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Cegielnia (Wroclaw, Poland)

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Address: ul. Więzienna 21 Wroclaw

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2013 12:58
      Very helpful



      I want to hang wooden spoons from my ceiling!

      **Cegielnia, Wroclaw, Poland.**
      During a recent trip to Wroclaw we stopped off for some lunch in a small restaurant/pub called Cegielnia.

      Cegielnia is located on ul. Wiezienna 21 and is located about halfway along the street in amongst a few other cafes and restaurants. We chose this restaurant in particular as my partner had been here before and assured me it was good. The restaurant is located about a 10 minute walk from the main market square in Wroclaw and is very close to a couple of the city's universities and student areas.

      **Have Some Lunch**
      As we entered Cegielnia my eyes were immediately drawn towards the ceiling where there were lots of wooden spoons and other wooden kitchen utensils hanging above the tables. After this I noticed that the restaurant seemed rather full and began scanning the room for a table, I spotted one in the corner near the front window and headed towards it. Once seated I noticed that literally everything in the restaurant was wooden, wooden seats, benches and stools, wooden tables and of course the wooden hanging utensils. I really liked this effect and I liked that the wooden furniture was a nice chunky wood and quite dark so it felt secure and looked great.

      There is also an outdoor seating area at the front of the restaurant, but this was full at the time of our visit.

      After admiring the decor my stomach reminded me of the real reason I was here and I took a look at the menu. The menu turned out to be entirely in Polish, so not very good for tourists who don't speak Polish, thankfully though my partner does so I had a translator! The menu offers a variety of "small" meals in the form of salads, sandwiches, pizza and Panini's to name just a few. I chose to have a Panini with cheese and chicken at a price of 11.50zl (Polish Zloty) and my partner went for a seafood salad at a price of 18.90zl.

      The current exchange rate is around 4.9zl for every £1.

      There is a drinks section on the menu with the usual teas, coffees, beers, wines, smoothies and soft drinks but as we both had bottles of coke in our bags we decided not to bother ordering a drink with our meals. The prices were reasonable though at an average of around 8zl depending on what drink you had.

      We had to place our order at the bar and then our food was brought to us at the table. It took around 15 to 20 minutes for the food to arrive, I know this as I was quite hungry and it felt like forever! When the food did arrive my panini was presented to me on a plate with cutlery wrapped in a napkin and it looked nice and tasty. My partners salad was served in a decent sized bowl and apparently was also very tasty. The panini itself was larger than I had expected and I didn't quite manage to finish it all. It was cooked lovely, the outside was a nice golden brown and not too hard to bite into. As soon as I bit into it I felt the hot cheese oozing out of the panini and had to do an emergency napkin dive to save myself from missing my mouth! As I ate my way through the panini I came to the pieces of chicken which were also cooked really nice, not too dry and tasted fantastic with the melted cheese. The whole panini really was melt in the mouth and very filling!

      After finishing our meals we simply left the restaurant as we had paid for the meals when they were ordered at the bar. We had very little contact with the staff here other than ordering our meal and having it served to us, but the little contact we did have was pleasant, polite and friendly.

      The toilets in Cegielnia are pretty much standard toilets, they are located towards the rear of the restaurant and at the time of our visit they were clean and stocked up with the necessities.

      **Wheelchair and Pushchair Access?**
      There are a few steps leading up to the outdoor seating area and the entrance of Cegielnia, because of this I would say it isn't suitable for wheelchair users or pushchairs and I couldn't see any ramps anywhere to avoid the steps.

      ** Overall **
      Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here, I am getting hungry thinking about it now and I wish I could make Panini's as good as these! I definitely recommend this restaurant and I would 110% definitely visit here again if I am ever in Wroclaw.

      Thanks for reading :)


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