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Asda Revive Shower Gel with Black Pepper & Ginger Extracts

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Brand: Asda / Shower Gel

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2013 07:19
      Very helpful



      Shower gel

      Asda revive shower gel black pepper and ginger extracts

      I was recently in asda and given that I needed some shower gels, this is one I picked up.


      The blurb on the back of the bottle tells me that I should be invigorated by the power of the natural spices and will be rejuvenated and raring to go! I admit that cracked black pepper wouldn't be my first thought when deciding on a shower gel but can appreciate that given that its quite a strong smell, it might stimulate senses.


      The shower gel comes in a plastic bottle with all of the information and instructions on the back of the bottle. The gel is easily dispensed through the hole underneath the lift up, and press back down to close lid.

      The gel itself is red in colour and not especially creamy; certainly more runny than some shower gels I have recently bought but not so watery that it runs out of the bottle uncontrollably. It has a spicy smell with the black pepper not being the over riding scent but definitely a smell of spices. This makes the shower gel suitable for men and women because its not overly "girls" like most showering products I buy.


      It should be used as like most other shower gels. Apply to a sponge or flannel and massage into wet skins before rinsing off. Although its not an especially thick shower gel, only a small amount of the product is needed for a good clean; i find if too much is used it does produce too much of a lather and can take a bit of rinsing off.When it is applied the spicy smell is released and the bathroom does have a warm spicy smell. This makes me think that it's more of a winters shower gel than a summery one, because I associate spices more with winter. The gel works into a good lather and is easily rinsed off. It's not an especially moisturising shower gel so plenty of moisturiser is needed especially if skin is dry, but it does leave skin feeling clean and very refreshed.


      i cant remember exactly how much i paid for the shower gel but it was definitely less than £1 for 250ml of the stuff and is available from asda stores and online at www.asda.co.uk


      The shower gel is reasonably priced and lasts for a long time because only a little of the gel is needed. There are several different "flavours" in the range which I will be trying, because this one does deliver and leaves skin clean and refreshed.

      A decent enough shower gel.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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