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Baresso Coffee Shops (Denmark)

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Baresso coffee shop chain in Denmark.

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2012 20:01
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      The Dane's answer to Starbucks, only better

      Baresso is a Danish chain of coffee shops, I guess the Dane's equivalent of Starbucks, however in my opinion much, much better. I discovered Baresso when we lived in Aarhus in Denmark.

      In Copenhagen alone there must be close to 20 Baresso coffee shops, including one at Copenhagen airport. There's also Baresso coffee shops in other major Danish cities as well.
      I've been to quite a few of the Baresso coffee shops in Copenhagen, including the airport branch, and I've also been to all four of the Baresso coffee shops in Aarhus (many, many times!).

      The branches are all laid out like most typical coffee shop chains; they all have a mixture of tables and chairs, and large comfy leather sofas and chairs with low coffee tables. You can sit and have a quick drink and lunch, or you can take your time and linger over your drink with a book. As with all other coffee shops you can get your order to take away or to stay in. A lot of the branches also put tables and chairs outside over the summer months. The only exception is the Copenhagen Airport branch which is located before security next to the check in desks and is just a take away coffee bar, it does have bar stools to sit at the counter, but it's not really a place that people seem to linger.

      Baresso serve a wide range of typical coffee shop drinks; lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, americanos, filter coffees etc. You can get an extra shot of espresso in any drink of your choice. They also have a wide range of flavoured syrups to choose from to add to your drink. There's also a wide range of milk (or mælk in Danish) to choose from; soy, 3.5%, 2.6%, 1.5%, 0.5% and 0.1%. One of my favourite drinks at Baresso is 'en grande cafe latte med skummetmælk' which is basically a large latte which has a double espresso in with 0.1% milk.

      They also have various speciality drinks; such as a tiramisu latte, which is lovely, it is a little bit filling as it's a bit like a dessert as it has tiramisu syrup in and it comes with lots of whipped cream on top, but it is a lovely indulgent treat now and again. Or a chocolate orange latte, this is a bit odd and I didn't actually like it, it's a latte with a large chunk of chocolate orange crunch chocolate added to the glass which you need to constantly stir to dissolve!

      There's a wide range of teas available, and also a SmooTea range which is like a Starbucks frappuccino, but based on fruit teas.

      They have the iced frappuccino style drinks as well, these are called IceBlends, and they are delicious, much nicer than Starbucks actually. My favourite flavour is the chocolate IceBlend, it's much more chocolately than a Starbucks mocha frappucino, it's delicious. My husband really likes the espresso IceBlend, this is a creamy IceBlend drink with a double espresso poured over the top so that it sits on the top - like a coke float I guess - and then topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

      Finally you can get hot chocolate drinks, OMG is all I can say here, you've not tasted hot chocolate until you've tasted these! They are made with your choice of milk, and a pyramid of either milk or dark chocolate on a stick which you stir to dissolve, you can even get a Misto which is one milk and one dark pyramid in a large mug. If you choose a small hot chocolate you get one pyramid, if you choose a large you get two - yum is all I can say!

      Baresso serve a wide variety of food all day, they have all sorts of breakfast items; breads, scones, croissants, danish pastries, yogurts, fresh fruit salads etc.
      They also serve a wide range of paninis and sandwiches, which you can choose to have warm or cold - my favourite is the ham and cheese panini toasted. There's also a wide range of salads available as well.
      Last but not least is a wide range of delicious cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies - the carrot cake is absolutely divine and was my favourite, I have to say it's the nicest carrot cake I've ever tasted!
      All of the food is actually lovely and you will be spoiled for choice, I always was.

      All of the staff in all of the branches that I've been into have spoken perfect English, I've never had any problems ordering whatsoever. The staff are really friendly and helpful, and the staff in my local Baresso in Aarhus soon came to know me and know my favourite drink, as I was in there so often!

      I'd definitely recommend Baresso to anyone visiting Denmark.


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