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Irish Mbassy (Krakow, Poland)

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Irish pub in Krakow, Poland.

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2012 10:33
      Very helpful



      The homesickness cure! ;)

      Before my recent visit home to England I was starting to feel a little homesick after almost 6 months of living in Krakow I was missing certain things and feeling a bit down in the dumps. As a result of this I found myself heading to the closest thing I could find to England and this was the Irish Mbassy. Ok, I know Ireland is not England and an Irish pub isn't exactly the same as Birmingham, but I had a feeling I would find some English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish people in there and it might make me feel a little less lost over here and this is also probably as close to an English pub as I will find here. So, did it work? and am I still feeling homesick?

      Irish Mbassy, Krakow
      Irish Mbassy is a reasonably small pub in the centre of Krakow, Poland. I have walked past this pub many times, but never actually went in as I was always either on my way to or from somewhere so I had never had the chance to.

      Irish Mbassy is located in the centre of Krakow on a side street just off the main market square. It is about a 10 minute walk from the central train station and shopping galleries.

      The bar is located on Stolarska 3 and is literally a 2 to 3 minute walk from the nearest tram stop. I found the bar quite easy to find as I had walked past many times, but I think you would be able to find it easily as it is clearly marked at the entrance with the Irish Mbassy signage.

      Bar and Seating Areas
      As you enter Irish Mbassy you will walk through a wooden door into an average sized pub. The bar area is directly in front of you and there are plenty of seating areas and what I would call cosy corners if you want to get away from the main hustle and bustle of the pub.

      To the right of the bar are some rather steep stairs which lead up to another room with another bar and a seating area containing more tables and chairs. This area isn't so big though and felt a lot more crowded so we decided to have our drinks downstairs.

      Once we had found a place to sit I went to the bar to order 2 beers, to my surprise the lady behind the bar spoke excellent English and to top it off she was really friendly as well. The total for 2 beers was 18zl (Polish zloty) which works out at just under £2 each depending on the varying exchange rate. As well as our beers there was quite a large variety of drinks to choose from including a selection of local and world beers, wines and soft drinks including tea and coffee. Once I had our beers I returned to the table to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

      We had decided to sit in a corner at one of the tables with a view of the main area of the pub, the table itself was at hip to waist height, depending on your height, and the chairs were in proportion to this and even though they were made of a hard wood I found them to be very comfortable and I was able to relax in them.

      The Irish Mbassy also serves food until 21:45. Unfortunately our visit to the pub was just after 21:30 so by the time we were settled with our drinks and realised they served food it was too late to order. I did take a look at the menu though and saw that it offers a wide range of typical UK and American foods such as burgers, curry's, chips and onion rings to name a few. The prices seem pretty reasonable but this obviously depends on the food quality too. I would like to try the food here and one day I will hopefully get there early enough to do this. I will keep you updated as to if and when I do.

      The Atmosphere
      Ok, so I appreciate that when most people go on holiday they like to escape the typical scenes you might find at home and experience the nightlife of the country or city you are visiting, so for some people the Irish bar might be last on your list of places to visit if you come to Krakow. However, for me I was looking for the atmosphere from England to make me feel a little more at home after 6 months and I can honestly say my visit here was the perfect solution.

      While the pub is called the Irish Mbassy and is recognised as an Irish bar I actually felt more like I was in my favourite pub in South Wales! This may be due to the fact that while we were in the pub there was a group of Welsh holiday makers near us so I could hear the sexy Welsh accent... mmm! But it was also due to the decor in the pub being very 'country pub' style with walls made out of large stones and huge thick beams running along the ceilings and walls. On the walls were football shirts in frames from teams all around Britain, not just Ireland and in the corners of the main room were a few large TV's which at the time were showing a Man U match. All of this combined together made me feel like I was on one of my many camping trips in Wales and really made me feel happy and relaxed in a warm atmosphere

      Football and Quizzes
      Although I didn't personally experience them, I did see advertised that the Irish Mbassy often has quiz nights which are open for anybody to enter and from the fact that they are quite frequent I would say that they must be quite good as otherwise they wouldn't continue with them, so maybe one evening I will put my brain to the test.

      The pub also shows most football and rugby matches and has a board outside detailing which matches are going to be shown on different days, along with their kick off time, so don't worry if you think you will miss a match because you are on holiday as this pub seems to show most of them and I have no doubt in my mind that they will of course be showing the Euro matches, especially with Krakow being the English Fan base!

      Value for money?
      I think Irish Mbassy is reasonable value for money. A large beer will set you back just under £2 so I might actually have to say this is great value for money, although I am noticing this is pretty much the average price for beer in Krakow, give or take a few zloty depending on the pub you visit. The beer clearly wasn't watered down and tasted good.

      The toilets in Irish Mbassy were clean. They are a little on the small side and the decor in them is totally different compared to the lovely looking pub area, but really I'm not too fussed what a toilet looks like so long as it is more than just a hole in the ground and it is clean with toilet paper! Speaking of which, the toilets were stocked with toilet paper and soap and there are paper towels and a hand dryer to dry your hands. The sinks were clean and there were bins provided for paper towels.

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      If you have someone to help you up the initial first step to get through the door and you are happy to stay on the ground floor then I would say this pub is wheelchair friendly. The toilets are on the ground floor, however due to their size you may have difficulty manoeuvring around in them and I didn't see any separate toilets for wheelchair users so this might be an issue.

      So, am I still homesick?
      Honestly, yes, even after visiting the Irish Mbassy I was still a little homesick, but no-where near as much as I was to begin with, so I would say the idea to visit this pub was definitely a success. I did come back to the UK for a visit at the beginning of May which made me very happy, even with the UK weather! Since my return to Krakow I have felt a little low so I plan to make many more visits to the Irish Mbassy... especially during Euro!

      Overall, I would highly recommend Irish Mbassy, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Krakow. I appreciate that many of you will be wanting to escape the pub atmosphere from home and maybe experience the more typical Polish pubs, but for me personally the Irish Mbassy is my escape back to you guys and girls in the UK. My evening here was very relaxing, the atmosphere great and I even enjoyed watching the football on the TV which is a rare thing for me to do. I will definitely be going here again!

      Thanks for reading :)


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