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Asda Warming Cranberry & Cinammon Bath Soak

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6 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    6 Reviews
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      07.03.2011 17:24
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      A great product I'll buy again

      I enjoy my baths and because of this I've been looking at some of the supermarket own bath products. I prefer Radox and other "luxury" products but these get expensive when used regularly so I've been exploring some of the cheaper options just as a way to save money. The one I'm reviewing this time is ASDA's warming bath essence.

      The Packaging

      The packaging really isn't very exciting to be honest but then this is an own brand product and so I didn't expect anything fancy. Besides, the packaging doesn't affect the product itself and only ends up in the bin/recycling afterwards so this didn't put me off.

      The bottle is a clear plastic with a red plastic lid. There is a clear sticky label on the front that tells me that the bath essence is designed to help restore and lift emotions and that it contains extracts of cranberry and cinnamon.

      The back of the bottle also has a clear sticky label on it with directions for use, ingredients, warnings and other general information. It also says that it has been formulated with "an indulgent fragrance to help restore and lift the emotions." It also says that it contains added moisturiser.

      My Opinion

      The first thing I noticed when opening the bottle was the gorgeous scent. The first smell is just that of cranberry but this is quickly followed by the cinnamon which isn't too overpowering; it's just strong enough to give the cranberry a warming undertone to it.

      The bath essence itself is thick but pours easily. A couple of relatively small blobs under running water produced plenty of bubbles. I'd actually say that there were more then I'd got with some of the more expensive brands and despite me splashing around trying to shave etc. they did last the duration of my bath (about 30-45 minutes).

      As my bath was filling up, the scent of this essence filled the whole bathroom and was strong enough to be noticeable but without being too strong as some warming scents can be. When I got into the bath the first thing I noticed was how soft the water was. This surprised me a little as I was expecting it to be softer in the same way that bath salts soften water but this was in a creamier, more moisturising way. Although having said that I wouldn't have said it was a creamy either. (I'm not describing this very well am I!) Anyway, I'm assuming that this is due to the added moisturiser which is reassuring as you can almost feel it working whilst you do nothing more then relax in the bath.

      On getting out the bath my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother. I would say that the added moisturiser did help as it did feel softer then it has with other bath products I have tried. The scent did linger on my skin for several hours after getting out the bath and although this was subtle since it is such a warm, distinctive scent I think it could have been too strong if it wasn't or easily clashed with other scents in my moisturiser or other products. As it was this didn't happen it just added a delicate scent to my skin.

      The bottles contain 100ml of product and this lasts me about 6 baths.

      Finally I used this after a particularly stressful day as well and it did help in calming me and "restoring my emotions" and so I would say that that claim is also accurate. I also found that this helped with my period pains (sorry if that's too much information for any guys reading!) and any product that does that gets bonus points from me!

      The Range

      * Cranberry and Cinnamon
      * Coconut and Vanilla
      * Calming
      * Muscle Relax
      * Rosehip and Passionflower

      Where Can I Buy One?

      Being an ASDA product this is only available from ASDA stores but can be bought both online and in store. They are £1 each but there is an offer at the moment where you can buy 2 bottles for £1.50.

      Other Information

      Being an ASDA product this is covered by the ASDA guarantee which states that if you are not completely happy with it they will refund and replace the purchase.

      Contact Information


      Asda Stores Limited,
      Asda House,
      Great Wilson Street,
      LS11 5AD

      Telephone: 0800 952 6060
      Fax: 0113 241 7732


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        02.09.2010 13:46
        Very helpful



        If only it was available all year, it would be perfect

        I can't wait for Christmas . The sights, the sounds, the smells - particularly the smells . One smell I have always particularly associated with Christmas, ever since my childhood in Germany, is Cinnamon .

        I picked up a bottle of this Cranberry and Cinnamon bath soak last Christmas, and being a bit of a mix and match person in the bathroom, have only just finished off the bottle. The bottle itself is clear, with a red screw top, and allows you to see the bath soak within, which is an attractive shimmery red colour .

        To use this, you simple need to pour a little under running water . The soak itself does tend to cascade out of the bottle pretty quickly, so y ou need to be careful not to use too much - especially as it does foam up brilliantly. Even for me, as a big lover of bubbles, I can occasionally add a little too much, and end up with the bathroom covered in foam . I really liked that this tinted the water slightly pinky - although thankfully it does not colour the skin.

        The scent is marvellous - the sharp fruitiness of cranberry underlined with the warm spicy scent of cinnamon . It really does make the bathroom smell just like christmas. The scent isn't overpoweringly strong, but certainly stays in the room long enough to have a good long soak while enjoying it . The scent also lingered lightly on my skin afterwards.

