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Asda Grapefruit & White Nectarine Shower Gel

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Brand: Asda / Type: Shower Gel

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2013 15:02
      Very helpful



      A decent alternative to Original Source shower gels.

      Whenever I buy shower gel, my first choice has been Original Source Lime shower gel for quite some time now and I tend to try and stock up a little when I see it on offer priced at just £1 instead of the usual price of around £2.20. Sometimes however, I do run out and it isn't available at the price I prefer to pay and this is when I buy something else. I also have a love of Dove products, but if they are not available at a cheaper price either, then I always fall back on Asda shower gel.

      My first experience of buying Asda gel was about a year ago, when I spotted a lime coloured shower gel on the shelves which didn't look too unlike my favoured lime Original Source shower gel. It was 'Lime & Lemongrass' and when I flipped open the lid to have a quick smell, I found the fragragrance wasn't too unlike my favoured lime Original Source either and so I bought a bottle and found it to be a decent substitute. It wasn't exactly the same as my favourite of course, but was good enough to see me buying it several times since and priced at just 95p it is certainly a fair price to pay for a decent shower gel.

      So, when looking to buy a shower gel recently and finding both Original Source and Dove to be out of my price range on this occasion I turned once again to Asda shower gel, looking for my favourite Lime & Lemongrass fragrance on the shelf.
      Unfortunately it was out of stock but there were other fragrances in this range to choose from and after a short deliberation and a few sniffs of the various fragrances, I chose this Grapefruit & White Nectarine shower gel.

      I am not a lover of anything pink I have to say, but this shower gel is a more personally appealing salmon pink colour and it was the fragrance itself which was the important factor in my choice here, the colour really didn't have much to do with it at all.

      The shower gel comes in a clear bottle which stands upright on its flip lid at the bottom of the bottle.
      It states on the bottle to " Brighten up your day with our citrusy blast of zingy grapefruit and mouth-watering white nectarine...and let our quenching natural extracts give you that summery smile all day long!"
      After using the shower gel, I would actually say that their description of this product is actually pretty accurate!
      There is also a "Try me, love me" promise which states Asda will refund you if not 100% happy with your purchase so it is certainly worth a try.

      I always like to have a shower every morning. Some mornings I feel quite tired before going to work and have found using a citrus based shower gel to be quite refreshing, which is why I love the lime shower gels from both Original Source and Asda so much, as I find the citrus 'blast' really does help to wake me up and start my day.
      The gel is very smooth in consistency and it lathers up quite well on my shower scrunchie, so I don't have to use a lot. It isn't as creamy as say a Dove or Nivea body wash, but still provides a decent and very refreshing lather.
      The first thing I noticed as I began applying this Grapefruit and White Nectarine shower gel to my body using my shower scrunchie, was there really is a citrus blast. It is very strong, perhaps slightly stronger than the Lime & Lemongrass gel I have previously used and both smells and feels really fresh and invigorating.

      The fragrance remains on my skin for a little while after rinsing and drying and my skin is thoroughly cleansed. After several uses I am pleased to report that it doesn't seem to dry out my skin either so I can find nothing to complain about at all. The fact I find it so invigorating is a bonus for me and it is just the thing I need to get me going, especially on dark winter mornings, so I am looking forward to using it then too.
      I mentioned that is doesn't feel creamy or moisturising on your skin the way Dove products do for instance, but I do use a moisturiser anyway on my skin and the fruity, invigorating scent from both this shower gel and the Lime & Lemongrass shower gel I have also used in this range more than makes up for the lack of mositurising. The most important thing is that despite it not being moisturising, it does not dry my skin.

      Overall this is a lovely refreshing shower gel, ideal to kickstart your day and also ideal for use after taking part in sporting activities, gym sessions etc. I find it is also very refreshing to use when having a cooling shower after the hot days we have experienced recently and when on holiday abroad in hot weather.
      Therefore I am more than happy to recommend and priced at just 95p for a 250ml bottle it is a great price to pay for a shower gel as nice as this.


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