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Avon Naturals Almond & Milk Moisturising Shower Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      06.02.2012 18:39
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive, nutty and moisturising shower gel.

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I often get the AVON catalogue and bought some of these shower gels when on offer for 99p.
      I never stick to one particular brand or fragrance of shower gel and often just try out different ones when they are on offer - I figure that is the best way of finding one I really like.
      This one was a new try for me - but I tend to like most fo the 'Natural' range which is mostly fruity and nutty smells.

      ---Ther Product--

      Avon 'Naturals' is a range containing fruity and nutty smells and consists of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, room sprays and body lotions etc.
      These products are constantly changing as they bring in new fragrances and phase out existing ones - this is annoying for those who have developed a favourite.
      * tall cylindrical semi opaque plastic bottle (and not the sort shown above)
      * Screw top lid and a flip top
      * 200 mls
      * The gel is a fawn/beige/light brown colour
      * Semi opalescent
      * The picture on the front is of almonds
      * It is shown as being moisturising
      * Made with almond and milk extracts
      * Once opened should be used withing 12 months
      * Will 'leave skin cleansed and conditioned'
      * Instructions are to lather over wet body and rinse well
      * Made in Poland.
      This exact product does not appear to be on the Avon website at present but they do have a Milk and Honey version.


      £2.60 at full price but you often get 3 for £5 or sometimes one for 99p.

      ---My Opinion---

      The bottle does go a long way as you only need one or two squirts of the gel - it lathers easily and leaves you skin feeling smooth and moisturised.
      Once in use I hardly noticed much fragrance - it is pleasant but subtle.
      It works well as a basic gel and also left my skin quite soft afterwards - though it wasn't sticky or greasy like a bath oil..
      It isn't too feminine so can be used by men as well.
      Quite an enjoyable fragrance and one I would buy again.
      I was not surprised to see 'caramal' among the list of ingredients - the smell is hard to describe but it is not exactly almondy - more caramal and nutty.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars - OK as a shower gel and nice nutty/caramel fragrance.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes - moisturising and nice caramel smell.




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      30.12.2009 20:34
      Very helpful



      Almond and milk shower gel

      A friend's grand-daughter is trying to earn some extra money and has started selling Avon products. I have used Avon over many years but find some products don't suit me, so was a bit worried that I wouldn't find anything I could buy just to help her earn some money. But I was wrong and added a few things to the list, at worst they would do to make up raffle prizes at my women's group!
      Shower gel is always needed and I decided to try one from the Naturals range. I liked the sound of the Almond and Milk shower gel as it was described as a moisturising product.

      *The bottle*
      Unlike the picture shown it is a small round bottle, measuring 4.5 cm at the base and 17cm in height. It is in nearly clear plastic and has a flip lid. The flip lid is flipping difficult to do with wet hands! There is a coloured label in brown shades with a photo of whole almonds in their brown skins. On the back of the bottle in 14 different languages it says it is formulated with almond and milk extracts and that it leaves skin cleansed and conditioned. There are even instructions! Just in case you don't know how to use shower gel it says "Lather over wet body and rinse well." It contains 200ml and is made in Poland. There is also a list of ingredients.

      *The Contents*
      The bottle contains a very pearly creamy beige coloured gel. It smells very almondy but not milky, for which I'm glad as I'm not a fan of milk not like Cleopatrs famous for bathing in asses milk! Following the instructions I stood under the shower and once my body was wet I applied the shower gel. As mentioned before the top is difficult to open so I was thoroughly wet before applying the gel! It lathered reasonably well and rinsed off easily.

      *The Results*
      My skin felt quite pleasant during the washing process and nice and soft, but once dried I still felt the need to apply a body lotion as my skin felt dry. There was a faint lingering smell of almonds. Quite sweet so one for the ladies rather than men I think. Only a small amount was needed so it is quite economical.

      Well in this time of watching the pennies this was reduced or I wouldn't have been buying it, as I think it said normal price £2.50 and I paid only £1.25!

      A pleasant product, which was fine for washing , but I don't think it moisturised my skin at all, so quite disappointing and probably not one I'll buy again, even to help a teenager earn some cash. Only available from an agent selling Avon or online shop.