        I don't think this had any effect on my skin. I didn't feel dried out after using this, but neither did I feel moisturised. However, this doesn't claim to do anything special, so I can't really complain .

        If I remember rightly, most Asda bath foams cost £1 for a 750ml bottle . The one downside to this particular variety is that it is only available nearer to Christmas. I can't wait to pick up some more - 5 stars .


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          26.08.2010 19:36
          Very helpful



          A gorgeous scented bath soak!

          My most recent review was about Asda's bath soak with rosehip and passionflower which I was sooo not impressed with. However before using that bath soak it was this one I was using all of the time.

          Despite me loving showers, sometimes you can't beat a hot bubbly bath to really relax your mind and body, bubble baths help in the pampering process to though. Lately, as I've said, I have been using this particular bath soak and it has been my favourite one so far. It is in fact Asda's WARMING bubble bath. This bubble bath comes in a 750ml see through plastic bottle with a bergundy screw off cap.

          Thanks to the bottle being see through you can see the bubble bath inside which is a deep shimmering red/bergundy in colour.

          The bottle tells us that Asda's Warming Bath Essence has been specially formulated with natural extract of Cranberry and Cinnamon and an indulgent fragrance to help restore and lift the emotions. It contains added moisture to help leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

          Pouring this bubble bath into my bath whilst my water is running my water instantly turns a shade of pink and just a few fruity smelling bubbles form. Unfortunately the bubbles don't last long and there isn't many either. Despite the lack of bubbles this doesn't put me off this bath soak one bit as the fragrance is simply delicious and is, for me really uplifting and indulgent, just as it says on the bottle. It smells deliciously fruity, it holds a really 'warm' and deep fragrance that I just can't get enough of in my bath. Being Cranberry and Cinnamon scented it is really festive perfect for the winter months and especially Christmas to create that santa'fied mood. Apart from the smell of my bath it doesn't really make much a difference. The smell is quite simply, Lush though, it is a real treat to bath in. It is a very comforting and caring bath soak which carries a stunning scent, more fruity from the cranberry than spicy from the cinnamon but this doesn't make a difference to me as it stills smells gorgeous.

          After bathing in this bath soak my skin does feel soft and smooth, and that warm and indulgent scent does remain on my skin for a while which is really pleasant to smell lingering around the house too.

          For just £1.50 for this extra large bottle, or more often than not just £1 when on offer, it is a fantastic bath soak which is definitely worth a try.


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            20.12.2009 12:58
            Very helpful



            Perfect to relax with after christmas shopping!

            I love my bubble bath, and Asda have always had good value range. This bottle contains 750ml of bubble bath, all for only £1. They usually have offers on as well like at the moment it's 2 for £1.50. The main thing that attracted me to this particular bubble bath is the colour: its a gorgeous deep red that looks almost marbled inside the bottle. The bottle is tall and thin, with a red screw cap so you can easily pour out however much you need unlike the bubble baths which give you those flip-tops which make you squeeze it out.

            I was also attracted to the scent. It's Cranberry and Cinammon and so seems very festive - in fact, I think Asda only sells this around Christmas. When I opened the bottle I was actually reminded of Christmas and the scent does uplift the emotions but it also very calming.

            To use I simply poured the amount I wanted under the running tap. It began bubbling up quickly which shows you don't need large amounts to get a lot of bubbles. The bubbles also last the entire bath unlike some brands where they all pop as soon as you get in!

            After drying off, the scent will remain on your skin and in the bathroom for a while. However, one bad thing about this bubble bath is that it did not moisturize my skin at all even though it claimed to be moisturizing.


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            26.11.2009 07:55
            Very helpful



            A christmas smelling bath foam for only £1

            Some of you may notice I have a thing for nice bath foams as I have written several reviews on them lately. This one being my latest find on a trip into Asda. I think it was the colour and name which attracted me to it and I am pleased I decided to give it a go.


            The bath foam comes in a clear plastic bottle which s good as it allows me to see how much of the foam I have left and it has a dark red screw lid. The front of the bottle ahs the product name at the side and a small picture of some cinnamon sticks and cranberries. I think I would have liked this to be slightly larger as it is rather difficult to see and read. The back of the bottle has a label which contains all of the relevant info to this product.


            It really is not take a genius to use this bath foam, all it requires is you to unscrew the lid and pour the foam under a running tap.


