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Alcatraz E.R (Tokyo, Japan)

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Address: Harvest Bld. 2F / 2-13-5 Dogenzaka / Shibuya-ku / Tokyo

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2010 19:02
      Very helpful



      Seriously recommended for anyone going to tokyo

      The Japanese are quite clearly the masters when it comes to theme resteraunts... and this is one insane little establishment.

      You have to take a lift up to the entrance. when you step out you wouldn't be criticised for thinking you'd just stepped into the london dungeons or something.

      in order to get the attention of the people behind the door you have to press a button to determine your blood type. ( i didnt know mine so didnt know which to press but i dont think its too important)

      you then have a young waitress or two come out dressed in nurses outfits who then proceeed to ask you a few "medical questions" before handcuffing you and dragging you to your cell; which you are then locked in for the next hour. In order to get the attention of the waitresses you have to clang on the bars with a metal rod. then they come and you can order food and drinks from the menu (mostly its all included in the initial bill but some things you have to pay extra for. In Japan its more common for resteraunts to charge an hourly set fee for all you can eat than over here where you stay as long as you want).

      For entertainment, every now and then a siren will sound before an "escaped lunatic" with a chainsaw appears and starts running around screaming and harrasing all the customers in a way that only the Japanese can.

      In all honesty the food is average (made slightly off putting since they try and make it look gross)
      the chips are served in kidney pans, the drinks in syringes, I.V drips and measuring beakers. That being said though, we got through quite a lot ourselves.

      I would seriously recommend a few hours here for anyone visiting tokyo with a group of friends. they really do take theme resteraunts to a whole new level


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