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Avon Senses Foam Bath

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Brand: Avon / Foam / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Subcategory: Foam

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    3 Reviews
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      24.09.2009 17:00
      Very helpful
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      When You Have To Use So Much It Makes Buying Cheap Bubble Bath A Waste Of Time And Money

      When my cousin gave up her Avon round she was left with a load of stuff that she eventually gave to me when she moved house. Last night when I wanted a bath I found a purple bottle of Senses bubble bath called My Moment.

      It smelled quite nice and was proper flowery, but in a good way because sometimes I think Avon flowery stuff is a bit too strong and not blended good. This one is lavender I think because the smell of that is in the bubble bath but it's not strong at all and is mixed with something else but I can't think what it is. I can't check the label because it's half peeled off and I can't find it in the book I've got here.

      You get quite a lot of bubbles out of this bubble bath but you have to use quite a bit of the liquid to get those bubbles. I reckon this 500ml bottle will only do me for about 4 or 5 baths because I like loads of bubbles and there aren't that many if you just squirt a bit in like the bottle says.

      When you put it into hot water you get a lovely smell all round the bathroom and it's quite flowery but not like an old ladies bubble bath. It's a modern flowery smell that you can sort of smell lavender in but there are other smells in it to take away that and the bubbble bath just keeps it as an undertone I reckon.

      On it's own it's quite cleansing but I thought my skin felt a bit sticky when I got out of the bath but not that much that I needed to have a shower to rinse it off. Next time I'll soak in the bubble bath and then use a bar of soap to wash myself because I reckon I'll get a smoother feel and it will make me feel a lot fresher than just using the bubble bath.

      I don't think this bubble bath made my skin any softer and it didn't feel like it moisturized it very well either.

      It's not worth the money I don't think because you have to use so much of the liquid to get enough bubbles. This size bottle is about £3.00 but you can get better for cheaper in the shops and I don't reckon this bottle will last long enough for me to bother buying my bubble bath from this range again.


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        16.09.2007 15:59
        Very helpful



        Mandarin scented bubble bath from Avon

        I occasionally get a big order online from Avon, and one of the products I got with my last order was Avon Senses Re-Charge Foam Bath.

        ~About the range~

        This is a foam bath from Avon Senses Range. There are several fragrances in the range, but the one I bought is called Re-Charge, which is Mandarin & Spice scented.


        This comes in a tall, clear bottle, with the orange lid matching the colour of the product inside. Each bottle is 500ml, so you get quite a lot of bubble bath for your money.
        The bottles have flip-top caps, which open sideways. I find them quite difficult to open, especially when my nails are short. I think it would perhaps be better if they used a screw-top lid, or at least made the cap easier to open.

        ~Using it~

        Like any other bubble bath, this should be poured under warm running water. Although this comes in a fairly big bottle, I find you have to use quite a lot of the product to get a decent amount of bubbles, which is disappointing.
        As soon as you pour this into the bath, you will notice the strong zesty fragrance of the mandarin. It’s quite strong, but not so much that it is overpowering. It also contains spices – although no-where does it state what these are – but I can’t detect these in the smell of the product.

        ~What I thought~

        I like citrus fragrances, so loved the mandarin smell, however it is strong, so if citrus isn’t your thing, then this probably isn’t for you. I didn’t find that the smell stayed on my skin at all, after getting out of the bath.
        As I said above, you need to use a fair bit to get a decent amount of bubbles, but when you do, the bubbles last until the end of the bath – even if you are having a long soak – and the fragrance also lasts, which is good.
        I have sensitive skin (and eczema) and this didn’t irritate my skin at all, however I didn’t find it made my skin feel any different – it wasn’t softer or smoother after using this for example.

        ~Price and Availability~

        The normal price for this is £3.00 for 500ml, which I would say is too expensive. I bought it at a reduced price of £1.00 which is more suitable to the product, given that you need to use a lot for each bath.
        As it is an Avon brand product you can only buy from your local avon rep, or www.avonshop.co.uk

        ~Overall Verdict~

        At £3.00 a bottle, I probably wouldn’t buy this again, however I might consider it if it was on offer again. I liked the smell, but thought it was a shame it didn’t stay on my skin.


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          02.05.2006 14:25
          Very helpful



          Lovely smell and very good product

          Please ignore the picture as the one I have is orange but is comes in different fragrances.


          I was given an Avon product for Christmas, which I was not that keen on. It was Avon Senses My Moment, you know the purple one. Well I did not like the smell of it so I thumbed through an Avon catalogue to investigate whether there were any different fragrances and I saw this one. This is Avon Senses Recharge and has a fragrance of Mandarin and Spice.

          The Product

          It comes in a clear plastic bottle so that you can see the orange liquid contained inside; there is also a picture of an orange on the front of the bottle.

          Now according to the back of the bottle this is supposed to "Awaken and revitalise your senses with this uplifting zesty fragrance", well I'll find that out after the bath test.

          There is a nice flip top to open the bottle and it is not too difficult to flip either. I always have to have a quick sniff and it has a lovely orange smell, it is quite strong but not over powering at all.

          The Bath Test

          I have been working evenings lately so when I get home I am dead on my feet and my feet are throbbing so this is a perfect time to test out this product. I flip the top open and squeeze the bottle for some of the liquid to squirt out under the running water.

          It bubbles up very easily and I can smell the sweet fragrance from the Bath Foam. There is a fair amount of bubbles just enough really they are not taking over the bath and I did not have to use too much of the liquid to create these bubbles.

          The water has not turned orange like I excepted it too it is still fairly clear, once you get past the bubbles that is. The smell is wonderful and while I lay back to soak my aching joints I find it very soothing.

          After spending 45 minutes soaking in the bath I finally decide that I should get out, get dry and snuggle into my bedclothes and dressing gown. I feel better for having a bath now do not get me wrong I am not ready for a five mile run (I don't think any bath foam is that good) but I definitely feel more awake than just before getting in the bath

          Other Information

          There is no directions no the back of the bottle but there is five other languages on the back; none of which I can understand. There is also a list of ingredients none of which I am going to bore you with.


          This bath foam is quite good; it has a lingering smell and leaves my skin soft and smooth. You also do not need to use much liquid in order to get the desired amount of bubbles. It is designed to help you relax while you bathe and from my testing this works quite well.

          My skin felt nice and soft and it had not dried out at all. It had a nice glow about it as well but I am not sure if this was the bath foam or how hot the water was!

          I am a little undecided whether I shall buy this bath foam again because I bought it while it was offer at £1.50 but normal selling price is £3.00 which is a little steep for a 500ml bottle.

          It is a very good bath foam, it has a nice smell and does what it says it will do and I shall continue to buy it while it is on special offer, get stocked up a bit before the normal price resumes.

          Avon products can be bought from their representatives with no delivery charge but I did have to wait about three weeks before I received my order. You can place an order via their website however you will have to pay for postage and packaging but delivery is quicker.

          Thanks for reading

          P.S The mandarin smell lingered in my bathroom after I was finished for about another forty-five minutes.


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        • Product Details

          Water activated formula with vitamin E maintains skins natural moisture whilst enhancing your mood / Jasmine and Exotic Rose fragrance / 500ml /

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