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Anatomicals Shower to the People

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Brand: Anatomicals / Type: Body Wash/Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2008 12:03
      Very helpful



      Smells gorgeous!!

      For some reason shower gel is never something that really excites me. It's strange, when I'm browsing Lush, I look at all the bath things but neglect the shower products. What makes this is strange is, I'm very much a shower person! I do love my baths for relaxing, I really do, but for cleaning I prefer showers. There's something about the thought of lying in your own dirt, and the fact that my bath often resembles a sauna (a very wet one mind) that doesn't leave me feeling very, lets say 'fresh' when I get out. When I get out of the bath, I also tend to want to go to sleep! Showers on the other hand are far more practical. I feel refreshed, the wake me up a bit, I can easily wash my hair, shave my legs, cleanse my face and well CLEAN myself. They also are a quicker option to a bath. They are kind of polar opposites really, they get grouped together, but one is all about relaxing and doing nothing, and one is all about perking up and getting all your..um...self maintenance shall we say...done.

      When I first saw the Shower to the People shower gel amongst my goodies it wasn't one of the ones I was most excited about. For one, I'm no revolutionary, I actually care very little about anything that doesn't directly effect me (I know, I know but I'm being honest at least) and can barely understand how anyone can be bothered enough about anything to start any kind of revolution. Okay, the theme is all in jest, but I don't know it wasn't one that instantly jumped out at me as much as something called "snog me senseless" would, as obviously I can relate to that a little more(!)

      Another reason it didn't instantly jump out, was as I originally mentioned, because it was a shower gel and I just wasn't that excited about what is essentially soap. All that changed when I took a selection of goodies around to the boyfriend's house. As he excitedly delved in (let's hope he never reads this or he may sue me for libel) one of the things he plucked out and had a sniff of was this shower gel and as soon as the words "It smells like Haribo!" were out of his mouth, my interest suddenly grew. I took a sniff and indeed it did smell like Haribo! Now when it comes to smelly stuff, the sweeter the better in my opinion, I love smelling all girly and sweet!

      So excited I was, that I instantly went for a shower. When I got in the shower the smell of sweeties filled the air and I really enjoyed the scent whilst washing myself. It all lathered up very nicely and got me all clean and stuff, which is pretty much my requirements from a shower gel!

      When I got out I could very faintly smell it on my skin but not strongly; shame for me, good for people who don't want to around smelling like a giant Haribo all day. What happened the second time I took a shower in this stuff was strange; the smell sort of transformed and the predominant smell was almost grapefruity. That said I wouldn't say I'm a fan of grapefruit but it still smelt nice, confusing. From there on out showers smelt a bit of a mixture of the two sometimes, sometimes more like Haribo, sometimes more like grapefruit. Strange but true. Still, it's quite good, everyone likes a bit of variety(!) Also both smells have their benefits. The Haribo smell is as we have established yummy, and the grapefruit smell is very uplifting and reviving.

      Whilst the smell never really lingered on my skin, at least not to my nose, and the boyfriend was pretending not to be interested, or to be honest has probably got a little sick over the past few months of me sticking various parts of my anatomy (and I'm not even talking about the interesting parts) in his face and asking him to smell them (all in the name of research!), so I didn't get a yay or nay as to whether he could smell it on my skin from him. I think the response was "urngh" which can be taken to mean "yes", "no", "I love you", "night", "what the hell have you put on the telly?" and most other interactions. Oddly I've started to understand these different grunts but his smelling my skin grunt this time was, I'm fairly confident to say, one of indifference.

      Now what I will say, although I couldn't notice it on my skin at the time, shortly after my shower I got dressed into my pjs. Cut forward to another day, and I'm pulling on my pj top and I think "mmm something smells delicious" shortly followed by..."it's me, I smell delicious..." a few seconds of confusion, before a sniff of the old top, and yes it turns out it smelt pretty strongly of the shower gel, so the scent must have been there to transfer. Now my pjs smell lovely, bonus!

      The packaging as always is modern and funky with its bold bright colours, this time orange and yellow, and it funny text covering the bottle. As always the packaging is very unisex, although perhaps the scent at times is a little girly with this product. I certainly wouldn't be complaining if my boyfriend smelt like a Haribo but it might get him a few odd looks down at work if the scent lingered!

      All in all I think this is a great shower gel. It smells delicious, it does its job, it costs a bargain £2 and looks funky in your bathroom and as anatomical say even revolutionaries "at some time or another, have to cleanse themselves. Not of their romantic views of idealism and utopianism, but of the sweat and grime that goes hand in hand with protesting". Whether you're a revolutionary or not, this shower gel is by far one of the nicest I've smelt. Is there a down point? Well, you might waste way too much of your life, and way too much water, having extra un-necessary showers, just so you can be surrounded by the gorgeous scent.

      It is available online through anatomicals.net or asos.com as well as various other websites (but I can vouch for the two above) and will be soon in Sainsburys and Boots nationwide. Until then, if you want to find out your nearest stockist you can visit the anatomicals website or if you are on facebook, why not join the facebook group at:


      where you can ask anything and everything you'd want to know, including your nearest stockist.


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