice shiny black colour, but the downside to this black body is that it does collect finger marks and 'goo' very easily indeed, but a quick wipe over sorts that out.
      * A single drip tray which should as long as the grill is wide.
      * A plastic spatula which is used for picking up the food from the plates and also for scraping any excess food 'mess' that has managed to remain on the plates after you've taken the food off.
      * An instruction leaflet/manual which also has a few ideas in of what to cook and how.

      So once you've checked it's all there it's just a matter of plugging it into the mains, placing the drip tray just under the bottom end of the slope, slapping you choice of food onto the plates and closing the lid so that both sides cook at one time, this helps shorten the actual cooking time.

      It's not massive, probably being best used for small 'snacks' instead of a full meal for the family. In fact, if it's just a healthy bite your after for you and the other half then this is ideal.
      The actual size is in fact around 120mm high, 340mm long and about 380mm wide, weighing in at a very lightweight 3kg, roughly, and the actual cooking surface size is about 4600mm squared.
      Or in other words it will easily fit such things as three good size chicken fillets, four average size burger patties, loads of sausages... but not all at once mind you, so if you're after a feast fit for a healthy king then you'd best go for the Anniversary edition grill instead of this one.

      I do have to say that for all those who have never used a George Foreman grill, or one which is of the same design, don't panic it the hinges on it seem to wobble a lot when you're opening and closing the lid, it has what they call a 'floating hinge' system.
      Basically the hinges are designed so that the lid closes with the same pressure on different thickness of food so that it all cooks evenly. So you could have say a burger patty or two on the left side whilst having a thick chicken fillet on the right, and as the hinge is floating the lid will rest evenly on both sides, making the lid look lob sided of course, but both food choices will cook the same.

      As with all George Foreman grills the plates slope slightly and have groves embedded into them, this is so that the food you are cooking is raised above the grooves so that the unwanted fat can travel down the slopes and into the waiting drip trays.
      These plates are removable, which basically means that the cleaning process is a matter of taking the plates out, which is achieved by sliding the side handles to release the plates. Then dropping the plates into a bowl of hot soapy water, leaving them to soak for a while, giving them a bit of a rub with a non scratching brush or sponge, then slotting them back into the machine, once they're dry of course.
      That's it, cleaning done. And even easier, the plates are dishwasher safe.

      It also has a four non slip feet so that is doesn't slide along the work surface, and comes with a decent enough mains cable so you don't have to be right next to a plug socket, the cable being about 750mm long.

      Even though it has many upsides, including a lovely little orange light on the lid to tell you when it is on, and, most importantly, being the way it helps you create a healthy meal, it also has a couple of downsides too.
      It doesn't have a built in on off switch, nor does it have a thermostatic control system, so when you're cooking on it you do have to keep an eye on the food a bit.

      And what about the price for this ex-boxers healthy living cooking device which helps keep you arteries from clogging up with lifes gunk that comes with cooking all meats these days? Well, this George Foreman health grill can be bought for between £40.00 and £50.00.

      Would I recommend this grill to a friend? Yes I certainly would, in fact, I may even recommend it to an enemy as well, as long as they made me a burger or two on it.
      As I said I have owned and used George Foreman grill for many years, revelling in the way that they manage to cook the food quickly and without all the fat that's not good for you, whilst still retaining the juices in the meat that make it so delicious. And this little black beauty is no different than the rest, only a little smaller.


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        18.05.2011 23:23
        Very helpful



        Every home should have one! 4 out of 5 stars

        I spent my first lot of Dooyoo rewards on Amazon vouchers to buy a George Foreman Grill that I had been craving for nearly two years since breaking my last one by dropping it off a work surface. I felt that it was one of those items that you don't really need but once you have it you can't live without it, so I put off buying one until now.

        For anyone who doesn't know what this amazing product is, basically it is a healthy eating grill designed by none other than George Foreman, the boxing champion. The grill design is slanted to allow any excess fat that comes off food (particularly meat) whilst cooking to drip off into a separate fat collecting tray, not nice to think about or look at but a very clever invention.

        I wanted a larger sized grill that could hold about three or four portions of food at once and read many reviews and researched the product before I decided on this particular model, the George Foreman 14685, 4 portion family grill with removable plates in black. I specifically wanted a black grill to match my other kitchen appliances and there is not a huge amount of choice in this colour, most of them are silver. However this grill matched everything I was after from my research and the removable plates are a must I feel. This model cost £44.99 from Amazon.

