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Tajemniczy Ogrod (Krakow)

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Address: Plac Nowy 9 / Krakow

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2013 13:29
      Very helpful



      The Secret Garden of Krakow!

      **Tajemniczy Ogrod, Krakow, Poland.**
      Tajemniczy Ogrod translates into English as 'The Secret Garden' and is a nice little cafe bar/pub located in Kazimierz near Krakow city centre. As some of you know I teach English as a second language here in Krakow and as a result of this I often end up having lessons in cafes and bars. Tajemniczy Ogrod is one of the cafes' which I often go to for afternoon lessons.

      Tajemniczy Ogrod is located on Plac Nowy 9, which is the main market square in Kazimierz. The market square is most easily accessed by trams number 3, 7 and 50, these stop very near by, or numbers 13 and 18 stop about a 10 minute walk away at a stop named Stradom. The pub is very well signed with overhanging canopies and a large sign outside.

      **Getting Seated**
      Getting Seated in Tajemniczy Ogrod is usually pretty easy for me as at the times I tend to visit it is usually quite quiet so I don't have any trouble finding somewhere to sit. Obviously as we are going to be having a lesson I need somewhere reasonably quiet so I tend to choose a comfy sofa towards the back of the pub. There is ample choice of seating and most of the options involve nice comfortable sofas with tables of a variety of heights, some low like coffee tables and others a bit higher so you can lean on them without getting backache. The pub is quite large inside and the tables and sofas are placed a good distance apart to maintain privacy.

      There is also a patio area for sitting outside the pub on a nice day, we have done this a few times recently as the weather has been fab, but the only drawback of this is that the patio area is rather more tables and chairs on the pavement quite close to the road. So this isn't really peaceful but I still find it nice to sit outside in the sun with a nice cold drink.

      **Drinks For Everyone**
      Once seated you will need to either get up and go to the bar for your drink or you can wait for a waiter or waitress to come and take your order. Personally I prefer to get up and go to the bar. I am usually in this pub around the same times each week on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon, so therefore I am generally served by the same person each week. He is always very friendly and speaks good English, if he isn't too busy and I am waiting for my student to arrive then he will tell me about any events that are happening around the city at the moment and he is just generally a helpful and nice guy.

      The bar does have a nice big drinks menu so there is probably something to suit everyone here. They have the usual beers, wines and mixers as well as a few different cocktails, soft drinks and a selection of teas and coffees. I tend to drink coke or coffee as I can't really be drinking beer during a lesson. A coke sets me back 6zl (Polish Zloty) and a regular coffee is also 6zl or 8zl if you have a piece of cake too. With the current exchange rate of £1 being equal to 4.7zl I think these prices are excellent!

      There isn't a food menu as such, but as I just mentioned, there is a selection of cakes and puddings available. I have only had a piece of cake here once, I'm still not sure what it was as the name was in Polish, but I chose it simply because it looked tasty and I was hungry. It had a very sweet taste to it with nice whipped cream on the top.

      As I mentioned earlier, I use this pub quite a lot for lessons, this is because I find it is reasonably quiet at the times I am there and I enjoy the atmosphere in here. The lighting is quite dark, but not too dark and it feels very relaxed. Usually, I am not a person who can go and sit in a pub alone, but this pub makes me feel welcome and like I could quite happily pop in for a coffee and simply chill out with some quality me time on those nice soft sofas watching the antics of the market square outside.

      The toilets are located towards the rear of the main room and like the rest of the pub they are kept very clean and it is clear they are well looked after, so no complaints here.

      **Wheelchair and Pushchair Access?**
      There are two steps in the entrance to the pub and as far as I am aware there are no other entrances and I have seen no ramp for access so you may struggle to get in the pub, once inside there are some tables set on the level floor which you entered on and some raised slightly with a step.

      Overall, I really enjoy my lessons at Tajemniczy Ogrod. The atmosphere is just right and I think even if I didn't have lessons here I would really enjoy coming here for a drink and to chill out. A relaxing pub I would definitely recommend if you're ever in Krakow and want a little break from all the sightseeing!

      Thanks for reading :)


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