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Avon Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Detoxifying & Firming Body Mask

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    3 Reviews
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      14.11.2013 21:51
      Very helpful



      Detox, firm & soften your skin. A great holistic treat.


      Avon Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Detoxifying & Firming Body Mask

      Size: 200ml


      I have been using this body mask for a few years now and really rate it. The mask does have its downside and that is that it is messy to use. However the benefits far outweigh the negative.

      I tend to treat myself about once a month, maybe every third week to a really good treatment, I apply a face mask, a foot mask a hair mask. They all differ, but I always apply the Avon Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Body Mask. It has been utterly consistent in all ways over the last few years that I have been using it.

      I love the opportunity to smooth it over my skin and work its magic. My skin is left feeling replenished, soft, detoxified and loved. It seems to have worked in helping me avoid cellulite and other skin issues that crop up. I tend to remember to use it if I notice some uneven skintone and it really does seem to detox my body.

      As the product is quite expensive I tend to concentrate on my core trunk area, thighs and tops of arms. Once I have removed the mask after 10-20 minutes, I then apply a good body moisturiser all over and treat my lower legs and arms to a really good moisture fest. It really does leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed.

      I use about half a tub per application.

      TO APPLY:

      I always wash my hands first and then scoop out a dollop about the size of an egg, this I share between my hands and smooth over my thighs in an upward direction and always towards my heart. I then smooth onto my trunk, shoulders, arms and unless I am using a separate product my chest as well.

      Removing the mask is the tricky bit. The product is like a dark grey muddy clay and it sets onto your skin and rubs off on any towels etc that you touch. I either jump into a hot bath or more often, get under the shower and remove the body mask, foot mask, hair mask and finally my face mask. If I have had a bath, I can instantly see where the water mark is to give the bath a good clean as well! The Dead Sea Mask is a dirty product to use. Until it sets it will rub off onto anything you brush against, even once set it will still rub off and it does make you clean the bath if you rinse of in the bath.

      The fragrance is unusual, I have become accustomed to it and grown to love it, indeed I rush to buy any Dead Sea Minerals products that Avon sell. There is an underlying clay scent but this is masked by the addition of Eucalyptus Oil. The smell is surprisingly cleansing and fresh but earthy.

      WHO FOR:

      Anyone, male or female who wishes to treat their body to some TLC. Detoxifying for your skin.


      The mask is supplied in a 10cm strong cylindrical clear tub, with a white plastic lid. On first opening there is a foil type seal over the product. These tubs are stackable and reusable for things like buttons or craft items. They look really nice in the bathroom are a reassuringly expensive looking.
      On the top is a sticker featuring the luxurious looking Planet Spa logo and detailing, giving the name f the product in French, German and English. The bottom features a second sticker which includes the ingredients list and icons to advise that the container is recyclable and that the product should be used within 12 months of opening.

      Under a lift up flap Avon state: "Contains mineral rich Dead Sea salt and mud known for their ability to detoxify and remove impurities from the skin. Clinically and dermatologically tested."


      "Aqua, Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Disodiom Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Macadamia Terniflora Seed Oil, Cera Microcristallina, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Menthol Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Maris Sal, Silt, Benzoic Acid" + colours.

      NB contains NUT OIL


      An unusual product that really does make the skin feel better and seems to have detoxifying properties. Go on spoil yourself.

      Stars: 5/5 despite being messy to use, because it is such a good product.


      Usual price is £10.00 from the Avon catalogue, however Avon frequently have offers. Look out for it n the catalogue, Avon seem to pop the Planet Spa products in on a rotation. Also, available from on-line outlets such as Amazon and eBay.


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      30.04.2008 19:26
      Very helpful



      Avon Planet Spa Body Mask

      I own loads of beauty products to the point where they are taking over my house, so I am now on a mission to use them all up! I recently used Avon's Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Detoxifying and Firming Body Mask (that's a nice, easy name to remember!), which has been on my bathroom shelf for so long, that I actually dust it when I'm cleaning the bathroom!

      I should mention that I think (although I'm not sure) that this product has been discontinued, as it is not on the website, but it was in the Sale section of the latest brochure, and can also be picked up on Ebay.

      ~About the Product~

      This is a body mask which is designed to detoxify and firm the skin. It contains Dead Sea minerals, which they say remove impurities, purify the skin and apparently it also relieves aches and pains to sooth and relax the body.


      The body mask comes in a clear tub, through which you can see the product, which is an unappealing grey colour. The lid of the tub is white and has a label which is the same colour grey as the contents. Instructions for use can be found underneath the peel able label on the base.

      ~Using it~

      Similar to a face mask really, you simply apply this to the skin, leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Only difference is, you apply it to your body not your face.

      On removing the lid, you will see that the product has a foil seal to keep it fresh. On peeling this back, you can smell the product, which has a sort of minty smell with a hint of seaweed! I thought it almost had a bit of a medicinal smell, as it reminded me of the sort of smell you get in doctors/dentists waiting rooms!

      The body mask just looks like a tub of grey mud. It is quite thick in consistency, and as the instructions on the tub were quite vague, I wasn't sure how thick or thin a layer I should put on, so I decided to put a thick layer on the bits of my body I thought needed the most help and a thin layer elsewhere!

      Obviously being covered from head to toe in grey mud, you look pretty stupid, so I would recommend using this when you're alone if possible! I also found that it is a good idea to put the heating on before applying this, coz you can get bloody freezing otherwise!

