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Rimini Kettle Charcoal Barbecue

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Brand: Rimini / Type: BBQ / Type: Barbecue

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2011 10:45
      Very helpful



      Kettle BBQ


      The Rimini Red Kettle Charcoal BBQ was an impulse buy I made at the start of this years caravan season when I saw it on offer in a local garden centre at a reduced price. It should have been £50.00 but had been marked down to £20 and although I'd never actually owned a 'proper' barbecue before I quite fancied the thought of a long hot summer with freshly cooked food served al fresco so gave in to temptation and bought it.

      Typically the British weather doesn't share my idealised thoughts of how it should behave and for 3 months my BBQ has sat on the balcony at my caravan waiting to be used and protected by a cover I bought for it. The sun did make a brief appearance at the beginning of June and I was tempted to use the BBQ then but the lack of anything suitable to cook on it soon stopped that idea in its tracks. Last weekend though I was better prepared, the weather forecast had predicted a mini-heatwave and having already bought the charcoal ready to burn I ventured off to Tesco and bought the obligatory bangers, burgers and anything else I could lay my hands on, so how did the BBQ hold up? here's my review:

      Rimini Kettle BBQ

      The BBQ comes unassembled in a large cardboard box so needs to be put together before it can be used. Thankfully there is a large, easy to read instruction pamphlet supplied which is relatively simple to follow and allowed me to put together the various components that make up the BBQ's construction. It is a matter of common sense for the majority of its build though, it is a 'kettle' BBQ and comprises a large fire drum, a domed cover, 4 legs (2 of which have wheels on to make the BBQ easy to move around) a wire mesh shelf and an ash tray. All of the handles have to be screwed into place as do the wheels and air vent but this takes a matter of moments and from start to finish I would say that the BBQ took around 30 minutes to put together with only a minimal amount of swearing included from me so it wasn't an overly frustrating task. It is a logical process assembling it, work from the wheels upwards and follow the instructions would be my advice - if I can do it then anyone can as I'm not at all a 'handy' person and usually struggle with anything that comes flat-packed.

      Once put together the BBQ is visually very appealing, bright red in colour, sturdy in its construction and appears to be made of decent quality materials. The dome cover and fire drum have a good thickness to them and a glossy enamel finish which does look good, supplied are two wire mesh grills which slot into place in the drum itself and once the charcoal has been added and lit the cover can be put back on to allow the BBQ to reach the optimum temperature for cooking food in. The air vent allows any steam to escape and it's a case of getting down to barbecuing business.

      In Use

      It's quite simple to cook food on a BBQ so I wont patronise anyone reading this with details on what to actually do, all I would say is that this BBQ does the job it was designed to do and it does it well. Because it's quite small in size, measuring 45 cm in diameter across the fire drum (around 17 inches) it doesn't take too long to heat up and from lighting the charcoal I would say that after 30-40 minutes there was enough heat to start the cooking process. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cooked food so for my first ever attempt at BBQ'ing I stuck to the basics of sausages and beefburgers and these were cooked to perfection all the way through and were delicious. I successfully managed to avoid giving both myself and my guests food poisoning which is always a good thing (!) and my food was evenly cooked without being burnt to a crisp.

      I like the fact that the shelves are adjustable in the fire drum itself and these can be moved up and down to suit your own individual needs depending on what it is you are cooking. The wire shelf at the bottom of the BBQ makes for a handy place to store any remaining charcoal you may have left over and the wheels on two of the legs make this a portable little thing which is easy to move around. I do think that the price of this is reflected in some areas though if I'm being honest, the handles on either side of the drum and on the cover feel a little plasticy and cheap and i can't say the ash tray is large enough to be of any use but the main parts of the drum and cover are excellent quality though and as these are the most important things it is reassuring to know that these feel well made and very durable.

      Due to its size I would say that this is probably best suited to a couple or small family. Including myself there was 4 of us when I used mine last week and it was able to hold enough burgers and sausages to feed us all without having to adopt a conveyor belt approach to cooking. For larger parties I would imagine you would struggle to feed everyone in one go but the good thing about eating outdoors is that it's supposed to be a fun and leisurely thing to do and if you're not in any rush then it doesn't matter if you have to wait a little while.

      As far as cleaning the BBQ goes it is a simple process. Once the grills have been removed and the charcoal ash scooped out the drum just needs a quick wipe over and is left looking as good as new, it's not rocket science and there are obvious safety concerns that you should bear in mind but these do come down to common sense anyway.


      Despite the rather inclement weather which prevents me from taking full advantage of being able to cook outdoors I'm really pleased with my Rimini BBQ, it doesn't take up much room on the balcony of my caravan and looks a nice piece of kit. There are a couple of quality issues with the feel of the handles which I have already mentioned but these are forgivable bearing in mind that I only spent £20.00 on this in the first place. It's easy to use, simple to clean and cooked my food to perfection so there's little to complain about in that respect. It's size may put some off, it's not the largest BBQ you can buy but it is adequate for my needs and I hope to be able to take better advantage of it in the coming summer months.

      The Rimini Charcoal BBQ is available online from selected garden centres and seems to retail for anything from £17.99 upwards, for under £18 I don't think you can go wrong with this one, it may be a little fiddly to put together but I managed it so anyone else should be able to do it too. I think 4 stars as a rating is fair, it's not quite perfect but it's close and I would recommend this particular model to anyone looking at buying something new for this summer, for an introduction to BBQ'ing I couldn't have picked anything better for the money I paid and I've been happy with mine and the food it cooks.

      Thanks for reading my review, please note that this may also appear on ciao under my username


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