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Avon Rare Gold Pearlized Shower Gel

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Brand: Avon / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2008 02:25
      Very helpful



      sophistocated fragrance

      Avon ~ Rare Gold ~ Shower Gel

      I really like the Avon perfumes because they smell nice and you can also purchase the matching bath and beauty products to compliment and layer the scent of the perfume. Rare Gold is just one of the fragrances from the Avon Rare range of perfumes and beauty products, as well as Rare Gold you can also purchase Rare Rubies, Rare Pearls, Rare Sapphires and Rare Emeralds. As well as the Rare Range of perfumes you can also purchase talc, shower gel, body lotion and body spray in the four different Rare fragrances. Buying the matching bath and body products the same as the perfume can also layer and compliment the perfume and give it better staying power because the bath and beauty products act as a base for the perfume to stick to.

      The Rare Gold shower gel is supplied in a tall see through plastic tube which has a black screw on/off lid. I like the fact that the tube of shower gel is see through because you can see how much you are using and how much you have left. On the front of the tube of shower gel it has a large R printed onto it and below this we are told that the shower gel is called Rare Gold. The packaging is quite simple and plain looking and doesn't have much details on it, but it is a shower gel after all.

      The shower gel is clearly visible through the plastic tube and it is a lovely golden orange colour, the colour of the shower gel somewhat reflects the name of the fragrance Rare Gold. You can also notice a lot of small peach coloured beads floating about the shower gel, the small beads are Moisturising beads and their purpose is to moisturise and gently massage your skin. The shower gel is easily dispensed from the plastic tube by gently squeezing it until you have the desired amount. Some fragranced shower gels which I have bought in the past tend to disappoint me because they are either too thin in consistency or they don't lather up and leave your skin feeling clean and soft. But I was actually fairly pleased with the consistency of this shower gel and the after effects.

      I was actually quite surprised with the consistency of the shower gel because it was really thick and not what I was expecting at all. The best thing about the consistency of the body wash is the fact that it lathers up really good and you don't have to use a lot of it. I find two blobs the size of a fifty pence piece were sufficient enough to get washed with. The body wash produced a very thick and creamy lather on my skin almost instantly; which felt as if it was moisturising as well as cleaning my skin. The moisturising beads also felt really nice, they gently massaged my skin before they dissolved. After I got out the bath and got dried my skin felt really moisturised, it had a really silky smooth feel quite similar to the way it feels after I have applied moisturiser.

      The fragrance from the shower gel is gorgeous and smells identical to the Rare Gold perfume. The shower gel also leaves my skin highly fragranced and the fragrance seems to linger on my skin for about 6 or 7 hours before it fades away. I love the fragrance from the shower gel because it is a warm and inviting fragrance which also has a slightly sweet musky undertone which gives the scent more depth. You can definitely smell the aroma of Vanilla, Amber and Musk on your skin after you have bathed using the shower gel. There are also a lot of other fragrance notes evident in the fragrance but these seem to be the ones which are most evident. I think that the fragrance from the shower gel is really feminine and some people may find it too strong for them. I found that the fragrance from the shower gel seemed to mask and cover up the scent from my deodorant; it didn't bother me in the slightest though because I really like the fragrance of Rare Gold.

      Rare Gold perfume and shower gel are described as having blends of Bergamot, Mandarin, ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange flower, lily of the valley, gardenia, musk, amber and vanilla.

      I found that if I used the Rare Gold fragranced shower gel and body lotion before applying the perfume that it gave the perfume better staying power. I would say that the perfume lingered on my skin for almost 12 hours when I layered the scent, this is because the shower gel and body lotion act as a base for the perfume to stick to thus increasing the staying power of the scent. It is a good idea to layer the scent of a perfume with the matching bath and body products if you find that a perfume doesn't last long on your skin. People who have dry or very oily skin types will find that scents don't last long on them, so if this applies to you then try layering the scent to achieve better staying power.

      Rare Gold shower gel can be bought from Avon and costs between £3 and £4 for a 150 ml tube. Sometimes you can get the shower gel cheaper than £3-4 if Avon have it on a special offer. As well as the Shower gel you can also purchase other Rare Gold fragranced products. The products available are ~

      Rare Gold Shimmering Body Powder ~ £3-4
      Rare Gold Body Lotion ~ £3-4
      Rare Gold 50ml Eau De Parfum ~ £8-12
      Rare Gold Purse Spray ~ £3

      All of the above products can be bought online from www.avonshop.co.uk or you can also order them from your local Avon representative if you have one in your area.

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on ciao~~~~


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    • Product Details

      Leave your skin sensually fragranced with the combination of gardenia, jasmine, and vanilla hints / A gentle shower gel that truly cleanses and moisturizes the skin /

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