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Grill Chef Barbecue waggon 54 x 33 cm

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Brand: Grill Chef / Fuel Type: Coal / Type: Grill

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    1 Review
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      20.09.2012 15:02
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      A smahing occasional bbq

      I know I'm a bit late for reviewing a bbq this year but, having said that, we haven't had much chance to use them this year anyway have we?

      I don't like the idea of a gas bbq - it seems to take away the fun of the whole thing for me. A bbq is a rare event in our garden anyway so a gas one wouldn't really be worth it even if I did like them!

      We had a look round a few years ago for something fairly simple and cheap that would be good for the occasional use.

      The one that we chose was the Grill Chef bbq wagon by Landmann. I can't remember how much we paid for it although £15 does ring a bell - now it is for sale at around the £28 pounds mark in EBay shops.

      This bbq is very basic - just a tray on wheels really! I will try and describe it, but take a look at the picture at the top of this review to understand what I am trying to say.

      The whole thing is 87.5cm tall by 84cm long by 44.5cm deep. It comes flat packed but assembling it is very easy. The only problem that I remember is the fact that it is not as solid a structure as it might be and so needs holding on to as you insert the screws. Having said this I still managed to put it together on my own so it isn't difficult!

      The bbq has four legs two of which have wheels on the end so the idea is that you can lift the unwheeled legs off the floor and wheel the whole thing along - this must only be done when the bbq is NOT lit. It is quite light so it can be lifted easily too.

      About halfway up the legs there is a wooden shelf on which you can put your utensils, plates and /or food ready to be cooked. This also helps to stabilise the whole thing.

      The top of the structure is the charcoal tray measuring 48.3cm by 29cm. there is a further small wooden shelf to the left hand side of the bbq and a handle across the right hand side. This can be used to move the bbq as previously described or to hang utensils on whilst you are cooking.

      At the back of the charcoal tray there is a vertical piece of metal which serves partly as a draught excluder but mainly as the support for the chrome plated cooking tray. The tray is the same size as the charcoal area and slots into the upright at one of four different levels. It has two metal handles on the front of it so that it can be moved up and down whilst it has food on it - providing you do it carefully. The two handles actually fold underneath the tray making it a small size for storage as I would always store this bit of the bbq indoors when it is not in use.

      The bbq can be used with standard charcoal or, if you are lazy like me, you can use a disposable bbq - just put it in the charcoal tray, light it, let it heat up and away you go!

      When the bbq is first ready to begin cooking you need to put the cooking tray at the top of the upright so that the food will get cooked and not burnt. As the bbq cools the tray can be moved down towards the heat to keep the cooking even and thorough. I usually put things that need the most cooking - such as chicken which must be cooked thoroughly - in the middle where the bbq is at its hottest.

      The bbq needs to be on a nice flat surface as I have already commented it is not the most robust of structures and safety must always be paramount. I always keep a bucket of water handy when I have any sort of naked flame outside just in case!

      We have used our bbq quite a few times over the years and have always had lovely, well cooked food from it. If we were 'serious' bbqers I would want something stronger to be honest but for our purposes this is brilliant.

      The metal cooking shelf is easy to clean - I just leave it outside, spray it with Mr Muscle (once it is cool of course) and once that has done its work the metal comes up nice and shiny. Any little bits that won't come off this way will soon move with a rub of a Brillo Pad!

      The cleaning of the rest of the bbq is easy as well - we use the disposable bbqs so, once completely cold, it can be lfited out of the charcoal tray and placed into the dustbin.

      In conclusion I would be happy to recommend this bbq to anyone who wants an occasional bbq to cook the basics - chicken, chops, sausages, burgers, fish etc. - but if you are a regular bbqer maybe something stronger would be better for you.


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    • Product Details

      Enamelled firebowl for high heat resistance The enamelled components require little maintenance and are extremely resistant to corrosion Side shelf for storing accessories The lower shelf can be used for storing side dishes The handle and wheels enable rapid and convenient storage Chrome-plated cooking grill, height adjustable, for optimum cooking temperature

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