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Fiesta Snack Bar and Grill (Cyprus)

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Location: Pahos / Cyprus

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2013 17:43
      Very helpful



      A good atmosphere at this bar

      ~~~~~~~~THE NIGHT IS YOUNG~~~~~~~~

      On our last holiday to Cyprus myself and my husband stayed, for the second time, in The Louis Imperial Beach Hotel which is situated on Poseidonos Avenue in the Paphos area of the island. My brother and his wife booked their holidays after we did and they stayed at a hotel near to ours, just a few minutes away, and also on Poseidonos Avenue.

      We were all staying on an all-inclusive basis, and so, apart from having a fairly light meal here once, when we had been out for most of the day, we mainly tended to eat at our own hotels and then have a late night drink at The Fiesta Bar. We met at this bar on several evenings and enjoyed a drink or two together. It was a convenient place to meet up, being almost half way between hotels, although slightly nearer to ours. But we didn't only go here because of the distance; it was an ideal place to have a late drink being lively after midnight and we could choose to sit outside or in. Our choice was always to sit outside.

      were told that this bar stayed open until the last guests left.


      Food was being served here even in the small hours of the morning and certainly looked good. We were nosey and couldn't help but have a good look as the meals passed by on a waiter's tray. Decent sized portions were in evidence as they were taken to various tables. Mostly we had already eaten dinner at our hotels but the aromas wafting around were certainly tempting.

      When we were here just for drinks we requested peanuts and other nibbles.

      The menu is extensive and I feel has something for even the fussy eater. I don't consider myself to be particularly fussy but as I don't eat meat it isn't uncommon for there to be little choice when eating out. I felt that The Fiesta Snack Bar & Grill offered several options that seemed most appetising.

      An idea of the menu and prices is as follows:

      Avocado & prawn salad Euro9.95

      Greek salad Euro7.95

      Mousaka (served with chips) Euro9.95

      Kleftiko Flavoured lamb cooked in a clay oven) Euro10.95

      Jack Daniels Steak (Irish beef fillet topped in Jack Daniels sauce) Euro20.50

      Garlic Sauce (steak served with a creamy garlic cognac and white wine sauce) Euro20.50

      Chefs specials include chicken curry, pork in pepper sauce, lamb chops and much more these are all served with chips and cost less than Euro14.00.

      Plenty of sea food choices too were on the menu, including:

      Battered cod Euro9.95

      Battered king prawns Euro15.95

      Grilled trout Euro15.50

      A good selection of burgers were included; these sounded (and looked) tempting.

      Pasta dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese and seafood penne were on offer.

      And for those requiring a lighter option, toasted sandwiches with a good choice of fillings were also available.


      I thought the vegetarian options were good here. As well as the choices in the vegetarian section of the menu, which I considered impressive, there were meat-free pasta dishes, sandwiches and salads that certainly made me feel spoilt for choice. A few options were:

      Vegetarian mousaka Euro9.95

      Vegetarian platter (aubergines, courgettes, mush rooms, spring rolls, rice stuffed vine leaves) Euro9.95

      Vegetarian Burger Euro7.25

      In addition to these were spring rolls, and stuffed pancakes

      For our meal at The Fiesta Bar three chose burgers (served with chips) and I chose a toasted tuna mayonnaise sandwich. The food came to less than thirty euros but with about three to four drinks each the bill was around eighty euros. We all enjoyed our meal.


      Our drinks here in the evening were mainly vodka with a lemonade mixer, southern comfort with ginger ale, local beer (Keo) and whisky and whisky with coke as a mixer.

      We thought the bar was very well equipped with both local and international brands of beer and spirits available.

      The Fiesta serves Belgian beer.


      Apart from when we ate here we mainly appeared after midnight. By this time our hotels were quietening down but, for us, the night was still young. A short walk to this bar and we found it was still buzzing.

      The age range was mixed. There were some young families with children (mainly asleep in their buggies) and a few groups and couple of all ages.

      The weather was humid still but much cooler than it had been in the heat of the day. It felt wonderful to be seated outside and enjoying a refreshing drink and sometimes a slight breeze, while the music played and people chatted amiably around us. We were on holiday and were enjoying every minute.

      We left late, once or twice after two- thirty in the morning but we still weren't the last to leave. Guests remained chatting and drinking as we said goodnight.

      I thought the atmosphere was cheery and fun which I think is usual in most tourist areas of Paphos, which I believe generally feel relaxed, it being mainly a family resort.


      As is usual in Cyprus most places cater for children and it isn't at all unusual to see families with young children, both holidaymakers and inhabitants of the island, eating late and being out late. After midnight mainly adults could be seen here, but earlier in the evening and during the day there were more families.

      A rooftop section of the restaurant provided a well-equipped children's area.

      High chairs were in evidence.


      Waiting staff appeared quickly to take orders. Food and drinks were brought out quickly. Staff hovered around but not in an invasive way and so really, one barely had to move to order a drink.


      Television screens showed football games earlier in the evening but after midnight when we usually went to this bar lively pop music was played.


      On my first visit to this bar when the ladies was needed myself and my sister-in-law asked where it was to be found. On being told, "up the stairs" I must have frowned because a barman offered to carry me up. I expect he was relieved that I declined!

      Well, we made it up the stairs and to the Ladies and decided that these facilities were of a good standard. My husband later confirmed that the Gent's loos were decent enough too.


      I thought the Fiesta Snack bar and Grill itself was easy to access as the ground around it was fairly well tended (be careful of the irrigation pipes around though!) and different ground levels were ramped where necessary. The downstairs and outside areas of the Fiesta Bar were easy enough to access but the toilets were upstairs. Possibly a toilet was available downstairs but I don't know if this is the case.


      The Fiesta snack bar is located on Poseidon Avenue set back and just inside the Avanti Village Complex, on the square. There are a few other bars and restaurants close by and some shops. It's easy to get here and to get home as buses stop close by and taxis are easy to find.

      Fiesta Snack Bar & Grill
      Avanti Village Plazza
      Poseidonos Avenue

      Telephone: 0035 7 26913483 /26913341

      Email: Nakpol@hotmail.com


      I thought that The Fiesta Snack Bar & Grill offered a very good menu for lunch and dinner and the prices weren't too bad either. I wouldn't say they were the cheapest we had come across but for the choice and quality of food we all considered it to be fair. But mainly I enjoyed visiting this bar because of its friendly and lively atmosphere. I am going back to Cyprus in a few weeks for a holiday and I hope to again enjoy a drink or two and perhaps even a meal, in the Fiesta Bar.


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