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De Beiaard (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Address: Spui 30 / Amsterdam / Netherlands

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2012 11:58
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      Drinks with a mouse :)

      De Beiaard, Amsterdam.
      De Beiaard is a bar in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I visited this bar at the end of March during my trip to Amsterdam and apart from a surprise visitor under our table I would say we had a very pleasant evening here.

      De Beiaard is located in the centre of Amsterdam on Spui 30. We didn't really have a plan to find De Beiaard as we were simply wondering around and decided it looked like a nice inviting place, but as it is centrally located and also on the corner of the street and lit up well with a neon sign, I would say it is pretty easy to find if you were looking for it.

      Bar and Seating Areas
      As we entered De Beiaard walked into a darkened room with very steep staircase to the left of the door, I was later to find out that this staircase was actually the potential neck breaking route to the toilets!

      As we were visiting the pub in a large group we took the large table very close to the entrance as we weren't sure we would find enough space if we started wondering around the pub as it looked pretty busy.

      The pub is quite large and the bar area is towards the rear of the pub, we never actually visited the bar though as all of the tables receive waitress service. Within a few minutes of sitting down a friendly waitress came over to the table and gave us drinks menus and spoke to us in fluent and clear English. She was carrying a small electronic device which she used to take our drinks order, I thought this was really good as it meant the order would be correct and it also saved her from having to remember a large order. I would say it took her around 5 minutes to return with our drinks which is really good as there was 8 of us and therefore 8 different drinks. I was very impressed when she remembered who had ordered which drink and placed the correct drinks in front of everyone.

      Looking around the pub I could see there were ample places to sit with a large variety of table sizes and chairs which could be easily moved around to accommodate different group sizes.

      The lighting in the pub as quite dark, but this created a really warm atmosphere as the ceiling lights were minimal and they reflected off the dark wooden ceiling boards and brick walls. A few of the lights from the ceiling shone on the walls to illuminate various posters advertising beers in Dutch. The only other light source in the pub was the light from candles on tables, which I felt added to the atmosphere even more.

      Drinks Menu
      De Beiaard has a really varied drinks menu with a wide selection of beers and wines to choose from as well as spirits and mixers. The menu was written in Dutch, but it was very clear from the names of the drinks as to what they actually were and when we weren't sure the waitress was more than happy to assist us and explain what a drink was.

      I chose to have a glass of Kriek beer, this is a cherry flavour beer, apparently from Belgium and it is served in a very nice looking glass, like a wine glass for beer. This glass of beer cost me 3.50 euros and I wanted to keep the glass! The beer itself tasted really good, I have a sweet tooth so I was looking forward to trying this beer, I was not disappointed as it is really sweet and extremely easy to consume! Other beers on the menu are around the 5 euro mark and while I didn't notice the price of the wines, the spirits were around 3 euros for a single measure.

      The service we received from our waitress was great, she was friendly and helpful and really quick with our orders. She was quick to clear any empty glasses which was good as a build up of empty glasses would have been inconvenient in a group of our size. When we were ready to leave we asked for the bill and she brought it to us and took payment quickly and efficiently and all with a smile.

      Our Visitor
      While we were sitting around the table I happened to look down towards my feet and to my shock I saw a pair of shiny eyes looking at my feet, this obviously made me jump and with this the shiny eyes also jumped and ran away. I'm not stranger to little creatures though and it was more than obvious that this little visitor was a mouse! This event happened after we had paid and while we were getting ourselves together and ready to leave, by this point our waitress had disappeared so we could not mention it to her without making an effort to find her.

      Due to the mouse visit I found myself looking at the floor to see if we had been drinking in a grotty pub, but in actual fact the floor and the whole pub was really clean looking, so I think (or rather hope!) that this little guy was a one off and they don't actually have mice living there!

      The toilets in De Beiaard are located at the top of a very steep and daunting wooden staircase. From the bottom the stairs didn't look too steep, but from the top it was clear just how steep they were and I came down them very carefully while holding onto the handrail. The toilets themselves were clean, however I thought the sink area was very messy with discarded paper around them and no soap in the dispensers. There is a hand dryer available for use, but I found this was really slow and I ended up drying my hands with toilet paper instead.

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      Due to the toilet location I wouldn't recommend De Beiaard to a wheelchair user at all. There are no toilets downstairs and no lifts for access to the upstairs toilets.

      Overall, I would recommend De Beiaard. Our evening here was relaxing with a good atmosphere, even the mouse didn't put us off and I think the overall feeling of this pub was that we had an enjoyable evening and we would return here again. Our waitress was really friendly and even remembered who had ordered which drink. Overall I will be giving De Beiaard 4 out of 5 stars, one star is lost due to our mousey friend and the stairs to the toilets.

      Thanks for reading :)


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