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Czarny Kot (Boleslawiec)

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Address: 59-700 Bolesławiec Zygmunta Augusta 15 lok. 4

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2013 14:57
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      Just don't go in the toilets!

      Czarny Kot, Boleslawiec
      Czarny Kot translates into English as Black Cat and is a small pub in a small city in the west of Poland named Boleslawiec. Boleslawiec is the hometown of my partner and on one of our many visits to the city we spent an evening here catching up with friends and enjoying a few drinks.

      Czarny Kot is located on the corner of Zygmunta Augusta street which is one of the main streets running through the city of Boleslawiec. On the occasion we visited this pub we had been drinking at another pub in the city centre and decided to take a walk to this one. It took us around 10 minutes to walk here from the city centre.

      Are You Serious?!
      I have to admit when we arrived at Czarny Kot I looked at the building and uttered the words "Are you serious?!" The building looked like an old shack slowly falling into a state of disrepair with metal bars guarding the windows! Nonetheless they were not joking and this was our next port of call!

      Walking into Czarny Kot I could see that the inside was nothing like the outside and it actually looked like quite a decent little pub. The bar area was directly in front of me with a large seating area to the right and a pool table to the left. In the corner I could see a juke box and a games machine with their flashing lights making them look rather tempting!

      As the pub was rather full we decided to make use of the bar stools around the bar and managed to find a few empty ones near the corner of the bar. As soon as we sat down a very friendly bar lady came over to serve us. At the time of our visit they were promoting Lech beer for 10zl (Polish Zloty) per bottle so of course we took advantage of this promotion. The bar also serves a few other Polish beers as well as spirits and mixers or soft drinks if you prefer. I didn't notice any wines available behind the bar so I am unsure if this is an option.

      Settling into my reasonably comfortable bar stool I drifted into my own world while my partner spent the time chatting away in Polish, the one disadvantage for me of not speaking Polish! Nevertheless though I don't seem to get bored in these situations and tend to take time to simply relax. Looking around the pub I got a little distracted by the people playing pool, one of them was rather good so I found the game quite fascinating. While watching the game I realised that part of the group playing pool were actually English which was a nice surprise as in such a small city and especially in this pub I wasn't really expecting to see English people, even more so because it was February and still rather cold and out of season for holiday makers.

      After watching the pool players for a while my attention turned back to our group as I realised I was being a little rude. I was pleased to be greeted by a 2nd bottle of Lech waiting for me when I focused in on our group, although I think I was still only about halfway through the first.

      After catching up drinks wise it was time to break the seal and head for the toilets. The toilets in Czarny Kot are located in the corner next to the games machine. I have to say, if I had known the state of them I possibly wouldn't have drank anything as to avoid going in them! The first 'issue' is there is only one toilet which is used by everyone. Upon opening the toilet door all I could see was darkness and a really gross smell filled my nostrils, I discovered the light switch on the outside of the toilet room and flicked it on, it was no wonder it was so stinky... the floor was soaking wet with bits of tissue and paper hand towels strewn across the floor, the sink had a huge crack in it and a very leaky tap, this reassured me that the wetness on the floor was water rather than toilet waste! The room itself is quite large and the toilet is in the far corner, thankfully the door locked properly as it wasn't within reach to be able to hold it shut. The toilet was slightly better than the sink but it did seem to have the same running water problem as if someone was constantly holding the flush. Fearing for my personal hygiene I managed to hover successfully without touching the seat and wrapped some loo roll around my hand to flush the toilet. I washed my hands as best as I could considering there was no soap and got out of there as fast as possible! I then decided to wait until we got home if I needed the loo again!

      As the pub started to empty we moved from the bar area to some rather comfortable leather seats around a small table and enjoyed one more beer before heading for home.

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      The pub is wheelchair friendly as it is all on one level. As disgusting as the toilet is, it is large enough to manoeuvre around in as is the rest of the pub area.

      Exchange Rate
      The current exchange rate is 4.7zl to every £1. With this in mind I think the prices here are good.

      Overall, I would recommend Czarny Kot, from the outside it is certainly not a place I would think "oh, this looks like a nice place for a drink!" but once inside the pub is quite nice and welcoming, we all enjoyed a pleasant evening here and I will be quite happy to visit here again on our next trip to Boleslawiec, but I will make sure I have a mini hand sanitizer to use after a trip in those toilets!

      3 out of 5 Stars from me for this one!

      Thanks for reading :)


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