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        06.11.2009 12:00
        Very helpful




        I'm not that loyal to a brand of Shower Gel and I tend to hop about depending on what is on offer. I think the normal price of this is £3 for the 200ml bottle, but it is on offer at 99p every other Avon Book at the moment, so was certainly worth a shot at that price.

        The Avon Naturals range always reminds me of the Boots Natural range, but with cheaper price tag, and perhaps not so much choice.

        The bottle is alright looking. The picture Dooyoo has isn't what the bottle looks like. It is quite a thin bottle, but sort of circular. Shaped a bit like a Body Spray can, but a bit thicker. The bottle is see through plastic, so you can see the light creamy brown gel through it, and see how much is left in the bottle easily. The label is a stuck on wrap around one, and it has the Naturals branding on it and a picture of some Almonds with a splash of Milk. The lid is a flip top lid, and easy enough to use.

        The scent of this is nice when you first open it. It does smell quite Nutty, but a nice sweet creamy smell as well. Allthough it says it is a gel, I would say it is more like a Shower Cream.

        This lathers up well, and you don't need much for it to go a long way. You can smell the Almond scent when this is applied, and although when it rinses off the smell goes a bit, you are still left with a delicate scent on your skin. This seems to moisrurise as well, which is all ok at the bargain price of 99p.

        I won't say this is my favourite shower gel, as I normally prefer Citrus scents, but this is a nice change, I would buy again in the future and certainly worth a try when on offer.


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        01.09.2009 17:06
        Very helpful



        Nice when in use but the smell vanishes far too quick for my liking!

        I never know what to order from my Avon catalogue but I do like my Avon rep, Anita so I always make small purchases. I'm not overly keen on Avon products and would rather instead of waiting a couple of weeks for my goods to arrive go out and choose what I want and stick to branded products I'm aware of and lets face it you can get great products in the likes of Poundland and places like that! However like I say I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I like to think I help her earn a few pennies....so order I do!

        So I leafed through the book and thought to myself well I always need shower and bath products and I liked the sound of this one so at £2.50 (usual price unless on some kind of offer) I purchased one.

        The Packaging:

        Long cylinder shaped see-through plastic bottle with a clear plastic plastic flip-top lid to the top of it. On the front there is a picture of some almonds and in white and grey writing I'm told it is Avon 'Naturals' Body Moisturising Almond & Milk Shower Gel (and told that in French) and the size is stated which is 200ml (only size this is available to purchase in). On the back all in English and other languages I'm told what it is and given directions for use, ingredients are listed, the recycle symbol is displayed and finally contact details for Avon are given. It's a nice enough simple bottle and it's easy to open and close and stuff and I do like being able to see the shower gel through the bottle so I know when I'm running out and don't get caught short! (Isn't that just so annoying!!!!!!!!!!).

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

        Formulated with almond and milk extracts. Leaves skin cleansed and conditioned.

        To Use:

        Lather over wet body and rinse well.

        Me Using It:

        Well as directed I was wet and ready to wash. I squirted a good sized dollop of the gel onto my trusted scrunchy. The gel isn't really a gel in the conventional way. It's a creamy, slightly glossy looking light beige colour and has a creamy feel to it. Smell wise, well it's wonderful and in my opinion suitable for men and women to use alike. It is sweet almond in smell though doesn't have a 'faked' feel to it and smells sort of naturally sweet though not overly so at the same time. It only to my nostrils smells of almonds and that is fine with me! I loved it.

        I found it to lather up really quickly and with minimal effort and a little of the stuff went a long way. It felt moisturising as I used it, cleansing and was great to shave my bits and bobs with too. I had a very enjoyable shower with this and found the product economical to use along with feeling nice to use ta boot.

        When I dried myself off I felt clean, my skin felt soft enough (though not mega so or anything) and I felt refreshed and the smell of my skin was nice though not heavy.

        However the smell only lingered on my skin for about 20 minutes and then vanished completely! I was gutted!


        Not sure it warrants costing £2.50 a bottle but worth a go if you like almond smelling products. It does the job well and didn't hurt my sensitive skin and was easy to use and rinse off leaving no residue behind it at all but sadly I really wanted to stay pleasantly fragranced for longer with this stuff! Not for me and in my view started off full of promise and ended up flopping at the end and letting me down lol!

        Only available from Avon (do look out for this on offer which it more often than not is).


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