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Avon Senses Amazon Shower Gel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 21:42
      Very helpful



      a refreshing, morning shower gel

      ~Amazon Shower Gel~

      This shower gel is part of the Senses range that Avon offer. It is aimed at men though can be used by the ladies too. This shower gel contains Vitamin E to allow skin to be left soft and moisturised. It is also pH balanced. Avon describe the scent of this shower gel as 'invogorating' and 'spicy'.


      As with the other Senses shower gels, this one is presented in a tall, slim bottle which is made from clear plastic. The bottle features a green, flip top cap and a label illustrating a rather tranquil, green setting. The bottle is practical and fit for purpose.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Amazon Shower Gel is available through your Avon rep and from www.avonshop.co.uk. A 250ml bottle retails at £2.00 and is currently part of a '4 for £5.00' offer. A 750ml bonus size bottle is also available at the moment and is priced at £2.00 (reduced from £4.00).

      ~My Thoughts~

      Whilst I own lots of girly shower gels, I occasionally take a shine to my fiances manly shower gels (Lynx, Dove etc). Not long ago, I ordered him a bottle of Amazon Shower Gel whilst placing an Avon order. At the time, I believe I paid just £1.00 for the 250ml bottle. My fiance isn't fussy about expensive shower gels so I normally just buy whatever is on offer for him. He doesn't have expensive tastes like me!

      This shower gel will definitely appeal more to men than woman based on appearance alone. The shower gel itself is a rich green colour. You certainly wouldn't miss this bottle if it was on a shop shelf. My fiance likes this shower gel as it cleans him perfectly well and leaves his skin refreshed and smelling nice. I quite like it too even though it wouldn't be my first choice for an everyday shower gel.

      The shower gel is thick and gloopy. It lathers up well when applied directly to damp skin (my fiances method) and even better when poured onto a body puff (because I am a girl and my fiance won't entertain a body puff - lol). The lather created is just nice. It isn't a luxurious, rich lather but it does feel lightweight, creamy and soft against my skin. It is nicely cleansing and it rinses well from my skin leaving no residue.

      This shower gel does have a pleasant scent. Obviously it is scented with men in mind as it is quite a strong but not overpowering fresh, earthy and woody scent with a delicate spicy undertone. I find that whilst it does verge on being more man-friendly, it isn't too far off being unisex in my opinion. I quite like this type of scent and find that it makes a change from my usual floral or sweet scented shower gels. It is a very fresh and rather uplifting aroma which is pleasant to use during an early morning shower.

      After drying off, I have been pleased by how this shower gel has performed. My skin feels very clean and refreshed. A very subtle scent is left on my skin but I don't have anyone asking me why I smell like a dude! I find that the scent is a little stronger on my fiance. I assume that this is down to him applying it to 'hairy' areas including his chest and arms. This shower gel is very gentle and hasn't irriated my sensitive skin. It actually leaves my skin feeling quite soft but still in need of a body lotion/butter as my skin is very dry.


      I favour this shower gel as a change from my girly scented shower gels. It is pleasant to use and I quite like the smell. I find that it works a treat at leaving my skin (and my fiances) smelling very fresh. A little goes a long way and when on offer, this makes this shower gel a value for money purchase.

      Overall I can recommend this. I wouldn't go buy it for myself but I would buy it again for my fiance and perhaps use it occasionally.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        05.10.2012 13:37
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive when on offer, good masculine aroma

        ===Why I Bought It===

        I often get the AVON catalogue and bought some of these shower gels when on offer for 99p.
        I never stick to one particular brand or fragrance of shower gel and often just try out different ones when they are on offer - I figure that is the best way of finding one I really like. I do not mind using shower gels supposedly designed for men as I quite like them as a change from flowery feminine ones.

        ===Ther Product===

        Avon Senses is a range of bath and body products and they are constantly bringing out new ones in the line.
        The one I am reviewing is Amazo and aimed at men.
        It comes in a 250 ml clear slim plastic bottle with a black lid which has a flip up top.
        The gel itself is a thickish clear consistency and is a dark greeny blue colour.
        The front label calls it 'Senses for Men' and the image on the label is of a waterfall, lots of trees and of bluey green water.
        Contains bergamont, peppermint and sandalwood.
        The back has a large label which lists the ingredients and states it should be used within 12 months of opening.
        The gel is made in Poland.
        The website states - 'Contains Vitamin E and p balanced'. There is no reference to Vitamin E on the bottle though.


        £2 full price but often on offer and are now 5 for £5.

        ===My Opinion===

        The smell of this gel is quite refreshing and sort of ozoney. It as a spicy element and is definitely recognisable as a male fragrance - though I am quite happy to use it. It reminds me of another shower gel sons have been using sometime, possible a Lynx one, but I cannot place it exactly to give it a name.
        The bottle does go a long way as you only need one or two squirts of the thick gel - its lathers easily and leaves you skin feeling smooth - but neither moisturised nor taute. Being a nice thick gel you can easily ensure you only use a small amount, as will some runny gels you use more than intended which is wastful.
        Once in use I hardly notice any fragrance which is a bit of a disappointment as it is quite a stonge smell when first out of the bottle..
        It works well as a basic gel but I can get the same results from the 46p Tesco Baby Bath I have been buying.
        If I pay more for a gel it is to get a nice aroma in the bathroom which makes bathing a nicer experience.
        This is a nice coloured gel and the fresh invigorating smell when first applied would be good to wake you up in the mornings. It cleans well and rises easily. Quite a good buy when on special offer and nice to see a product aimed at the men for a change.

