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Shake & Bake (Krakow)

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Address: Juliana Dunajewskiego 2 / 31-133 Kraków

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2013 10:18
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      Shake 'n' Bake a Milkyway cake!

      **Shake & Bake, Krakow**
      A few months ago my partner was crazy enough to take part in a 5km race around Krakow, me being the sensible one in the relationship decided to sit and enjoy the sunshine rather than get hot and sweaty! After the run we decided to visit Shake & Bake. Shake & Bake is a small cafe in the centre of Krakow, Poland. It is located near to Teatr Bagatela bus and tram stops and is around a 5 minute walk from Krakow's main market square.

      Shake & Bake is easy to find as it is clearly signed with a nice logo. This was actually what caught our attention in the first place when we went past one day on the tram.

      **A Warm Welcome**
      As we entered Shake & Bake we were greeted by a nice lady who welcomed us and showed us the offers they had on and gave us a menu of drinks and cakes to look at. The lady who greeted us spoke excellent English and as far as I could tell she seemed to understand me very well too so there were no problems regarding ordering and a couple of questions I had.

      While looking at the menu and trying to decide between so many sweet flavoured cakes and drinks I took a little moment to take a look around. Shake & Bake is very small cafe with only a few tables and chairs and a very comfortable looking beanbag in the corner. The decor in Shake & Bake is very light coloured which take away the small feeling a little bit and at the same time creates a nice relaxing atmosphere. In the corner near the door there is a small bookshelf which has a selection of books, magazines and other information leaflets. Most of these texts are in Polish but there were a few leaflets in English for tourists. The ordering area is directly in front of you as you enter Shake & Bake and has a counter filled with delicious looking cakes. One cake in particular caught my attention, The Milkyway Cake, which I will go into more detail about in a moment. On the walls behind the counter there is quite a few containers with lots of lovely looking sweets and chocolates. At the time we visited we were told there was a promotion where you could buy a normal undecorated cupcake and they would help you to decorate it like the professionals. I liked this idea however the Milkway Cake had already caught my attention. I'm not sure if this is a regular promotion but if it is then I will definitely be doing it one day.

      **Shake & Bake me a Milkyway Cake! **
      After taking probably around 10 minutes to read the menu and change my mind about 20 times I finally made my mind up about what I wanted to order. My partner had also decided so I went to the counter to order our cakes and drinks. I had chosen a Hot Fudge Milkshake with the Milkyway Cake and my partner chose a cold Vanilla Milkshake with the Milkyway Cake. The total of our order came to 26zl (Polish Zloty). I paid for our order by card with no problems at all. The exchange rate is currently hovering around 4.7zl for every £1. The menu had consisted only of drinks and cakes and the theme with all of the items on offer was most definitely chocolate and sweets. Most of the drinks were based on different chocolate bars or combinations of sweets and chocolate bars. There were coffees available too, these were available as regular coffee or coffee with a nice sweet addition! The cakes ranged from muffins and sponge style cakes through to extremely sweet chocolate concoctions which I would never have thought of!

      After placing and paying for our order I was then given the slices of cake to take back to the table while the lady made our drinks. Being rather excited about this cake I decided not to wait for my drink and to simply get stuck in! So, what exactly is a Milkyway Cake? Well, its a little slice of heaven for chocolate lovers! The base of the cake is made from a lovely crumbled biscuit, in a way it is very similar to some cheesecakes. The topping is exactly as it sounds and made from Milkyway bars. I'm not sure of the exact process for making this topping but they have used Milkyway's to make a deliciously smooth topping which has been spread over the top of the biscuit base. I'm not sure if they baked the cake at all but either way it was amazingly delicious! My partner commented that it was a little too sweet but I said there is no such thing as "too sweet!" I am a chocoholic through and through! Overall my verdict on this cake is a full 5 out of 5 stars and I would more than recommend you trying it if you are ever in Krakow!

      While I was enjoying the delicious cake they called our drinks order so I went to collect them from the counter. Our drinks were served in what I would call traditional milkshake glasses. My drink was the Hot Fudge Milkshake. I'm not sure exactly what they used in this drink but it was also very sweet and quite smooth and creamy. I loved the fact that it was served hot, or rather warm, as I have never had a heated milkshake before so I was curious as to how it would be and in actual fact it was really nice! My partner had the vanilla shake and wasn't so impressed and commented that it had no flavour but when I tried a bit of it I thought it was quite nice and had a distinct vanilla flavour so I think this is just a question of taste.

      After we had finished eating a drinking we took our plates and glasses back to the counter, I doubt that you have to do this but with the service we received and the cakes being so nice we were happy to help! We said a friendly goodbye to the staff and left with an intention of definitely returning one day soon!

      Shake & Bake also offers a take away service so if you are simply passing by and don't have time to sit and relax then you can grab your shake or cake and take it with you to eat on the go.

      The toilets in Shake & Bake are located at the back of the cafe. There is only one toilet, which usually I would have a little moan about but with the size of the cafe I don't think this one toilet would cause too much of a problem and it certainly didn't when we were there. At the time of our visit the toilets were clean and tidy with soap and paper towels provided. The toilets were also decorated quite nicely and even had some artificial grass on the shelf behind the toilet which made it look that little bit nicer.

      **Wheelchair and Pushchair Friendly? **
      Due to the size of the cafe I would say it would be a tight squeeze for wheelchairs and pushchairs however I wouldn't say that it is impossible as the tables and chairs could easily be moved around a little bit. There are a couple of small steps as you enter the cafe but they aren't too big and I would think with a little assistance both wheelchairs and pushchairs would be able to enter with little or no problems. Wheelchair users my struggle with the toilet as it is very small.

      Overall, I would 100% recommend Shake & Bake, the menu may be limited to drinks and cakes but this is the whole appeal of this cafe. Shake & Bake is a place which is perfect for relaxing and reading a magazine or meeting up with friends. I would prefer to go here than a coffee place any day! This is also the kind of place I would feel comfortable visiting alone if I had time to fill between going back and forth to my students. Overall I will definitely be visiting here again and I will be rating it the full 5 out of 5 stars!

      Thanks for reading :)


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