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Avon Senses Spirit Shower Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon Senses / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2013 08:25
      Very helpful



      A good shower gel from Avon

      Review of Avon Senses Spirit Shower Gel

      **The Product**

      Senses Shower Gels have been a part of the Avon Bath and shower range for some time now and I think I have worked my way through the range!
      I tend to buy my Avon shower gels when they are on a special offer such as a 2 for 3, or buy 3 items for a set price.

      The product is presented in a slim clear plastic container with a bright lime green coloured flip top cap. The front of the bottle features the Avon Sense Tropics logo and a picture of what looks like floating seeds. The strapline states that the shower gel is 'inspired by lush green spring meadows and fragranced with the uplifting scent of pear, lily of the valley and musk'.

      The rear of the bottle has the product information such as description, ingredients and company information.

      There is no hanging hook with this shower gel; it is designed to stand in the shower.
      I am reviewing the 250ml size of shower gel; I believe it is also available in 500ml.
      The Avon Senses range does include other fragrances, but I will not cover them here as this review centres on Tropic version.

      I believe I paid in the region of £1.50 for my shower gel; it was on a promotion when I purchased and I seem to recall that I got three items for the price of two from a selected Avon range.

      **Fragrance, Appearance and Usage**

      The shower gel is a bright, lime green colour. I find this is a fairly thick gel with a silky texture to it. The gel squeezes out easily, a little too easily perhaps as care needs to be taken not to dispense too much of the product.

      The scent is predominantly fruity/floral one. I find the Lily of the Valley scent comes through almost as soon as the warm water mixes with your shower gel, the pear fragrance is more subtle, more of an under-scent.

      This product is produced in Poland for Avon.

      I won't insult readers intelligence by telling them how to shower, but this shower gel, as with most shower products is designed to be used either on a sponge or shower puff or simply poured into your hand and applied to wet skin.
      Lather is an important test of a shower gel for me; I live in a very hard water area and Avon Senses Spirit lathers up well. If it can produce lather here on the Kent coast, it will probably lather anywhere!

      Just as importantly, the shower gel rinses off the skin easily and leaves no sticky residue. It is not a moisturising product, so possibly not acceptable for those people who like their shower product and moisturiser all in one!

      This shower gel leaves my skin cleansed, fresh and reasonably comfortable, but this I mean that my skin does not feel taut or overly dry following a 'Senses Spirit' shower.

      I really like the scent of this shower gel; it is feminine and floral without being cloying or too intrusive as the fragrance does not seem to last for very long.


      This product is only available from Avon. Avon is a well-known company in the UK; the 'Ding Dong Avon Calling!' advertising campaign in the 1960's has never really been forgotten.

      Avon was one of the first catalogue companies to enlist the efforts of the public to tout their wares via a catalogue or campaign brochure as Avon term it! Nowadays Avon has bases in New York, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris and Rome.

      There are two ways to order, either through a catalogue delivered by an Avon representative or from the Avon website. Visit the website for details of how to find a rep or place an order direct. If you chose to order online, I suggest you check first with the myriad cash back sites around as many of them carry Avon deals such as discounts, free delivery options or cash back on your spend.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      Avon Senses Spirit is a very efficient, pleasant to use shower gel. It is middle of the road price wise and as with all Avon products; it is worth stocking up when you see a good deal in the brochure or on-line!

      In my opinion, the biggest drawback with this product is the lack of a hook. I do prefer my shower gel to have a hook incorporated into the container design so that I can hang the product in the shower. It makes using the stuff so much easier!

      The flip top closure works well and the Avon shower gel container is fairly easy to grasp, even with wet, soapy hands. I have dropped so many shower gels in my time and wasted the contents that I am fast becoming an expert on the subject!

      I would recommend this shower gel to others and am awarding it a 4* rating, dropping a * due to the fact that the fragrance does not last very long.

      Thank you for reading.

      © brittle1906 March 2013
      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same name.


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        05.09.2012 10:54
        Very helpful



        A new addition to the Avon Senses range..

        I am quite a big fan of the liquid soaps and shower gel products that are available in the popular 'Senses' range from Avon and have tried out most of them over the past few years. I was intrigued to notice what seemed like a new addition to the range of Senses Shower Gels in a recent Avon brochure and decided on the spot to purchase it and try it out for myself.

        The Avon Senses "Spirit" Shower Gel cost me around £1.20 at the time, which seemed like reasonable value considering the generous 250ml sized bottle. Described on the bottle's label in the statement "Uplifting Lily Of the Valley & Pear", I thought the shower gel sounded quite different to other shower gels that I had tried from the Senses range in the past and I was keen to try it out for myself.

