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Asda Regenerating & Indulgence Shower Gel

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Brand: Asda / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2012 18:29
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      A value for money shower gel that washes well but lacks fragrance.

      My choice of shower gel is normally made purely on price - I look for whatever is on offer. On this occasion no great offers were available for shower gels that appealed so I chose to try one of Asda's own products - the Regenerating and Indulgent shower gel as this was priced at just £1 for 300mls. It looked attractive on the shelf with packaging that looked more luxurious than a normal shops own brand usually does and the promise of shea butter and cocoa butter with which to indulge myself sounded good.

      As part of this range in my local Asda I have also seen a bubble bath and hand wash, all with the same packaging and containing the shea and cocoa butters and costing £1. They are presented in simple clear plastic round bottles with a black flip top lid. The bottle has to stand upright as the lid unfortunately does not act as the base as it does with many shower gels. It also will not balance on the small lid so it is difficult to drain the last dregs from the bottle. I don't like waste and like to be able to use every last drop, so now have this wedged upside down between other bottles on my shelf as I try to finish it off. A hanging attachment would also be useful so that I could hang it from my shower, but I have managed well without this as I have a large shelf beside my shower, but in a cubicle it could be inconvenient.

      A transfer label is stuck to the bottle which is partly see through and partly a deep rusty orange colour as background to the writing with a pretty pattern of leaves and circles extending up the bottle. This seems to match the title of the product well and the bottle looks relaxing. Text on the front is limited to the product name and the two key ingredients and also informs that it is exclusive to Asda. On the reverse we're told that it is 'inspired by the beauty traditions of Kenyan women' and is 'enriched with natural ingredients chosen to nurture and restore your natural balance'.

      The ingredients are listed with the usual suspects for this kind of product - aqua, sodium laureth sulphate etc. The list goes on but nowhere can I see anything as explicit as shea butter or cocoa butter. I assume they are disguised as one of the multi syllable unpronounceable ingredients, as surely Asda would not be able to meet the requirements of trading acts if they're not there somewhere, but without being able to identify them, I can't say what percentage of my bottle contains the good stuff. My impression would be that it is a miniscule percentage though as I will explain later.

      If you're not 100% happy though the label advises that a refund and replace will be given. Other regular information about how to use, to avoid contact with the eyes, contact details and use within 24 months are given. The bottle is recyclable.

      **My Impressions**

      As I've said the product did look appealing and I think that Asda have done a pretty good job of giving a low cost product that will still look good on display in the bathroom. The gel itself is an amber colour, although more of a dull than rich colour, but it forms a pleasant background to the deep colouring on the label. It is quite a thick consistency and stays nicely on the shower puff that I use it on. It doesn't look cheap at all.

      The smell is pleasant; a mixture between caramel and white chocolate, but my greatest disappointment with this product is that I really have to work hard at smelling this. Even when using it I have to take a deep inhalation to appreciate the scent. If I just breathe normally I'm not overly aware of any smell at all and there is certainly no carry over of scent on my skin and no pleasant odours wafting from my bathroom. I like to be able to walk into the bathroom and be greeted with a strong scent of products that have been used, so this sadly fails.

      The instructions advise to squeeze the gel into yur hands and massage onto your skin, rinse well and allow to indulge the mind and regenerate the skin. The first problem that I have with this is that I can't squeeze the bottle. The type of plastic used is a very tough one; there really is very little give in it and although I have normal strength in my hands I can only make a very small indent in the bottle. When the bottle was full this was not too much of a problem as the pressure of liquid behind would assist flow of the product, but as I near the end of the bottle it can be really hard to get it to flow out, even when it has been left upside down. For those with any weakness in their hands I would suggest that it would be nearly impossible to use this independently. The flip lid is also a tight fit - good for preventing leaks but not easy to apply sufficient pressure to the small indented area to click it open.

      I have found that only a small amount of gel is required to make a really good lather, which is impressive for a budget product. This is obviously improved by my use of the shower puff and more is needed if hands alone are used. The rich lather does definitely make it feel indulgent, but added smell would enhance this relaxing experience. The shower gel has lasted me a couple of months of daily use which makes it very good economically. It has only been me who has used it which is unusual in our house. Normally I find that my daughters or husband will use my shower gels too, and certainly if I'm using my favourite natural source ones with their strong citrus fragrance everyone will join me in using it. It therefore has not had appeal to my family probably because they haven't followed me into the bathroom and been tempted with the smell.

      It was only after I left the shower and had dried my self that I noticed how itch my skin fely especially on my arms. I don't have overly sensitive skin and don't usually use a body moisturiser each time I shower, but I had to after my forst few times of using this shower gel. I did seem to build up resistance however and now don't need to moisturise, but I don't feel that my skin has been regenerated by using it at all.

      In summary I feel that this shower gel offers value for money and the quality lather leaves me feeling clean, but the lack of fragrance and drying out feeling that it leaves on the skin would prevent me from considering buying it again even though it is such a good price.


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