            For me I do like to use a lot of any bath foam as I love a lot of bubbles in my baths. I used rather a lot of this and have to say it was definitely too much. The dark red liquid instantly starts to foam when added to the running water and I was shocked to see my bath over flowing by the time it was filled. The water does go a nice red colour which I was finally able to see once I had removed some of the bubbles! I would definitely advise using this sparingly.

            When I unscrewed the lid |I was not able to smell the bath foam to start with but once I lifted the bottle up closer to my nose I could smell the lovely warming fragrance which instantly reminded me of Christmas. I notice that the cranberry side of the fragrance was the most noticeable and there was only a faint hint of the cinnamon. When I added this to my bath the smell really did fill the room. It was not at all over powering and was a joy to be able to smell for the whole duration of my bath which was around the 15 minute mark.

            Once I got out of the water and dried off I was still able to smell this on my skin, it was not strong but it was definitely there and I did like it. Hubby noticed the slight fragrance too when I came downstairs. I have to say he must have been impressed as he too has used this one on several occasions.

            I have not had any problems using this bath foam and it has not affected my skin in any way. I did notice that it felt slightly more moisturise than before and hubby who has sensitive skin has had no problems either.


            The bath foam come in a 750ml sized bottle which lasts me for a good month as I do have several others on the go at the same time. It is a lovely dark red colour and does look quite festive. It stands out nicely on my bathroom shelf.

            The ingredients for this bath foam for those wishing to know are:-

            Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride,Cocamidopropyl Bethaine, Parfum, Glycol Sterate, Cocamide MEA, Glycerine, Didodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Triethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Benzophenone-4, Vaccinium Macrocarpon Extract, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Nitrate, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Extract, Mathylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone, Sorbitol, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Hexylene Glycol, CI 16035, CI 42090

            You should avoid contact with eye and if this does happen then rinse them well with warm water. It is recommended that this bath foam is used within 24 months of being opened.

            It is suitable for vegetarians and the bottle is 100% recyclable. In our house this means playing with the empty bottle in the bath and using it to soak me and Daddy when we bath the boys!


            This bath foam is an Asda own brand so is only available in their stores. I paid just £1 for my bottle and think this was a great price.


            After using this for a good few weeks now I am definitely going to recommend it. The smell and colour are very festive and the smell really does last. I would warn that it makes a hell of a lot of bubbles so use it sparingly. It comes at a great price too.


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              20.11.2009 13:34
              Very helpful



              Lovely Bubbly!

              I bought a bottle of this bubble bath from ASDA a while ago together with a bottle of their coconut and vanilla fragrance when it was on offer. I'm trying to cut down on my spending, so I'm trying lots of supermarket and budget brands at the moment, and having been pleased with the coconut and vanilla version, I was hoping this would be just as good.

              The product comes in a clear bottle with red screw top and a small picture at the bottom of some cranberries and cinnamon sticks - mine's slightly different to the one pictured. It's not the most luxurious looking packaging, but it's functional enough and for the price I wouldn't have expected too much anyway.

              Cranberry and Cinnamon are both quite festive scents, so perfect for this time of year. This is described as a warming bubble bath which 'helps restore and lift the emotions'. I can understand having your emotions lifted, but restored?!

              The bubble bath smells absolutely gorgeous. It's incredibly fruity and the cranberry scent is not dissimilar to the Body Shop's Merry Cranberry range - of which I reviewed the soap recently. Not bad considering what you'd pay for a Body Shop product.

              The cinnamon scent is not really all that noticeable in the product which I was a little disappointed by. If you do take a good sniff of the product, there is the slight warm, spicy cinnamon scent, but on the whole I don't really notice it.

              I had a bit of a surprise when I poured this liquid into the bath. In the bottle this product was a deep red colour with a pearlescent sheen. When I poured it into the bath however, it turned my water a dark pink colour, which I wasn't expecting, but I quite liked!

              For a budget product this produces absolutely loads of bubbles - even with just a small amount of the liquid you can get loads of frothy bubbles out of it. The best part about this product though, for me, is the fact that they last right until the end of my bath every time - that's a luxury you don't even get with some of the super-expensive bath products! The scent of the product lingers in the air as you bathe too and it stays in my bathroom for ages after using it too!

              I must admit when in the bath, it doesn't particularly change the feel of the water - some bubble baths give the water a lovely silky feeling, but with this one I haven't noticed anything like that. I do find that my skin feels nice and soft after use and the scent does linger for a while, but it's not particularly strong.

              A huge 750ml bottle of this costs just £1 from ASDA but there is a special offer on until the end of the year where you can get two bottles for £1.50.

              To summarise, I would say that this is a great budget buy - long lasting bubbles, lovely scent, soft skin and all for £1 - a fantastic bargain!


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