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Coffee & Internet Cafes in Dubai

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2007 15:34
      1 Comment



      a beautifful place with some rulles to follow Dubai may be a place to find the best bar ever

      Firstly I am a resident in Dubai for over 5 years and I came here when I was 20 and lived here ever since
      Dubai is a city where you can say what country’s people you haven’t met rather then listing all the cultures that you had the privilege to meet
      Even though placed in the middle of a sea of hard-line Muslims (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran) this place is definitely more relaxed than many Asian countries
      The idea is that you may do whatever you please (even outside the law) as long as you do not affect anyone else; once you do you will be dealt with in a very serious manner. I haven’t seen a gun or drugs since I got here rarely heard of them)
      Right the bars:
      Even though alcohol consumption is illegal in certain parts of this country it is well tolerated by the local authorities.
      What you get is less problem makers and very few brawls.
      Many bars have a “selection” policy which is in no way racist as many claim but more nationality oriented: if you are Arab you go to an Arab club, westerners with western bars and pubs, Indians on the other side of town, etc)
      Great clubs & bars are:
      Waxy O’Connor
      Cheap and lively lots of fun people
      Beautiful place you will not believe your eyes
      , Long’s Bar
      Lively place with nice bar and experienced bartenders
      Very expensive but this is where the big people and the best ladies go

      Internet cafes are everywhere now and there is not one to praise so far -either overpriced or overcrowded
      Transportation is not good though as any other review may suggest if you have to take a taxi take one called national taxi as they can get directions from their main base immediately.
      Good luck


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