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Anatomicals Hey Tubs Want Some Chocolate?

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2008 22:06
      Very helpful



      Mmm a lovely guilt free chocolate fix

      Everywhere around the country are girls whinging on and on about how confusing men are. I disagree. If we have to choose a sex that is confusing, it's most definitely us girl. Heck, even the fact that the majority of us claim men are confusing, is confusing in itself! Are you confused?! Well, firstly let's clear this up once and for all; men are not confusing. They generally want fairly simple things AND let you know what it is that they want. What's confusing about that? Now as for us girls, we expect you men to at all times KNOW exactly what we want, without us telling you and without you having to ask us. If you don't at all times know exactly what we want at that second then God help you! To make this all the more confusing, what we wanted yesterday, or an hour a go, or heck five minutes ago, is not necessarily what we want now, in fact it could be exactly what we DON'T want and then you'll be in trouble again.

      So because I feel fairly sorry for you blokes (I find it hard enough to be friends with many girls, let alone be the person solely responsible for making her happy and keeping her in a good mood at all times) I'm going to let you in on a little secret; there are two constant things, that pretty much spread across the board of all female kind (well the vast majority) and that we like at pretty much all times. So, what are these elusive things that could come in useful? Baths and chocolate.

      Now you have to be careful with the old chocolate thing, it could go down a treat, or it might invoke you sleeping on the sofa if we have unbeknownst to you decided five minutes ago to start a diet as we're feeling roughly the weight of an elephant. So then, what could you do to earn yourself some brownie points? How about running a nice bath, note we like HOT and DEEP, and what could be better than that very bath being a chocolate bath, our two favourite things with absolutely no calories! As anatomicals themselves say "you can pour gallons of the stuff into your bathtub and you'll still emerge the same weight you went in. Be that 9 stone or 29 stone. Although if you're the latter, it seems the milky bars really are on you".

      So if you can get the name of this gorgeous bath crème past you're girlfriend, there's days when we might find the "hey tubs" name funny and there's days we'll over analyse and wonder if you're trying to give us a not so subtle hint (oh well you love us anyway), then this really is a treat for all us girlies out there.

      This bath really is all about combining two great loves. There's nothing I love more than soaking in a hot bath, lying back and truly relaxing. Okay, there are things I love more but baths do rank high on the relaxing activities scale. As for chocolate, well personally, I'm not a choc-a-holic - seriously I CAN live without it but I don't think there's anyone in the world who doesn't like chocolate? So lying back, relaxing and be surrounded by the delicious chocolatey aroma, really is close to heaven for most people.

      This is quite a simple product when it comes to what we're accustomed to these days, with the bombardment of essential oils in all our lovely bath products. This essentially (pun intended) does nothing for your skin. On the plus side, it does nothing to your skin. Basically, your skin will feel the same before and after your bath, so you won't get out with silky soft skin but it also doesn't dry your skin out. No positives here but no negatives.

      The bottle as always with funky anatomicals products is modern, very unisex with its see through bottle showing the cream coloured product and the deep purple label covered in witty text.

      The product itself creates a mass of frothy white bubbles that cover the water evenly and stay in place for the whole time you're in the bath. I use perhaps a tenth of the bottle per bath, perhaps you could use less, you certainly wouldn't need more. With a tenth of the bottle the bubbles are more than plentiful and the aroma is just the right strength. I was so disappointed when I used Lush's Creamy Candy because I couldn't smell a thing, but this isn't a problem here. The smell of chocolate fills the air strongly enough to always be enveloped in it but not so strongly it will give you a headache! For a sweet fix, I definitely rate this over Lush's Creamy Candy. In comparison, I got one bath out of Creamy Candy which cost me somewhere over £2, and a bottle of this for £2 will give me at least ten baths and a much stronger fix for my sweet...erm...nose?

      All in all this is a lovely product, especially for those nights when you need a bit of comfort but you're waistline is telling you not to get that comfort from that chocolate bar. Forget a moment on the lips a life time on the hips, and spend an hour bathing in this chocolate with hips that will love you for it in the morning.


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