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Miejsce Bar (Krakow, Poland)

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Address: ul. Estery 1 / Krakow / Poland.

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2012 11:27
      Very helpful



      A nice warm bar ideal for a rainy evening

      Miejsce Bar, Krakow, Poland.

      Miejsce Bar is a small bar I visited a few weeks ago after seeing a poster advertising an art exhibition at the bar. I figured it would be nice to go somewhere new and so one rainy Thursday evening off we went...

      == Location ==
      Miejsce Bar is located in Kazimierz, close to the centre of Krakow.

      The bar is located on the corner of ul. Estery street and can be accessed by the city's many trams and buses from almost all directions, the nearest tram stop is about a 5 minute walk away. We did get a little bit lost trying to find the bar as we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk a bit. The area the bar is in is full of little side streets so you might want to check on a map first before you head out!

      == Bar Area ==
      As you enter Miejsce Bar you will walk into a small room with the bar area to the right of you. At the back of the room there is an area sectioned off by some large glass windows. This area is the smoking area and is completely sealed off from the rest of the pub so that no stray smoke can escape!

      There are plenty of places to sit in Miejsce Bar and many tables to sit around. There is a selection of table heights to choose from too as some of them are at a low level with some very comfy looking low chairs. Unfortunately it was a bit busy when we went there so we didn't get chance to sit in these comfy looking chairs.

      The bar is a medium size with a few stools in front of it. On the occasion we visited the bar there was only one member of staff serving. We didn't have to wait long to be served and the lady behind the bar seemed reasonably friendly.

      On the occasion that we visited the bar there was a mix of Polish, English and American people in there. Everyone kept themselves to themselves and didn't really interact with others sat around different tables. This was nice though as it meant we felt like we could enjoy a quiet drink without being interrupted.

      == Menu ==
      The drinks menu offers most drinks from the usual beers and wines. They also offer a wide variety of Polish beers and different styles like wheat beer and dark beer. We had a wheat beer while we were here and my personal opinion is that it tastes really good and I found it really pleasant and easy to drink!

      == Prices ==
      The prices in Miejsce Bar are pretty reasonable. For a drink here you can expect to pay around 7 or 8zl (zloty) depending on which drink you have. This is around £1.50ish depending on the current exchange rate.

      == The Decor ==
      The decor of Miejsce Bar is minimal, the chairs and tables are nice and some of the chairs are coloured which does add a bit of brightness to an almost plain looking pub. The walls are a combination of plaster and brick, they have been made to look as if they are old and the plaster is falling off to reveal the brickwork. The plaster parts of the walls are painted in a creamy yellow colour.

      The lighting in the pub is just right. It is well lit so you can sit and enjoy having a drink without feeling like you are sitting in the dark, yet it isn't so overpowering to spoil the mood of the bar.

      The supposed art exhibition that was happening in the bar wasn't as good as we expected and took place in the form of around 10 medium sized prints hanging from the walls. In all honesty they just looked like normal pictures that were there to add a bit of colour to the almost bare walls!

      My overall personal opinion of the look of the bar isn't too good. I think there could be a lot more done with the room and I would take out the large windows separating the smoking room as I think they make the pub look really cheap and tacky. I would replace them with a proper wall or divider which fits with the rest of the decor.

      == Toilets ==
      The toilets in Miejsce Bar are well looked after with no unusual smells and they well stocked with toilet paper. The sink area is also clean and there was soap in the soap dispensers. I noticed while we were there a member of staff regularly popped in to check them and make sure everything was ok.

      == Overall ==
      Overall, I did enjoy my experience of a nice quiet and relaxing drink on a Thursday evening in Miejsce Bar. The atmosphere in the bar was good and very relaxed. There was some chilled out background music being played at the right level as not to be too intrusive and when we left the bar we were feeling nice and relaxed... until the cold air outside hit us on the walk to the tram home!

      Thanks for reading :)


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