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Grilliput Barbecue

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Brand: Grilliput / Fuel Type: Coal

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2008 14:21
      Very helpful



      A nice idea shame it doesn't work

      My sister got me one of these of a 'gadget' website and like all the best gadgets the idea is brilliant and I think that the general public fall in love with the idea as opposed to the actual product itself.

      The grilliput, as its name suggests is a portable camping/fishing/boating/recreational grill.

      It is merely a frame that is put over an open heat source and then used like a BBQ.

      The grilliput is 29 cm by 2.5cm when collapsed and, therefore, can easily be slipped in to the side pocket of a small rucksack. Once it is extended it is 26 cm by 23cm. This means that, although you won't have the room for a large social, there is plenty of room to accommodate a couple of burgers and sausages.

      Once I put it up one of the first things I noticed about it was the thin legs. Great care needs to be taken with these to ensure that you don't bend them. The legs are not that stable on level ground and require to be pushed in the dirt a bit. This is fine for this time of year, when the ground is soft, but I don't think that you would be able to do this in the summer months.

      I didn't try the grilliput on uneven ground - I don't think that it would be up to the job.

      The other issue is the wind. Whilst mine was on test a (very) small gust of wind caught it and the whole thing toppled over. Luckily I had extra food - otherwise I would not have been happy!

      The next issue with the grilliput is what do we put it over? Being out in the wild the word a fire springs to mind. This creates many problems - firstly cooking over a naked flame (as everyone knows) will create the charcoaled effect and it will be burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. This is not ideal if you want to survive your camping/fishing trip without getting food poisoning.

      The alternative to this is charcoal, like with a normal BBQ. This poses the next problem - what are we going to put the charcoal on? you can't just put it on the ground. Even if the ground is dry and the charcoal will burn owners of campsites/fishing lakes etc don't like burn marks in the grass. Besides, burning charcoal on the ground is a stupid idea due to the risk of setting the ground alight around you and creating a 'bush fire' (well maybe not a bush fire - but I am sure you get the point).

      Luckily the grilliput co. has thought of this already and they provide a collapsible heath. In its assembled form it represents a shallow bowl in which to put the charcoal in to set alight. As I am sure you have guessed the heath is the perfect fit for the grilliput and measures at 28cmx28cmx6cm when assembled. When collapsed it measures in at 16cmx16cmx4cm.

      In essence the grilliput is just a collapsable BBQ. You still have to take the charcoal, dispose of it once you have finished cooking and then clean down the grilliput. It is a lot of hard work for little benefit.

      The grilliput costs £25 and the collapsable heath costs £8. They are both made out of stainless steel but, they are still pricey for what they are.

      I think the best alternative is the disposable BBQ. OK, whilst these are bigger, they do come with charcoal already built in, they are very stable and not on thin legs, they do not blow over in the wind (unlike the grilliput) and there is not the issue of the food being too high from the heat source to affect cooking.

      As I have previously mentioned the idea of a collapsible BBQ is great. It can be taken anywhere and you can enjoy burgers and hotdogs whenever, wherever. The reality of it is it is naff. It doesn't do what it says on the tin. Best to avoid.


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    • Product Details

      Ideal for camping / Compact and easy to clean / Made from stainless steel.

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