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E. Wedel Cafe (Krakow)

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Address: Main Market Square 46 / Krakow / Poland

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2013 10:52
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      MMM... Minty!

      ** E. Wedel Cafe, Krakow. **
      E. Wedel Cafe, Krakow is a small looking, but actually rather large cafe in the main market square in Krakow where I meet one of my students for his English lessons. I have only recently began going to this cafe and until my student suggested it I had never heard of it, which surprises me as I am very much a chocoholic!

      E. Wedel are one of the main chocolatiers here in Poland and in comparison to chocolate in the UK I would say that Cadburys have a very similar taste but Wedel chocolates are slightly creamier in both texture and taste.

      ** Location **
      Wedel cafe is located on the main market square in Krakow, its official address is Rynek 46 however you will find it easier if you stand in the market square with the church to your left and look at the edge of the market square in front of you and you will see the cafe in front of you. You cannot reach the cafe by car as the market square is pedestrianised but trams and buses do stop nearby.

      **Wedel Chocolate Cafe**
      As you enter the Wedel cafe you will usually be greeted by a member of staff who will speak to you in either English or Polish, you are then free to choose where you would like to sit. At the time I am usually visiting it is reasonably quiet and I choose to sit in the larger room at the back of the cafe. There are plenty of tables and chairs to choose from, most of the tables are at a lower level like coffee tables and the chairs and sofas are all finished in a lovely soft red velvet which is rather comfortable.

      Once seated a waitress will usually bring me a menu which is printed in both Polish and English, I am usually given a few minutes to look at this before the waitress takes my order. My favourite and in fact, my only order, is a milk hot chocolate with a mint syrup flavouring, this option is also available with dark or white chocolate and a variety of flavoured syrups including raspberry, cherry and orange to name a few. I have always found the waiters and waitresses here to be very friendly and polite and as a bonus to this they always appear happy and smiley too.

      The Wedel cafe offers a selection of hot chocolates with countless variations on flavours, it really is a chocoholics paradise! As well as hot chocolate they also offer many flavoured and regular coffees and a hot lemon tea option too. The prices on the menu range from 14zl (Polish Zloty) all the way up to around 20zl depending on what you order and what flavouring you have. My milk hot chocolate with mint costs 14zl. The current exchange rate is around 4.78zl for every £1.

      There is a selection of cakes available on the menu for around the 15zl mark but I am yet to try these. They look nice and are mainly chocolate cakes with various toppings such as ice cream, cherries or cream.

      The decor in the cafe is very nice, it is mainly gold's and reds colour wise and this gives a lovely warm feeling to the cafe, especially as we already have snow here at the moment! The lighting in the entrance area is quite low and to the left of the entrance is a counter which sells many varieties of Wedel chocolate souvenirs, I haven't purchased any of these as living here I know I can buy the Wedel chocolate cheaper in the supermarkets and I don't really feel the need to buy the special souvenirs. The souvenirs they offer are very nice though and if I wasn't living here then I would probably end up purchasing something to take home, the items range from boxes of chocolates all the way through to moulded chocolate animals and the prices are pretty reasonable starting at around 5zl for single chocolates all the way up to (and above) 20zl for the more special items. This part of the cafe kind of reminds me of a Thorntons shop.

      The room at the back of the cafe where I usually choose to sit is much lighter as it has a glass roof so natural daylight provides a nice light which isn't too bright. The decor in here is still the same and gives the feeling of a traditional chocolatier.

      So, back to my hot chocolate and mint drink...
      My drink arrives at my table usually within only a couple of minutes of ordering it. The drink comes in a tall clear glass and looks rather decorative. In the bottom of the glass you can see a thick layer of green mint syrup with the milky chocolate above it and a mint leaf placed on top to finish the effect off. The waitress always gives a long handled spoon wrapped in a napkin for stirring the drink, personally I think it is a shame to destroy it but it needs to be done in order to give the drink its flavour. The first time I ordered this drink there was a small bit of syrup which had been spilt on the side of the glass, naturally I decided to try the syrup and it honestly tasted like mouthwash and I thought I had made a mistake in my choice of drink, thankfully I was wrong though as the drink is absolutely delicious!

      Once mixed together the chocolate and mint is just the perfect mix, the chocolate is very smooth and milky, it is literally like if you melt a bar of dairy milk and drink it and the mint flavour mixes perfectly with the chocolate flavour to create a very tasty and moreish drink.

      Once I have finished my drink and our lesson the waitress brings the bill over and asks if I will be paying by cash or card, I always pay by cash and within probably less than one minute the waitress will return with my change and thank me with a smile as I pack up my things to leave.

      ** Toilets **
      The toilets in Wedel cafe are located at the back of the cafe and they are kept clean and well stocked up with plenty of toilet paper and soap.

      ** Wheelchair & Pushchair Access **
      Wedel cafe is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. The cafe is all on one level and there is plenty of room to move between tables. The toilets are on the same level and although they aren't exactly big I would still say there is enough room to be able to move around comfortably.

      ** Overall **
      Overall I would highly recommend a visit to the Wedel cafe. It is most certainly a must for the chocoholics out there and there is plenty of choice on the menu for those who would prefer something a little less chocolatey too. The staff are friendly and polite and the overall atmosphere here is warm and relaxed.

      5 out of 5 stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :)


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