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Bermuda Bräu (Vienna, Austria)

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Rabensteig 6, 1010 Vienna. Tel: 0043 1 532 28 65

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2001 16:49
      Very helpful



      I think I should be ashamed to say it, but this was the first pub type place that I had the pleasure to go to in Vienna. Susanna (my Finnish au pair friend) and I had been watching TV in my room and we decided what we needed was "Just one drink" before Susanna went home to Nussdorf just on the outskirts of Vienna. Needless to say, as I live about two minutes walk from Schwedenplatz, the Bermuda Dreieck (Bermuda triangle, so-called because of the amount of bars means that many a tourist -and local- gets lost there) was the natural port of call. We wandered around for about half an hour looking for the famous Bermuda Dreieck, only to discover that we were right in the middle of it..... from what we could see, there weren´t THAT many places. The Bermuda Bräu seemed to have attracted a vaguely youngish crowd and the music was half decent. On closer inspection we discovered that the beer is sold in earthenware tankards (1/2 ltr for 45 ATS, about 2 quid) and there was a DJ at the bar playing music from the last year or so and everything was dandy. Well, maybe we should have listened more closely, I am sure I heard Spandau Ballet. Alarm bells should have started to ring at this point.... "Just one drink" turned into about six and some tequila shots........by which time Susanna had found a Tanz Fläche (dancefloor, at least that´s how I think you spell it...) in the basement, in a room about half the size of the groundfloor. Unfortunately closer inspection revealed it to only be frequented by men aged approximately 30 whose preferred choice of clothing was leather. The decor down there seemed to go under the heading of "the more wood the better", you know the way, barrels etc all over the show. Lurking in the corner was another DJ (who I found out later was English, please God let him stay down in his pit and not come back to England....he was awful) although by this time we had drunk so much it did not m
      atter what they played as long as we could dance to it. Susanna requested something by Da Rude who are by all accounts the only semi famous people to come out of Finland. After enduring about an hour and a half of really BADDDDDDD music which included Austrian skiing songs and Bon Jovi (obviously the reason why so many leather-clad men were about), he finally played it. Susanna (previously, small, blond and quiet) went absolutely mad and attracted quite a few looks from the old men. More drinks were procurred by said men (I have no idea why......) but this is where it all went to pot. The drinks were one too many for Sussu who promtly rushed to the loos looking pale. It was here that I spent the next half an hour, bringing glasses of water and saying nurturing things in answer to Sussu´s question of " If I stop breathing, will you get me to a doctor?". Although I had no idea where the nearest medical assistance was, I just said yes. After what seemed like eternity in the loos (it was now about 4.30 in the morning) we stumbled home. Luckily even at stumbling pace we managed the walk in five minutes. This is the advantage of anything near Scwhedenplatz, even if you don´t live near there (highly likely) you can catch a night bus home (they all go through S.P at some point or another and cost 22ATS) with all of the other drunk people, it is an experience, I can tell you. We went there again the next weekend but saw it for the pub that it really was, I think that the main reason we had so much fun was that we were both Vienna-pub-virgins. We never went again......


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