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The Green Cottage Restaurant (Turkey)

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Country: Turkey / World Region: Europe

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2013 12:08
      Very helpful



      Superb restaurant!


      This restaurant is in the town of Dalyan on the south west coast of Turkey and is situated beautifully opposite the Dalyan Cayi river. The views from this restaurant are amazing, you could sit there all day and just watch the boats passing by and take in the pretty green scenery and mountains.

      ~What attracted us~

      We hadn't booked for evening meals at the hotel we were staying at as we wanted the choice of being able to eat out at night and during our welcome meeting we were handed a leaflet for this restaurant with a 10% discount voucher which I just put straight in my bag. Later that evening we were getting ready to go out and we had decided we were going to take a walk along the river and in to town and see what restaurants caught our eye. I remembered about the leaflet we had received and had a quick flick through and put the discount voucher in the purse just in case we came across the restaurant and we liked the look of it.

      There is such a large choice of restaurants in Dalyan from your traditional Turkish from Chinese to Indian, there is something there for everyones taste. Once coming out from walking along the river we were in the town and the first restaurant to greet us was The Green Cottage. It is a quant looking little restaurant lightly lit inside with soft lighting and candles but it is quite eye catching with its bright neon signs. A few things attracted us to this restaurant the look, how busy it was compared to others situated nearby and the welcome from the owner. We walked up outside to have a read of the menu board and were greeted by the owner and we were immediately sold, the food looked great and the friendly welcome is always a bonus. He wasn't pushy at all just wanted to make conversation and introduce himself, obviously I know this is a tactic to get people in and they want as much custom as possible but his friendly personality really made us feel comfortable and at ease.

      ~The Restaurant~

      The Green Cottage is a traditional Turkish restaurant but they do offer other variations such as Italian, Seafood, Steaks etc. They are open all day from around 8:00am till very late and offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have inside and outside seating available but everyone seems to sit outside and the inside only really gets used if they are exceptionally busy or there is a thunderstorm :) (which Dalyan gets plenty of!!) The tables are fairly close together outside but not on top of each other and are nice and spacious.

      They offer three different types of breakfast and even though we had pre-paid for breakfast at our hotel we ended up eating here a couple of mornings because it was so nice. They offer three different types of cooked breakfast, I can't quite remember what they call them now but basically you have a choice of small, medium or large and each has a different variant. The breakfasts were lovely and in my opinion better than some breakfasts you can buy in the country. They proud themselves on using Heinz baked beans and offering HP sauce with the food, which I guess is a nice little touch. We never really fancy cooked breakfasts while on holiday but we really were impressed with these especially if you fancied a later morning breakfast. The breakfasts come with sausage, bacon, beans, fried egg, toast etc and the larger ones come with extra items and hash browns etc. They are really reasonable as well with the dearest only being £4.00 and it looked huge, you got a lot for your money.

      We only had lunch here a couple of times and they offer the usual lunch menu of cold/hot sandwiches, burgers, chicken burgers, salads etc. The menu once again was very reasonable and the food was lovely, I had a hot chicken baguette and it came with salad and a small portion of chips all for around £4.

      Dinner is when the restaurant comes alive and it is always busy, usually with regulars that are going back night after night. They have a large evening menu with so much choice, I ended up trying something different every night as I never knew what to pick! As previously mentioned they offer all types of food you can have your traditional Turkish kebabs, casseroles or you have a got a choice of pizza's, pasta, seafood dishes, steaks, lamb shank etc.

      They are very well known for their "Plank Steaks" and Casseroles and I would really recommend these along with the lamb shank. Their steaks are wonderful and the presentation of their meals is very appealing. With most the dishes you get rice, whatever vegetables they have been able to buy from the market that day and some form of potato based side depending on what main you have chose, with the steak you get their homemade chips and with the other dishes you get boiled or mashed potato. Their lamb shanks are to die for and are huge and so tender, I couldn't eat all of mine.

      A lot of their traditional Turkish dishes come to the table flaming which is a nice touch and I would highly recommend their traditional meatball casserole, I could have eaten this every day.

      With their seafood dishes most of the fish is freshly caught that day and you can definitely tell it is fresh.

      They offer such a big range there is something on that menu for everyone. They also offer quite a few desserts, I never tried any of the hot desserts as I was always too stuffed but managed their ice cream sundaes on quite a few occasions :) and these were very nice and come to your table with sparklers and other decorations.

      They have a wide variety of drinks on offer basically anything you can think of and they are all very reasonable. They have an extensive cocktail list and these are only about £2.00 each an absolute bargain and they are really fancy, again they come with your usual sparklers and fancy paper decorations and fruit.


      This really is an amazing restaurant with brilliant, accommodating staff, from the first day we were made to feel like family and nothing was too much which really speaks millions. Some nights we were sat there until 2am just casually drinking and chatting with them and they would get the backgammon board out and ask you to play with them. They treat all their customers the same and I think this speaks for itself when they have the same people going back night after night for their entire holiday, you can just go and sit there and have a chat and not buy a drink they really aren't bothered. On our last night they wanted to give us free drinks/cocktails but we were leaving for the airport at 12am so didn't want to be drinking so they went to a shop and bought as a present instead, which we found so kind of them. They still keep in touch with us now which proves that they are just genuinely nice guys who aren't just interested in you while you are spending money with them.

      The food and drink here is so reasonable and great quality most nights we were having 2 starters, 2 x steaks etc, beers, cokes, wine, cocktails etc and the bill never came to more than £40 for both of us! It is a bargain and I dread to think what you would pay in the UK for all of that and it wouldn't be as nice either!

      Overall if you are going to Dalyan and want a friendly, relaxed, family (they love children!) restaurant with great staff and food this is the place for you, I really cannot fault it in any way and I think most other people that have been there would agree. I cannot wait for our next holiday!

      Five stars from me!

      The Green Cottage, 48840 Dalyan, Ortaca


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