      You are meant to wait between 5 and 10 minutes before rinsing, and I intended to wait the full ten, but I was getting cold and only managed to wait 7! Rinsing it off actually took quite a while, as the water alone didn't seem to shift it, I had to rub it away as well.


      Immediately after using this I couldn't really see or feel any difference, but about 5 minutes after drying my skin, I noticed my skin beginning to tingle. This lasted about half an hour, and I suppose must have meant it was doing something!

      The weird scent stayed on my skin for quite a while, but I only really noticed it when my arm went near my nose - it wasn't exactly overpowering. It did leave my skin feeling very smooth and soft, but also slightly dry, which isn't ideal as I have dry skin anyway.

      I'm not really sure how to tell if my skin is detoxified but I definitely didn't notice any of the firming properties that it claimed to have.


      As I said above, I believe this is now discontinued, but it was in the latest Avon brochure's sale section for £3 reduced from the full price of £6 and I checked Ebay and there are quite a few still on there.


      This was OK, and I did like how soft and smooth it made my skin feel, but I didn't notice any firming qualities. For the reduced price of £3 I might try it again, but I certainly wouldn't spend the full £6 on it again.


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        06.05.2006 12:02
        Very helpful



        A waste of money!

        Having spent rather a delightful afternoon covered in mud, wrapped in tin foil and left to cook at gas mark 5 or so it seemed during my wonderful spa day at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester I decided I’d like to repeat the process at home or at least attempt to. Before you get ideas of me smearing myself in gunk and attempting to wrap myself unaided in foil I wasn’t going to go that far. I just wanted something that would help detoxify the body and maybe help firm up a few bits of the body. Look I’m vain, I’m too scared to have liposuction and I love smearing lotions and potions on myself .

        Avon first launched the Planet Spa range back in 2003, gradually adding to the range. Having had great results with a variety of other products in the range my eyes were drawn no not to the Buy two products for £6 offer but to the blurb that told me how wonderful this product was, how it was going to deep cleanse my skin, how I would feel it tingle as it detoxified my body, nourish it, as well as firm it up with the help of lashings of dead sea minerals. Obviously I was sold buying it along with another product for the princely sum of £6 opposed to the normal retail price of £6 per 200ml tub so you could say I got my other product free - I do love a bargain!

        With all items in the Planet Spa range packaging is kept to a minimum and is very basic, given that half the excess packaging just ends up in the bin straight away this is fine by me! Coming in a similar tub to my favourite body scrub abet with a different coloured label on the lid -it’s steely grey should you really want to know. Thankfully the lid is easy to remove with wet hands so you don’t end up spilling any of the contents as you grapple with the lid. On first opening your greeted with the standard foil lid which is a bitch to remove -should anyone know how to do it without resulting to stabbing it with any item that comes to hand please let me know. Once you have finally peeled back the foil lid you are greeted with what can only be described as odd smelling grey gunk. Don’t be put off by the smell as your hardly likely to be plastering it on with anyone around are you? And if you are well erm I don’t want to know what goes off in the privacy of your own bathroom…….

        Me being me couldn’t wait to get to grips with this stuff! At the first opportunity I got I decided to give it a test drive. I love face masks etc and normally slap one on prior to a soak in the bath, that way if they do drip etc whilst you are waiting for them to dry they drip in the bath and not over your bed clothes, settee etc. Also your less likely to be discovered by someone else with a camera if you wear a face mask in the privacy of your locked bathroom! I had basically decided that the process with this product would be much the same wouldn’t it? Well they do sell it as a Detoxifying and Firming Body Mask. So off I headed to the bathroom for a relaxing pampering session! Or so I thought!

        Avon market this as a weekly treat for your body and suggest you can smear it any where apart from your face. After wrestling with the foil I did start to wonder if I really wanted to smear myself in the presenting grey gunk. It smelt slightly odd - not nastily odd but salty odd -obviously all those dead sea minerals! Recalling the blurb that promised me tingly clean, nourished and firm skin I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a try! In the privacy of my own bathroom I began to tentively smear the thickish grey gunk onto my legs, working my way up my body smearing all the bits I could reach from neck to toes in grey gunk.Avon suggest you use it on dry skin. Given it was the middle of winter the gunk did at first feel rather cold but I soon got use to the sensation. Thankfully the gunk is thick, as heaven help the mats in the bathroom if it had been on the runny side. After about 5 minutes I resembled an extra in some kind of mud wrestling film - least I assumed I did having never watched one……Avon suggest you wait 10 minutes for the gunk to dry out fully -perhaps this is when you get the firming part of the treatment.

        Having applied the mud to all parts of my body, I waited for the tingle as I stood there wondering what on earth I actually did for 10 minutes or so whilst it dried. The tingle eluded me! Unfortunately it might be marketed as a body mask with a similar concept to a face mask but you can hardly jump in the bath to wait whilst it dries can you? Even if you just did say the thighs etc you’d still end up just standing there waiting for it to dry wouldn’t you? After 5 minutes of standing perfectly still, being extremely bored, not daring to touch any thing and fed up, not even the handily place glass of chilled white lifted my spirits, I decided enough was enough and I hopped into the bath. Adding insult to injury this wonderful gunk is a bitch to get off. It dribbles off in long grey lines and makes the bath water appear as if it’s second hand and not a fresh Lush scented one. It probably took longer to scrub off me and the bath then it did to apply in the first place!

        After getting out of the bath I unfortunately didn’t notice any signs of deep cleansed skin, nor did it appear to be well nourished or any firmer then when I started. The only firm thing being was my resolve to never attempt a home mud mask again.

        Not recommended unless you are hoping to do a home video……..


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