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Anatomicals Are You Looking To Get Picked Up? Shower Gel

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      05.05.2010 11:22
      Very helpful



      A refreshingly simple shower gel.

      * Anatomicals *

      Well the name says it all really! A brand that creates funky, fun, colourful products which are all made to enhance the Anatomy. The company themselves state that they are not prejudice in anyway and all one of their humorous marketing lines is 'Whatever you look like... whatever shape you're in... We only want you for your body!'. Fair enough!

      Anatomicals is an Australian brand which has quite a big presence in online based shops such as ASOS.com and Amazon.co.uk. As well as their own online store (where the prices are slightly more expensive!). Considering how bright, individual and likeable there products are I think they are really quite cheap and I have to admit that I can see myself hunting for their products online trying to find a bargain! They produce all types of things from eye cream to hand soap, all with their own funny names and descriptions. A likeable brand that I am definitely going to be working with a lot more!

      *'Are You Looking To Get Picked Up?' Shower Gel *

      I love shopping online for little bargains and the good thing (or bad thing if I look at my bank account) is that the Anatomical brand is sold on one of my favourite fashion websites ASOS.com. So If I need to round up my purchase, just to make it a nice even amount! (Any excuse!).

      The fact that the brand is so eye catching is one of the main things that tempt me. I love having different, funky packaging as it adds something different to what I am buying. I like things to look nice! I really like Anatomical bright packaging and this shower gel doesn't let me down. A clear bottle with a bright mint green label, which somehow matches the bright mint green shower gel that you can see in the bottle. It is a very bright shower gel!

      The shower gel promises to wake you up and 'jolt you back to life at any time of day!'. This is great for me as in the morning I struggle to wake up, so an extra push to get me out the door is welcome. The bottle is priced at £2.50 for a 250ml bottle, although the price changes depending on where you buy it. I have seen it on Amazon for 3.49 so it is worth shopping around. The price is about average for a 'trendy' type of shower gel and to be honest I think you are paying more for the name and the packaging then the actual product. Especially as you can get a lot of shower gels on offer for under £2 in the shops. Nevertheless, a little treat every now and again isn't bad.

      This shower gel doesn't promise you the world, it doesn't promise to make you 10 years younger or repair the skin to make it look brand new. It offers the simple fact it will wake you up and of course, make you clean! Perfect!

      * What is it like to use?*

      The first thing I noticed when I used this shower gel is just how fresh it smells. As soon as you squeeze some of the minty green gel out of the bottle you are hit by a strong menthol aroma. Instantly refreshing and enough to wake you up. Although, it does lean on the side of smelling like toothpaste! The aroma is zingy and uplifting and the fragrance fills the bathroom. It really is a perfect wake me up.

      The gel itself it quite thick and you don't need very much of it as it lathers up into a foam really well. It spreads well and leaves a small tingling sensation on you skin making it feel very clean and fresh. I was surprised at how soft it was on my skin and I imagined that it would leave my skin feeling quite dry. But no, it didn't give me any intense moisture but my skin didn't feel dry and dehydrated like some harsh shower gels tend to do.

      I also find that this shower gel is great to use if you have a bit of a cold or blocked nose. The Menthol during the shower or bath mixed with the steam from the water works great at clearing the airways. It is nice to go in the bath and come out feeling not only clean and fresh but also feeling slightly better if you are under the weather.

      In my opinion 'Are you looking to get picked up?' does exactly what it says it will. It really does wake you up in the morning or during the day if you want an extra boost and it leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. A brilliant but simple shower gel. This is a pleasure to use shower gel that I would recommend to anyone who needs a pick me up in the morning, or someone who likes a bit of humour in their bathroom!

      100% Recommended.


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