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Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel

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7 Reviews
  • Reasonable value
  • Kind to skin
  • Not as nice as others in the range
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    7 Reviews
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      22.09.2014 10:57
      Very helpful


      • "Kind to skin"
      • "Reasonable value"
      • "Good quality"


      • "Not as nice as others in the range"

      Trying Tropics..!

      I really like the shower gels from Avon's "Senses" range and have tried out most of them in the past. I noticed that Avon had a couple of the shower gel products available at a reduced price in a recent 'Sale' brochure, and purchased a couple to try them out.

      This review will discuss my experiences of trying the Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel, which cost me around £1.25 for the reasonably-sized bottle, which is 250ml in size. You can buy Avon products from your local Avon Representative or online at www.avonshop.co.uk.

      The bottle has a pretty appearance and a slim design, allowing it to sit neatly on the bathroom shelf. The liquid itself is quite runny, but I don't find that it drips or spills excessively during use. In fact, I find that the Shower Gel smoothens over skin easily, creating a gentle lather in its wake. I do feel too, that the Gel has a pleasant consistency as it doesn't feel 'sticky' or tacky upon the skin's surface.

      The description on the bottle is "Stimulating Passion Fruit & Kiwi" which sounded promising, particularly as I enjoy using bath/shower/body products with fruity or citrus fragrances.

      I do find that initially, the Gel's fragrance feels quite fruity, pleasantly so, as I am able to detect the strong aroma of Passion Fruit. As the Gel lathers gently, the aroma seems to gain intensity, and whilst keeping a citrusy, fruity 'heart' at it's core, the overall scent seems to take on a very sweet edge to it that had been lurking in the background previously. Unfortunately, for me, this sweet edge seems to become rather 'sickly' as the Gel is rinsed from the skin, and this element of the scent allows the overall fragrance to feel synthetic and 'false', which is a bit of a shame. I think the balance of fruity sweetness isn't quite as 'spot on' as I would have liked, so I do find the scent's end result isn't as well-suited to my own tastes as I had initially anticipated and hoped. For this reason, I can't say that I would repurchase the gel again in the future.

      On the plus side, I find that the Senses Gel works really well at cleansing my skin; after use, my skin is thoroughly clean and spotless and I have no complaints in this regard.

      Furthermore, I have never experienced any irritation or aggravation to my sensitive skin, and I have found that the Tropics Shower Gel is entirely suited to my dry/sensitive skin type.

      Taking everything into account, I don't really feel that I would repurchase the Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel again in the future, as there are other gels with different aromas that I prefer. This is really the only grumble that I have with the product, however, and I did feel it was of a good quality, and found its mild formulation agreeable.


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      31.05.2013 08:14
      Very helpful




      I really love the senses range from Avon and I always make sure I stock up when it is on offer, I really love nicely scented things and I will often change my shower gels when I get fed up of the same scent meaning I have a cupboard full of half bottles.

      The senses range is one of Avon's own so you can only buy it directly from their website or from one of their representatives, you should be aware there is a delivery charge on the website unless you spend over £20. The senses shower gels come in 2 sizes, there is a 250ml bottle for £2 and a £500ml bottle for £3, this fragrance seems to have been discontinued at present however they do seem to be rereleased every now and again and I certainly hope this one is.

      I love all the bright colours and smells of the senses range and the Tropics option is no different, it comes in a clear sleek bottle so you can see the lime green shower gel inside. On the front of the bottle it states that it is stimulating and exotic which sounds nice to me! On the back of the bottle you have the directions for use although they are simply "lather and rinse."

      The product inside is dispensed through the lime green flip top lid which opens from the side and reveals a largish hole in the top, the smell to me is really fruity and certainly has the scent of citrus fruits involved. The liquid is nice and thick so you don't need to use much, it does lather up well especially on a shower puff which is how I use it and not much is required, the shower gel also washes of the skin really easily too.

      So my only gripes with the product, the smell doesn't last on your body much after getting dry although I do find the smell quite awakening whilst in the shower, my skin feels nice ands soft after using this product which is lovely and I feel really refreshed.

      I really love this shower gel and think the smell is gorgeous, I love the smell that much that I also used to use the matching body scrub on my elbows and knees to help soften the skin but they seem to have stopped making that one too. I would give this 5 stars as it is a lovely product which leaves your skin feeling lovely.