        The grill has dimensions of 12cm height X 37.5 width and 34cm length and it is slightly more compact than I had originally anticipated, my older grill seemed huge in comparison. The actual grilling surface is 465cm2 and is plenty of space to cook a main meal for two on with added extras on the grill such as vegetables. The grill overall is a shiny black colour that does show fingerprints quite badly after use but looks very clean and smart when cleaned. There is an orange LED light on the top which comes on when you plug the grill in, this tells you when the grill is at its optimum temperature and you can put food on. I do find it odd there is no on/off switch with the grill and that you have to unplug it or switch it off at the wall. Another slightly worrying thing safety wise is that there is no automatic switch off time period/heat monitor, so if you forget that it is on it could be a disaster waiting to happen, for the price I think this should really be adapted on the grills.

        The handle comes off the top grill panel and allows easy and safe opening and closing of the grill without the worry of getting burnt. There is also a 'floating hinge' at the back which allows you to both cook larger/smaller items easily. I have to say this is great for making Panini's (one of the main reasons I wanted a George!) as you can squash the bread evenly and it holds everything together really well. I would definitely recommend buying a grill with removable plates, it saves you having to lift the grill to clean it (and avoids dropping it off surfaces!), as well as enabling you to give them a more thorough clean. I literally put them to soak and any of the grease and fat left on the grill comes off with a sponge in one swift move.

        This grill has removable and dishwasher safe grill plates, these go on and off the grill heat elements easily with 'clip' like handles and make removing and replacing the grill plates very simple. These are also good for when you want to compress the food inside the grill more as they stay pretty cool when the grill is in use and so safe to touch. I was slightly worried that they felt slightly loose on my first use, but we have tested it multiple times and they are very secure, it is apparently a common feature with the new grills that the plates are more flexible than older models. The fat collector, if positioned correctly, does a great job of catching the fat running down from the grill plates, make sure it is directly under the grill however or things could get messy.

        This grill comes with;

        1 x drip tray
        1 x Spatula
        1 x Instruction and recipe book
        1 x 12 month guarantee card

        Overall I am very impressed with my purchase (or rather my reward!), there are a few minor gripes I have with the grill but these are generic George Foreman faults rather than for this particular model. The grill is fast at cooking, easy to use and gives great reduced fat results!


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          02.07.2010 12:01
          Very helpful



          A great grill which my family wished they'd bought years before they did!

          My family had never previously owned any kind of George Foreman grill before almost a year ago, I'd in fact go as far as to say we'd never actually owned any kind if you disregard the grill that is in our oven! So why did we choose to buy a George Foreman grill?

          Well, when we cooked burgers, bacon, sausages (or meat in general) we wanted a healthier alternative. This wasn't advertised as a "Lean mean fat reducing grilling machine" for nothing. It's a healthier choice than to just use your normal grill; the fat drips down into a tray at the bottom which means that the food you eat is much healthier and cleaner. No one in my family wanted to lose weight, but we felt it was good to try and eat a little better. In that respect it was a very safe investment!

          So what else is good about this grill? I find that it heats up very quickly when you start it, and I would definitely regard it as a more efficient alternative as a result. I enjoy the smooth design, and find that not only is it small enough to sit comfortably in my kitchen, it's also large enough to cook a respectable amount of food - I wouldn't agree that it's suitable for a large family, though. You can probably fit around three decent-sized steaks or a couple of large fish. The removable plates are a very convenient feature - they're easy to fit into dishwashers (or to wash manually if you don't have a dishwasher) and save you from the trouble of the often nightmarish task of cleaning that part of your oven from all the dirt, residue and fat that attaches to the sides.

          Are there any negative points to owning a George Foreman grill? In general I wouldn't say there are too many. As I mentioned previously, it's not really appropriate for a large family unless you want to cook for them at seperate times. Sometimes, the food may lose a lot of its natural juices when its being cooked under the grill. However, the way we solved this was to press down the top plate when cooking, and seal it. Depending on what you enjoy grilling, it's worthwhile to experiment with trying out different ways to cook each of your foods - once you've got the correct balance, you'll find just like we have that what you get is very tender and delicious food at the end of it!

          I will admit that I was very impressed with it when I bought it, and it's improved the quality of the food we eat. I wasn't sure if it would make any massive difference, but yes, I was pleasantly surprised with all the benefits it has provided. You can probably purchase one of these George Foreman models for around £60, and if you're looking for a sleek, compact grill or just something to save yourself any pain of using your oven grill, then it's a great idea to invest in one of these.


          We also bought a George Foreman's Indoor Grilling Made Easy for under £10 with this product. If you're looking for a bit of inspiration or something new to cook, then there are some very simple and delicious ideas in here - bon appetite!


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