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Aldi Extracts Coconut Bath Milk

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Brand: Aldi / Type: Bath Milk / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2009 17:13
      Very helpful



      A bubble bath from Aldi.

      As I'm currently trying to cut back on my household shopping each week due to my student loan not stretching quite as far as it should I've taken to shopping at my local Aldi now and then. Before September I'd probably only been in an Aldi store about four or five times, not that I've got anything against it but I've always preferred Asda or Tesco. However since I did a little shop there a couple of weeks ago I've found there are quite a few decent products, one of which I'm going to share with you now. I originally was only planning to buy my food there as I am a bit of a snob when it comes to body care items but when I saw this bubble bath on half price offer I decided it couldn't hurt to try it.

      The Extracts Bath Milk comes in either coconut or ginger; I'm reviewing the former as I wasn't overly sure about getting out of the bath smelling of ginger. It comes in a large and clear plastic bottle that has a label stuck on the front of it telling you what it is along with a rather fake looking photo of some cracked open coconuts. The actual product is white which colours the plastic of the bottle, presumably to continue with the coconut theme. If I'm honest the packaging did put me off as it does look cheap, it was a cheap product but it's not the type of thing I really want displayed in my bathroom! The bottle has a simple screw on and off plastic lid which is how the bath milk is dispensed.

      The bath milk itself is white and quite runny, I had been using an Imperial Leather bubble bath before this one and I can say that this one was much more runny when it came out of the bottle. As such you need to be careful, if you tip it upside down you'll probably end up using about a quarter of the bottle before you realise! It comes out easily enough, there's no need to squeeze the bottle or anything like that and once it reaches the water it dissolves into it almost instantly. I used about three cap fulls and this produced ample amounts of bubbles in my bath. The bubbles lasted for my whole bath (about half an hour) which pleased me as I hate it when they seem to disappear too quickly!

      There was a pleasant coconut aroma, it wasn't very strong compared to how strong it smelt in the bottle but it was evident. The smell lingered in my bathroom for a while even after the bath water had washed away which was nice. As for the effect on my skin well, I didn't really smell of coconut after my bath much and it didn't leave my skin feeling any softer or any more moisturised than normal. The coconut aroma was evident during my bath though. As such I'd say this bath milk does meet it's basic function, to provide a bubble bath, but there aren't any additional features that you often tend to find with more expensive brands.

      In conclusion I wouldn't really say I'm overly impressed with this product but then again I'm not exactly disappointed either. It does a basic job which is it offered to do really but for some reason I just can't quite bring myself to say I like it. Maybe I was hoping it would be so brilliant I would start to do all my shopping at Aldi and save myself a fortune each week! I will use the rest of the bottle and I probably would buy it again, but it's often just as cheap to buy branded products which are on offer in other supermarkets. It's priced at 99p for 750ml which doesn't seem mega cheap to me considering all the offers supermarkets have on at the moment but it is worth the 99p. I must just be in a funny mood!

      Thanks for reading.


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