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      21.01.2013 13:38
      Very helpful



      Brilliant product for my skin and smells amazing! wakes me up every morning and smells nice


      I have been living with my Girlfriend in my flat for over a year now, and recently she purchased this from our local Avon rep. I was a bit reluctant to try the shower gel as the colour is a little feminine. I decided to try it as I had run out of my usual mens shower gel. I am so glad I tried this as I really like it and will definately be buying a new bottle next time the avon brochures get sent out. She also purchased the Waterfall Shower gel, but I have yet to try that one.


      The bottle is very large and takes up a huge space on our toiletries rack. It is a 750ml bottle which is very generous compared to other brands which give you much less shower gel than Avon senses. I am colour blind, but I think the colour is a yellow/green. The front of the bottle has changed from the one suplied by dooyoo. It says on the front that it has Stimulating passion fruit and Kiwi within. The instructions on the back are simple, it tells you too, "lather and rinse"!! very simple indeed. The bottle has a flip cap on the top which is a little fiddly and the bottle is easy to squeeze. It isnt the best bottle design and is nothing like other braded shower gels, what is important about this is that the shower gel is good.


      I believe my girlfriend paid just under £2 which is very reasonable. Its good value seeing as you get 750 mls of shower gel. This will last you a very long time.

      Any Good?:

      It has a fantastic smell which is very fruity, its unlike any other product I have smelt before. The smell is really nice on your skin. Its very fresh and doesnt smell too girly for me. So i would advise guys try this too. It lathers so easily, you only need a small amount and you can lather up your entire body. The bottle has lasted us nearly two months and has been used near enough everyday!


      I would recommend you try this as its very different from the normal shower gels we use daily. Its fresh and lasts forever. Its good value. The only downsides are the large bottle and the poor design. But what is inside the bottle is fantastic and is worth the five stars. This is available from avon reps and also available online. I think you should give this a try. Also look out for the other avon senses shower gels there are lots to choose from! 5 stars from me

      Thanks for reading my review.


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      16.11.2012 17:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      lovely shower gel for £1.00

      Avon deliver a wide range of beauty products direct to your door via the online website or through on of their reps.

      ~Senses Shower Gel~

      The Senses collection from Avon includes shower gels and hand washes in a range of scents aimed at men and women.

      Tropics Shower Gel is described as being a 'stimulating and exotic' shower gel. Avon claim that the Tropics scent is perfect for Summer time use as it will lift your senses. The shower gel is presented in a curvy plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The front label is adorned with an image of a sunset and palm trees. The bottle is clear which allows the transparent, yellow shower gel to be visible. This shower gel has a 12month shelf life and the bottle can be recycled.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This shower gel can be purchased from the Avon website (www.avonshop.co.uk) or from your rep. It is available in three sizes :

      *250ml - £2.00
      *500ml - £3.00
      *750ml - £4.00

      If you are looking to purchase this shower gel just now, each size is currently half price on the website.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a fan of the Senses range from Avon. I tend to stock up when the shower gels are reduced and during my last order, I ordered a 250ml bottle of Tropics Shower Gel for just £1.00. This is a fair price to pay for a pleasant, everyday sort of shower gel. I have tried quite a number of the available scents and am rarely disappointed. The bottle is quite nice and stands out in my bathroom.

      As I shower once or twice a day, I go through a lot of shower gels. I have my 'special' showers gels for using in the evening when I want a little bit of pampering. This Tropics Shower Gel was purchased for morning us and is suitable for the whole family in my opinion. The gel itself is very thick and gloopy to the extent where it is sometimes a little difficult to encourage a blob out the bottle! I always like to get the most out of a little bit of shower gel so always use a body puff to apply it to my damp skin.

      Tropics carries a lovely scent which is very uplifting and quite strong but not overpowering. I would say it is a gender neutral scent as my fiance is happy to use this if he is running low on his own shower gel. A small blob of shower gel goes a long way and creates a rich, soft lather which is plentiful and gentle on my sensitive skin. The scent is gorgeous and fills the bathroom as I use it. It is definitely an exotic wake up call - very zingy, fruity and deliciously sweet without being sickly or synthetic. It has a soapy undertone.

