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Outback Excel 300

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Brand: Outback / Two Burner Grill / 6.2kW / Cooking Area 50 x 38cm / Side Burner / Regulator and Gas Extra / on wheels with rubber tyres for portability. / Type: Grill

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    2 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 11:13



      Perfect for Oz style summer bbqs

      I bought this product as a gift for my dad, who takes his garden parties very seriously. He has had his current bbq for many years and so it was long overdue a replacement.
      We purchased this item purely because of its name, 'Outback', as Australians really know their stuff when it comes to cooking.
      This bbq is the perfect size for a family home and although it is very compact the grill size enables you to cook quite a lot simultaneously.
      The wheels mean it is incredibly portable, and the side table comes in handy for extra space, and being foldable enables easy storage.
      The temp regulator is great for perfect results, therefore this is so easy to use whether you know what you are doing or not. The instructions provided are very concise and easy to follow.
      The only downside is that this isn't very strudy. I am not sure if this product will last as long as previous makes we have had in the past.
      But for the price this shouldn't be too much of a problem.


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        16.04.2013 00:54
        Very helpful



        You'll fit quite a few shrimps on this Barbie, mate!

        To start this review with, never ever write a review in a Dooyoo review form. If you accidentally hit the escape key it will permanently and irrevocably delete all your text. Infuriating when you have spent the last fifteen minutes writing an informative review. Now onto the Outback Excel 300 - for the second time.

        We bought this Barbecue from a garden center close to us. It was not cheap at £170, but my wife had set her heart on one of these, so off we went. We paid a little extra for them to assemble it, otherwise it comes in kit form. Using the instructions as a guide, it does not look difficult to construct, but we were taking no chances.

        Additionally, you have to pay for a contract to rent the propane canister, and a charge on top to fill it. The canisters come in two sizes, both of which are very, very heavy. Delivery was free. The person that delivered it had zero customer facing skills and a serious anger problem. He represented the first non-professional Pole that I've dealt with.

        The instructions were to deliver around back, which he grudgingly did. Opening up the back gates, I heard him coming from the proverbial mile off. He decided to fix the canister onto the Barbecue before dragging it around. His childish antics damaged the Barbecue, resulting in a incredibly dissatisfied customer call to the garden centre. The replacement Barbie was delivered by a representative that could not have been more helpful.

        The Outback Excel 300 is nice to look at. It has a simple, clean design. At over twenty kilos, it is no lightweight all by itself. If there are any steps to negotiate, two people are definitely advisable to avoid potential accidents. On a level surface, you can use the wheels on one side and steer it much like a wheel barrow.

        The hood is designed to be up while cooking. There is a warming tray underneath that can come in very handy. No more plates awkwardly positioned on one side or the other. The grille can easily hold enough meat in one cook (not a breaking bad cook!) to feed quite a few people. There are two burners. Seating the cylinder in its cubbyhole and securing it with the strap is simple. Adding the regulator and enabling gas flow isn't difficult either. You won't accidentally enable or disable the gas.

        Turning the left burner dial to full, a press of the ignition switch results in a satisfying whoomph as the gas lights. The right burner can be enabled a minute or so later by simply turning that dial. The fire already on will light it. You are strongly advised to only cook meat on the main burners, this is due to the lava rocks, which look like chunks of brick.

        Their purpose is to absorb the fat and juices that run off the cooking meat, the resulting smoke and steam flavouring the meat much in the way that a conventional charcoal Barbie would. Furthermore, on subsequent cooking sessions, the Lava rocks will add to the flavour again and again. If you want to cook fish and seafood, there is a separate shelf mounted burner for that. It could also do fried onions or veggies.

        A separate, blank shelf is also available with bits to hang implements off, tongs, skewers and the like. It also makes a great place to put your beer while you're cooking. We christened the Barbecue last weekend, and while initially sceptical, I am now a convert. I can cook more food, quicker and just as authentically taste-wise on this than any charcoal Barbie I've ever used.

        Cleanup is also less messy. Once you're done cooking, switch to full for a few minutes to vaporise the excess fat and gunge from inside and also the lava rocks. There is a run-off into a cup underneath also. Some soapy water and kitchen towel does the rest. Your grille will in all likelihood need a proper clean, so little change there. When storing, it comes with a good quality cover that will keep it clean. I strongly recommend removing the cylinder and storing separately.

        This particular Barbecue is not as the name suggests, Australian. It is Chinese. But it also earned the Best buy from Which magazine in 2011 and is now cheaper than ever. Even cheaper than I payed. If you like to Barbecue and have the space, I heartily recommend it.


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    • Product Details

      This handy, efficient barbecue from Outback is fitted with foldable side tables and comes with a warming rack / no more cold sausages, thank goodness! What's more, its dual control burners and push-button ignition make for easy lighting and use / and there's also a handy side burner for side dishes! / Short name: Outback 300

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