        The bottle is in keeping with other shower gels in the Avon Senses range, comprising of a flat, slightly oblong design and it is made of robust plastic which can be recycled. All of the shower gels in the Senses range are co-ordinated to match their corresponding fragrance/product name, and the 'Spirit' version is no exception to this, with the lime green coloured plastic lid corresponding perfectly with the bright green liquid contained in the bottle. Similarly, there is an attractive label on the front of the bottle in shades of bright green and this ties in with the product's image perfectly.

        The bottle's lid sits on the top of the bottle and has a long 'strip' running down the middle of the cap. This is in fact a 'flip up' lid and I have found it very easy to use the lid on this product, even with wet or slippy hands. Underneath the lid there is a round hole, through which the shower gel can be easily dispensed.

        When it came to using the shower gel, I noticed that the liquid was quite thick when I was squeezing it from the bottle. This is not a criticism at all, and it gave me the impression that the product was one of a fairly high quality. I have found that cheaper or more 'budget' brands of shower gel that I have used in the past have been quite thin, and the liquid seems to run all over the place when it is dispensed from the bottle, but this was not a noticeable problem with the Spirit shower gel.

        The gel's aroma was evident almost as soon as it was squeezed from the bottle and I did find it was surprisingly strong, although this is an observation rather than a criticism. I found the aroma was wonderfully fruity, giving it a pleasant refreshing feeling. The pear in the product's aroma really came through, being wonderfully reminiscent of my much-loved 'Pear Drop' sweeties! Whilst quite sweet and strong, I didn't find the scent was over-bearing or at all sickly, which is something I have found with sweet fragrances I have used in the past. To be honest, I found there was a floral-type tone to be found in the product's fragrance too, although this was quite understated and felt very subtle, which is a definite plus point as I am not overly fond of strong floral aromas. I can't honestly say that I would have been able to pick out the floral scent as being 'Lily of The Valley' if I hadn't been aware of the product's ingredients, but the floral edge to the scent was certainly pleasant and it offered a noticeable balance to the robust, fruity tones found elsewhere in the overall fragrance.

        The floral tone in the product's fragrance did make it feel slightly more feminine than I had initially anticipated, and certainly my other half wouldn't find this shower gel to be suitable for his own requirements. This is a stark contrast to other shower gels in the Avon Senses range that are much more 'unisex' in their fragrance, but it is not necessarily a negative point for me and certainly, it is not something that would deter me from repurchasing a particular product.

        I found the Senses Spirit shower gel produced a pleasant lather that felt lovely and soft on my skin. The shower gel foams nicely when I am using it in the shower, especially when it has been applied to a wet flannel or bath scrunchie. I wouldn't say that it creates abundant amounts of bubbles and foam, but there is a sufficient lather for me to cleanse myself and I am satisfied with this aspect of the product. Furthermore, I find that the liquid is not difficult to wash from my skin, and there is no annoying residue left behind.

        I found too that the shower gel worked well when added to the bathtub under a running tap, creating a gentle layer of foamy bubbles on the water's surface. The product is intended for use in the shower, but I will often use shower gels in this way and I liked the fact that the Senses shower gel worked as well in the tub as in the shower, making it more versatile than other products. I found too that the product's aroma really felt quite full-bodied when it was used this way, filling the bathroom with its wonderful fruity scent. The aroma didn't last too well on my skin, being easily swamped by body creams and body sprays, but this is normal practice with most other 'everyday' shower gel products that I use regularly.

        As with all other products in the Avon Senses range, I have noticed nothing in the way of aggravation or irritation to my sensitive skin after using the Spirit shower gel, nor has the product caused any sort of 'flare up' to my troublesome eczema, so I do think the product carries a rather mild formulation in comparison to other shower gel products that I use regularly.

        On the whole, I was quite impressed with the Avon Senses Shower Gel and it is a product that I have already repurchased, as a result. As @ the time of writing (September 2012), the gel seems to have been temporarily removed from the Senses range, with it not appearing in the most recent brochure.

        It IS available on the Avon website at the present time however, which can be found at www.avonshop.co.uk. The normal price for the shower gel is £2 for the 250ml bottle, but it is available at the present time for the reduced price of only £1.50. You can also find the gel on other sites such as eBay and Amazon from time to time, where prices start from around £1 plus postage costs.


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