      The lather rinses effortlessly and once I have dried off, my skin feels refreshed and cleansed which is of course the essential part of using any shower gel. This shower gel does not dry my skin out. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it moisturises my skin but it does soften it a little. The scent doesn't linger on my skin for long so it would be ideal if they introduced a matching body lotion to enhance it a little as it is lovely.


      This is a decent quality shower gel from Avon. It does what I want and expect it to do - cleanses my skin whilst showering. It is very long lasting as you do not need much to perform so works out value for money. It is the perfect, fresh shower gel to use each morning and the lovely Summery scent reminds me of holidays abroad.

      I cannot really fault this shower gel so highly recommend it.

      Thanks for reading :)

      Originally posted to ciao Aug 2012.


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        13.08.2012 00:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A refreshing shower gel with a pleasant scent

        Review of Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel

        **The Product**

        Senses Shower Gels have been a part of the Avon Bath and shower range for some time now. Avon sat that the Tropic addition to the range is a summer fragrance that will 'lift your senses and boost your inner smile every time you shower.'
        The product is presented in a slim clear plastic container with a greenish/yellow coloured flip top cap. The front of the bottle features the Avon Sense Tropics logo a silver and a picture of palm tree fronds and a setting sun. The rear of the bottle has the product information such as description, ingredients and company information.

        I am reviewing the 250ml size of shower gel; it is also available in 500ml. The Avon Senses range does include other fragrances, but I will not cover them here as this review centres on Tropic version.

        I believe I paid in the region of £1.50 for my shower gel; it was on a promotion when I purchased and I seem to recall that I got three items for the price of two from a selected Avon range.

        **Fragrance, Appearance and Usage**

        The shower gel is a fairly bright, almost acid lemon colour. It is a thick gel with a silky feel to it. The scent is predominantly fruity one. The bottle label states that this shower gel is a stimulating blend of kiwi and passion fruit. Personally I consider it to be more of a citrus fragrance. It is a pleasant refreshing scent which I find suits both me and my (male) partner; it isn't marketed as unisex, but could be described as such. This product is produced in Poland for Avon.

        The shower gel, as with most shower products is designed to be used either on a sponge or shower puff or simply poured into your hand and applied to wet skin. I live in a very hard water area and Avon Tropics lathers up well. If it can produce lather here on the chalky Kent coast, it will probably lather anywhere!
        The shower gel rinses off easily leaving no sticky residue. It is not a moisturising product, so possibly not acceptable for those people who like their shower product and moisturiser all in one!

        The fresh scent certainly is a livener first thing in the morning! The fragrance does seem to be very invigorating but sadly it does not last for very long.

        As with many cosmetic and toiletry products, the ingredient list reads more like a pharmacist's shop stock list than anything else, so I am not going to replicate the list of unpronounceable ingredients which no one really wants to read! Suffice to say that the shower gel contains Aqua, Glycerine, Laurent Sulphate etc. as do most of the other shower gels in my bathroom!


        This product is only available from Avon. Avon is a well-known company in the UK; the 'Ding Dong Avon Calling!' advertising campaign in the 1960's has never really been forgotten.
        Avon was one of the first catalogue companies to enlist the efforts of the public to tout their wares via a catalogue or campaign brochure as Avon term it! Nowadays Avon has bases in New York, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris and Rome.
        There are two ways to order, either through a catalogue delivered by an Avon representative or from the Avon website. Visit the website for details of how to find a rep or place an order direct. If you chose to order online, I suggest you check first with the myriad cash back sites around as many of them carry Avon deals such as discounts, free delivery options or cash back on your spend.
        Company contact details:-
        Avon Cosmetics
        NN1 5PA

        **My Thoughts And Conclusion**

        Avon Senses Tropics is a very efficient, pleasant to use shower gel. It is middle of the road price wise and as with all Avon products; it is worth stocking up when you see a good deal in the brochure or on-line!
        I would suggest that this particular shower gel may be a little harsh for people with very sensitive skin and as mentioned earlier in the review it has no moisturising properties. I have to say that I have had no reaction with this product and I do suffer with sensitive skin.

