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Studnia Zyczen (Krakow, Poland)

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Address: Studnia Zyczen / Krakow / Poland

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2012 12:51
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable Friday evening

      Studnia Zyczen & Club, Krakow, Poland.
      Studnia Zyczen & Club, translated to English as The Wishing Well, is a medium sized bar, restaurant and club in the heart of Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland. I visited this pub around 5 weeks ago on a Friday evening for a quiet drink with some friends.

      The Studnia Zyczen & Club is located in the centre of Krakow in the main square of Kazimierz. It is about a 20 minute walk from the central train station and shopping galleries.

      The bar is located on Plac Nowy 6 / Meiselsa 24 and can be accessed by the city's many trams and buses from most directions. We found it was easy to find Studnia as it is near the corner of the street and the entrance is quite clear to make out.

      Bar and Seating Areas
      As you enter Studnia you will walk into a darkened room with a bar directly in front of you. The pub is made up of 3 floors and I noticed there were a lot of little 'nooks and crannies' and cosy corners with tables hidden away there. When you enter the bar you will be on the middle floor, however we were meeting people on the lower floor so we first had the fun job of locating the stairway to go down. This wasn't too hard to do, but the stairs themselves were rather steep and made of stone so I was feeling a little wary about coming back up them after a couple of drinks! After making our way down the stairs we found ourselves in another darkened room with just the light from candles on tables and some very dull lighting from the ceiling. I know this all sounds really dark and not very inviting, but it actually created a really good atmosphere in the pub.

      The area downstairs has its own smaller bar and the bar staff will occasionally come across to your table to see if you want anymore drinks. This was quite funny for me as they came and spoke to me in Polish, which I am at a level of understanding now, but I'm not confident enough to speak in Polish myself, so I answered her in English and she replied in Polish much to our amusement!

      We found the bar staff to be friendly and polite and they were quick and efficient in serving us both at the bar and also at our tables later in the evening.

      The area downstairs is also the part of the pub which turns into a club on certain nights, there is a large dance floor area with a few tables and chairs around the edge. The night that we visited was not a club night so this area was just quiet and relaxing.

      Studnia also has a food menu from which we decided to order a pizza when we found ourselves with the munchies after a couple of drinks. When the pizza arrived it looked and smelt mouth-wateringly delicious. We had ordered a pizza topped with only salami as between us there were too many toppings that we couldn't agree on. The pizza was indeed as nice as it looked and tasted amazing! I could have probably eaten a whole one myself! The pizza cost us 21zl (zloty) which is around the £6 mark. It was definitely worth the price!

      Other items on the menu included various soups, pasta, fish and chicken dishes. All of the prices were pretty reasonable and if they all taste as good as the pizza did then I would definitely recommend them.

      Studnia also has a large wine list with a wide variety of wines from both Poland and around the world. I didn't order anything from the wine list as I was quite happy with my beer. Incidentally the price and quality of the beer is also good, a large beer will set you back just 8zl, which is less that £2.

      For those of you who may not want an alcoholic drink Studnia also offers a large variety of flavoured teas, a selection of coffees and of course the usual soft drinks and juices.

      Value for money?
      While Studnia isn't the cheapest bar I have visited here in Krakow I would still say it is really good value for money. From my pizza experience I can say that the food quality is excellent and at less than £2 for a large beer I don't think I can really complain about the drinks prices either!

      The toilets in Studnia were reasonably clean when we visited. It was clear to see they were looked after and regularly cleaned and thankfully there were no dodgy smells in there like you sometimes find in pub toilets! The toilets were well stocked with toilet paper and soap and there is both a hand dryer or paper towels if you prefer. The sinks were clean and there were bins provided for paper towels!

      Wheelchair Friendly?
      Unfortunately, Studnia is a maze of steps and small areas which at times were difficult to squeeze between while standing up, so with this in mind I would simply say that no, Studnia is not suitable for wheelchair users simply due to the lack of space to manoeuvre and the amount of stairs inside.

      Overall, I would recommend Studnia Zyczen & Club. My evening here was, as we had wanted, quiet and relaxing with a good atmosphere. The staff were friendly and after our initial first trip to the bar we didn't need to move again as they came to our table instead which was nice as it meant we could relax without interruptions of going to buy drinks. All in all we had a nice evening and I would go to Studnia Zyczen & Club again if a few quiet drinks is what I was looking for.

      Thanks for reading :)


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