        ===Star Rating===

        4 stars - OK as a shower gel, nice fragrance but does not last very long.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Yes - a good masculine and invigorating aroma.




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        01.09.2011 12:19
        Very helpful



        A great shower gel product that is good value for money!

        I have used many of the liquid soaps from the 'Avon Senses' range in the past and have been pleased with them on the whole. In a recent Avon brochure, I saw that there was a sale on the Avon Senses range and decided to order some of the liquid soaps that I use regularly. I saw that there was a special offer on the range of Avon Senses shower gel products so decided to stock up on a couple of these too.

        One such shower gel that I ordered was the Avon Senses Amazon, and I paid only £1 for the bottle which is 250ml in size. I thought that the price offered quite good value for money. There is a larger size of the product available and this is 500ml in size.

        I bought the product intending it to be a sort of 'unisex' shower gel product that would appeal to my husband in addition to being suitable for myself. In actual fact I had used the shower gel a handful of times before I realised the product is actually designed to be used by men, and the label on the front of the bottle says 'For Men' (albeit in a very small print)... so much for it being a unisex product!! I have to admit to quite liking this product, and the fact it has been designed as a mens' product certainly didn't deter me from continuing to use it.

        The bottle has a fairly attractive, slightly oblong design and is made of plastic which can be recycled. There is a bottle-green coloured plastic cap on the end of the bottle, which has a long 'strip' running down the middle of the cap. This is in fact a 'flip up' lid and I have found it very easy to use the lid on this product, even with wet or slippy hands. Underneath the lid there is a round hole, through which the shower gel can be dispensed.

        The bottle is made of clear plastic, and so I can see the shower gel liquid through it. I think the shower gel is a gorgeous colour, being a dark green colour which matches the plastic lid on the bottle. There is a fairly attractive label on the bottle which shows a selection of leaves and plants and all in all I think the image portrayed by the packaging is quite an impressive one. It certainly strikes me as being a product that would catch my eye if it were displayed on a supermarket shelf.

        When it came to using the shower gel, I noticed that the liquid was quite thick when I was squeezing it from the bottle. This is not a criticism at all, and it gave me the impression that the product was one of a fairly high quality. I have found that cheaper or more 'budget' brands of shower gel that I have used in the past have been quite thin, and the liquid seems to run all over the place when it is dispensed from the bottle.

        I noticed immediately that the smell of the shower gel was quite strong, and the aroma was present even before I had begun washing myself. I find the smell of the Avon Amazon shower gel is a really pleasant one, and I find it quite a nice product to use first thing in the morning as the scent is quite strong and I think certain scents and strong-smelling products help me waken up in the morning! The aroma is quite woody and slightly musky, and it has a hint of spice to it I think, although I do not find it over-powering or too 'heady' to use. In actual fact, after using the shower gel on an almost-daily basis for a while now, I have come to the conclusion that the scent of the product probably is quite a masculine one, but as I said already, this has not put me off or deterred me from continuing to use it.

        The shower gel foams nicely when I am using it in the shower, especially when it has been applied to a wet flannel or bath scrunchie. I wouldn't say that it creates abundant amounts of bubbles and foam, but there is a sufficient lather for me to cleanse myself and I am satisfied with this aspect of the product. Furthermore, I find that the liquid is not difficult to wash from my skin, and there is no annoying residue left behind.

        The aroma of the Avon Senses Amazon shower gel doesn't last long on my skin, and I find that by the time I am dried and dressed I can no longer smell the scent, but this isn't something that is necessarily a negative point for me personally as I like to use body sprays and perfumes to achieve the fragrance that I want.

        I have had no ill-effects from using the Avon Senses Amazon shower gel product in terms of my sensitive skin, nor has it aggravated the eczema that I suffer from at times. In actual fact I do not find the shower gel has dried my skin out at all. Don't get me wrong, I don't find that the shower gel has any great moisturising properties and I still need to use a body cream or other moisturiser product after bathing or showering, but this is something that I find is the case with most similar products that I use on a regular basis, and so I won't be deducting any marks from the product rating for this.

        All in all, I am really pleased with the product and have already ordered a second bottle. Yes it is true that the aromatic, woody scent won't be to everyone's taste, particularly for those ladies who prefer perfumed, flowery scents in the bath or shower... I'd recommend that you give this product a miss. For the rest of us though, and for men of course, I think this product offers a pleasantly fragranced shower gel product that offers great value and does everything that it should.

        There is a variety of fragranced shower gels available in the Avon Sense range, all of which can be purchased directly from your local Avon representative. Alternatively, you can buy the products online at www.avonshop.co.uk, where the current price for the shower gels (250ml bottle) is around £1.


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