        In my opinion, the biggest drawback with this product is the lack of a hook. I do prefer shower gels to have a hook incorporated into the container design so that I can hang the product in the shower. It makes using the stuff so much easier! The Avon container is fairly easy to grasp and the flip top closure works well, spilling none of the product when it slips out of my soapy hands. I have dropped so many shower gels in my time and wasted the contents that I am fast becoming an expert on the subject!
        I would recommend this shower gel to others and am awarding it a 4* rating.

        Thank you for reading
        © brittle1906 August 2012
        N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same name.


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          03.07.2012 17:44
          Very helpful



          Inexpensive fresh and fruity shower gel

          ---Why I Bought It---

          I often get the AVON catalogue and bought some of these shower gels when on offer for 99p.
          I never stick to one particular brand or fragrance of shower gel and often just try out different ones when they are on offer - I figure that is the best way of finding one I really like.

          ---Ther Product--

          Avon Senses is a range of bath and body products and they are constantly bringing out new ones in the line.
          The one I am reviewing is Tropics (as in the image above).
          It comes in a 250 ml clear slim plastic bottle with an lime green lid which has a flip up top.
          The gel itself is a thickish clear consistency and is a lemony lime colour.
          The front label calls it a 'stimulating and exotic shower gel' and the image on the label is of a green/yellow sky with palm fronds and a small beach hut and the sun filtering through.
          The back has a large label which lists the ingredients and states it should be used within 12 months of opening.
          The gel is made in Poland.
          The website states - 'An exotic summer fragrance that will lift your senses and boost your inner smile every time you shower.'


          £2 full price but currently selling for half price.
          This gel also comes in a Bonus size of 500 mls with its full price at £3 but also half price and a 750 mls bottle full price £4 but also now at half price.

          ---My Opinion---

          The smell of this gel is quite refreshing and sort of fruity - a bit of a mango and lemony lime sort of smell. However it does not have a strong fragrance at all.
          The bottle does go a long way as you only need one or two squirts of the thick gel - its lathers easily and leaves you skin feeling smooth - but neither moisturised nor taute.
          It is a shower gel but I also use it in the bath and it makes lots of bubbles.
          Once in use I hardly notice any fragrance which is a disappointment.
          It works well as a basic gel but I can get the same results from the 11p Tesco Baby Bath I have been buying.
          If I pay more for a gel it is to get a nice aroma in the bathroom which makes bathing a nicer experience - and this seems to be lacking - for me anyway.
          It isn't too feminine so can be used by men as well.
          It is ok if you can buy it on offer but I would not want to be paying full price.

          ---Star Rating---

          4 stars - OK as a shower gel but not much of a fragrance.

          ---Would I Recommend?---

          Not really - but I do know lots of people who buy this all the time.


          Summary: Inexpensive gel when on offer - cleans well.


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          27.07.2009 14:58
          Very helpful




          I had smelt this Shower Gel a while ago, but I only bought a bottle of it for myself the other week. Only available from Avon, you can buy this in 250ml Bottles and 500ml Bottle. Although they are normally prices at £2 for the 250ml and £3 for the 500ml, being Avon there is an offer on every other book and the offer I took advantage of was 2x 500ml Bottles for £2.50. Bargain, so I got this one and another one in the range that I like.

          The Bottle is alright looking. Nothing fancy, and being 500ml the Bottle is hyge. It doesn't fit in my bathroom cabinet, but just fits in the cupboard under the sink. It is a see through plastic bottle which widens at the middle. There is a stuck on lable on the front and back. The front part only has a picture of what looks like a sun, and palm trees and the writing is in black and white. The back has the instructions for use, but annoyingly enough they weren't in english and polish was the first language on the back. I'm sure most of us know how to use Shower Gel though, so not that much a problem in my eyes. The lid is a flip top lid.

          The gel is quite thick and a light lime green/yellow colour. You only need a little amount onto a Sponge or Puff and this goes a long way.

          Now to the scent, what does this smell like? Itis very zingy and Tropical. It smells like Pineapples, Lime and Mango in my view and I love the fruity scent to this. It isn't overly strong on your skin, but you can smell the scent for a while after.

          Also available in Hand wash and Shower Scrub. A good range from Avon that has scents that should appeal to everyone.


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        A stimulating and exotic summer fragrance /

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