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Avon Senses Serenity Shower Gel

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Brand: Avon / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2012 20:13
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous shower gel from the Avon Senses range..

      I really like the Avon "Senses" range of shower gel products and have tried out most of the assorted fragrances over the past few years. One of my favourites from the range is the Avon Senses "Serenity" Shower Gel and this review outlines my experiences of using the product.

      As @ the time of writing (October 2012), the Avon Senses Serenity Shower Gel is available to purchase in two assorted sizes which are the standard sized bottle at 250ml and a larger offering which is 500ml in size. The Avon Senses range in general is often subject to promotional offers and discounted prices, so I very seldom purchase products from the range at full price, being able to snap up bargains at regular intervals instead. The normal price for the 250ml bottle is actually still only £2 which is reasonable enough in my opinion, although I generally only pay around £1 - £1.20 for my 250ml bottles from the Senses range. The Serenity product doesn't appear on the Avon website at the present time, but it is available to purchase from your local Avon representative or from the Avon brochures.

      It may be of interest to note that the Senses range also carries a liquid soap with the Serenity fragrance, so you have the opportunity to co-ordinate your toiletries if you choose. This is currently available to purchase at a discounted price, with the usual price being £2 for the 300ml bottle.

      The packaging for the Serenity Shower Gel product is very attractive and is in keeping with the Avon Senses range overall. The bottle is made of robust plastic that is see-through and so I can easily see the deep orange liquid contained within. The robust lid is coloured in a bright orange shade that ties in with the product's image perfectly.

      As with all products in the Senses range, there is an attractive image to be found on the bottle's label which in this case depicts the most beautiful sunset scene, complete with an attractive beach image that really gives the impression of the product having an uplifting feel.

      The product is actually described by Avon in the following statement "CALMING Passion Fruit, Musk & Sandalwood" which struck me as being quite an unusual combination at first. I was intrigued enough to purchase the small sized bottle of gel for myself however and was keen to give it a try out.

      I find that the Serenity gel is wonderfully versatile, making it absolutely ideal for my own needs. I tend to have more baths than showers and so I do like my shower products to be suitable for use in the bathtub too. The Serenity shower gel has proven more than capable of meeting this requirement and I have thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the gorgeous aroma every morning. I find that the most beautiful fragrance is present whilst the tub is filling with water, allowing the fruity essence of the gel to really take hold and fill my bathroom with it's gorgeous fruity scent. This scent is easily detectable as I soak in the tub too, with its rich, fruity essence providing an 'uplifting' quality that is wholly enjoyable.

      An enticing lather is easily created too, with even a small 'dollop' of the product creating a luxurious, soft foam with ease, generously adorning the bathwater's top layer and creating a calming environment that is truly begging me to relax and unwind.. Perfect for those cold winter mornings, in fact. This surprised me as I had expected the product to be more suited to the summer months, particularly as the image and label on the bottle had created this impression. This is not a criticism however, and I do feel that the Serenity shower gel is perfectly suited to year-round use. This adds to its versatility in my opinion, so full marks from me on that score.

      I am a huge fan of using fruit-based toiletries and bath products and the Serenity shower gel certainly did not disappoint. Being completely fruit-like in its essence, the most wonderfully refreshing scent can be obtained with even the smallest of squirts from the bottle. Within this aroma I can easily detect the passion fruit that was promised, as well as something else that I think is mandarin or orange, certainly something with a citrus tone. This is completely refreshing and uplifting, particularly when the gel is used first thing in the morning, which it usually is. I do find however, that these strong scents have easily swamped the sandalwood and musk that are contained within the aroma too. Whilst there is a faint whiff of these 'earthy' scents when the product is first dispensed from the bottle, I find the fruit scents are more robust and easily overtake them. This would normally have me knocking a point from the product's score, but I find the fruity scents so inviting and delicious that it would be wrong of me to do so on this occasion, and I really only have positive things to say about the scent of this product... sandalwood or not!

      As with all products in the Avon Senses range, I have suffered nothing in the way of aggravation or irritation to my sensitive skin, and neither has there been any sort of unpleasant 'tight' feeling present after using the product which is always a definite indicator of a product being overly harsh for my hyper-sensitive skin.

      Quite the opposite has proven to be true, with my skin feeling not only thoroughly cleansed and squeaky clean, but with its protective layers being rather untouched, and thus the condition of my skin has not suffered at all from the use of this product. For these reasons, I have come to the conclusion that the Avon Serenity shower gel is a product that carries a rather mild and gentle formulation and I do recommend it for those consumers who suffer with dry or sensitive skin. I would also have thought it was entirely suitable for use by the whole family, youngsters included, which adds to the versatile feel of the product. In addition, the fruity fragrance makes it feel rather more 'unisex' than other items I have purchased from the Avon Senses range in the past that felt rather too feminine for my husband to use them. The Serenity gel in comparison is purely fruit-like in its aroma, so it is absolutely ideal for both sexes to use, in my opinion.

      In case any doubt remains after reading my review, the Avon Senses Serenity Shower gel is a shower gel product from Avon that comes with my full recommendation and top marks in the product rating score as a result. I feel confident in saying that it is one of the nicest Avon products I have ever used and is certainly a new favourite of mine. I cannot get enough of the it's gorgeous fruity scent and think the purchase price offers excellent value for money....... Excellent - and delicious!


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        09.10.2012 01:37
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive when on offer - nice colour , not much fragrance at all.

        ***Why I Bought It
        I often get the AVON catalogue and bought some of these shower gels when on offer for £1.
        I never stick to one particular brand or fragrance of shower gel and often just try out different ones when they are on offer - I figure that is the best way of finding one I really like.

        ***The Product
        Avon Senses is a range of bath and body products and they are constantly bringing out new ones in the line.
        The one I am reviewing is 'Serenity'.
        It comes in a 250 ml clear slim plastic bottle with an orange lid which has a flip up top.
        The gel itself is a thickish clear consistency and is a bright orange colour.
        The front label calls it 'Calming' and the image on the label is of a golden beach, sand, sea and a golden sky.
        Contains notes of passion fruit, musk and sandalwood.
        The back has a large label which lists the ingredients and states it should be used within 12 months of opening.
        The gel is made in Poland.
        Avon also sell a hand wash in the same fragrance.

        £2 full price but often on offer and are now 5 for £5.

        ***My Opinion
        The smell of this gel is not very strong at all - and when you do get to smell something it is more like orange and citrus than anything else - possibly that is the passion fruit.
        The bottle does go a long way as you only need one or two squirts of the thick gel - it lathers easily and leaves you skin feeling smooth - but neither moisturised nor taute. I use this is a bath or shower - today I used it in the bath hoping for the 'calming' effects to work - but apart from the bubbles there was no relaxing aroma. Being a nice thick gel you can easily ensure you only use a small amount, as will some runny gels you use more than intended which is wasteful.
        Once in use I hardly noticed any fragrance which is a bit of a disappointment.
        It works well as a basic gel but I can get the same results from the 46p Tesco Baby Bath I have been buying.
        If I pay more for a gel it is to get a nice aroma in the bathroom which makes bathing a nicer experience.
        This is a nice coloured gel. It cleans well and rinses easily. Not too bad a deal when on special offer but nothing at all special for me.

        ***Star Rating
        3 stars - OK as a shower gel, very little fragrance.

        ***Would I Recommend?
        Not really - not if you wanted a good fragrance as well.



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