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Moment Cafe (Krakow, Poland)

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Address: ul. Józefa 26 / Kraków / Kazimierz

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2013 12:32
      Very helpful



      Take a Moment....

      **Moment Cafe Bar, Krakow, Poland.**
      A few weeks ago I was invited out for a drink with a couple of my students, I agreed to go as I had been promising I would do so for a long time but I'd never gotten around to it. I let them choose the bar as they know the city better than I do and they chose Moment Cafe Bar which is a nice pub located in Kazimierz near Krakow city centre.

      **It Takes a Moment to Find**
      Moment is located on ul. Jozefa 26, which is the main market square of Kazimierz. The market square is most easily accessed by trams number 3, 18 and 50 to name just a few, these stop around a 5 - 10 minute walk away depending on your walking speed. The pub is well signed and as it is located on a corner I managed to find it with no problems at all.

      **The First Moment**
      Upon entering Moment I could immediately feel a kind of retro vibe coming from the decor, not in a cheesy neon 80's way but in a more stylish and quite cool way. The pub is quite large inside and seems to be split into two halves as the entrance is between the two halves. The pub is quite open and I found it easy to locate my students almost as soon as I walked through the door and walked over to join them.

      As soon as I had finished taking off my coat a waitress came over with a drinks menu and asked the others if they needed anything else. She returned about 10 minutes later to take my drinks order, perhaps this time was a little too long as I decided pretty quickly on my drink but couldn't seem to catch her attention. I ordered a Spiced Mulled wine drink from the Seasonal Warmers special menu. The drink was said to be a hot wine, spiced with cinnamon sticks, a slice of orange and flavoured with raisins, nuts and clove. I thought this sounded a rather unusual but nice mix.

      Other drinks on the menu consisted of the usual beers and soft drinks as well as a nice and quite large variety of cocktails and long drinks with prices starting at around 17zl (Polish Zloty). The menu also offered bottles of wine, although I didn't see glasses of wine listed on the menu. All of the prices on the menu seemed to fall into what I would call the "average price range for Krakow" which means depending on the exchange rate you will be paying around the £2 mark for a regular beer and slightly more for your fancy cocktails. My drink was priced at 14zl.

      **A Later Moment**
      Once the drink was ordered and the conversation was flowing I took a moment to take in the decor and the layout of the pub and overall I really liked it. The seating in the pub consists mainly of comfortable sofas and chairs all of which are well padded and of a good height in relation to the tables. There are varying sizes too so if you are with a larger group you should have no problem getting somewhere to suit. I particularly like the decoration of the pub as they really focus on the "Moment" theme in a rather unique way... Clocks! Moment has many different shaped and sized clocks adorning the walls and windowsills, the clocks are all set to different times, some of them work and the majority don't, the idea of these clocks is to emphasise the pubs theme of taking a Moment out to relax or have a Moment with friends and generally how life is made up of Moments in time. Personally I really liked this, it was something unusual and unique and it made me feel quite relaxed here.

      The decor also consisted of a large TV high on a wall showing a muted music channel, in my opinion the TV looked really out of place and more of an intrusion in an otherwise very nice pub. The music which was playing in the background didn't match what was on TV either, at one point we could hear something nice and relaxing but the video for Gangnam Style was showing on TV. The background music was generally good although we did find it was a little too loud to talk at a normal level and we were having to raise our voices a bit to be heard.

      So, we're sitting in a nice pub, drinking what I can only describe as the most unusual but tasty drink I have ever had and we decided we were feeling a little hungry. After a very quick look at the food menu we decided on some Nachos with Cheese. These took around 15 minutes to arrive and when they did I noticed it was quite a generous portion and plenty for 3 of us to share. The nachos were nice and the cheese was melted evenly throughout them. The food menu also offers everything from a wide variety of breakfasts including English, Polish and Vegetarian through to full meals for lunch or dinner. The prices looked pretty reasonable to me and I will definitely be interested in taking a moment to pop back and try some more food here.

      So, my unusual yet tasty drink... My drink was served to me in a large glass and the drink inside was a deep reddish almost purple colour, there was a large sliced of orange placed inside the drink and little pieces of clove had been inserted into to orange. On either side of the orange were cinnamon sticks and in the bottom of the glass was a reasonable amount of nuts and raisins. I was a little weary about this combination at first but I really wanted a change from the usual beers and lagers and what a change it was! My drink was served hot but I waited for it too cool a little, I think this also gave the flavours time to infuse and the result was a delicious warm and spicy wine with a very fruity hint to it too and I thoroughly recommend you to try it if you ever get the chance. I couldn't really taste anything from the nuts and they did annoy me when they kept sliding up the glass and into my mouth when I didn't really want to eat them, but I guess they must of added to the flavour in someway and they looked nice in the bottom of the glass too.

      **The Last Moment**
      Drinks finished and nachos eaten which means we're into the last moment at Moment Bar, the "departing with the money" moment! To pay our bill we simply caught the attention of a passing waitress who was happy to oblige and brought our bill over within a couple of minutes. We paid 14zl each for our drinks and the Nachos with cheese cost 15zl.

      **A Moment in the Toilets (Sounds a little dodgy!) **
      The toilets are located near the entrance, at the time of our visit on a busy Friday evening it was nice to see the toilets looking clean and well stocked with only a small queue.

      **A Moment for Wheelchairs and Pushchairs?**
      There is one step to the entrance of Moment, so you may struggle to get in the pub, once inside everything appeared to be on the same level and well spaced out so there wouldn't be any manoeuvring problems. I didn't notice any wheelchair friendly toilets but this could just be my poor observation skills!

      **Was Our Evening an Enjoyable Moment? **
      Yes, I really enjoyed our evening at Moment. It was a nice relaxed Friday evening and a good chance to spend time with my students outside their usual office at their work place where we have lessons. The atmosphere is chilled out and relaxing and my only complaint really is that the music was a little too loud and the TV is an ugly intrusion to an otherwise lovely and unique bar. I would definitely recommend if you're ever in Krakow and they serve food from 9am so maybe even a nice place to begin your day.

      Moment is open from 8am through until 1am.
      The current exchange rate is £1 = 4.7zl.

      Thanks for reading :)


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