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Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Wash

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Brand: Avon / Type: Body Wash / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Hydrates,

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    1 Review
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      14.06.2013 12:54
      Very helpful



      A disappointing body wash that doesn't live up to the hype!

      ~*~The Product ~ 'Soft Touch'!~*~

      The 250ml product comes in a transparent flexible plastic container with a sky blue flip top lid. The product is part of Avon's Skin So Soft range and is described as a 'body wash' with 'fast hydration' which includes 'water mint'. The label has co-ordinating sky blues, golds and deeper blues with lovely sweeping silver and blue curved designed fonts that add to the distinct and appealing look of the product. The product has a twelve month shelf life and the container is recyclable. Avon states that this body wash will provide '24 hours of hydration for all-day softness', I was eager to see if this worked in my case!

      ~*~My Usage Experience ~'Software'!~*~

      Gone are the days when I used to buy scented bar soaps, well not for bathing anyway. The great alternatives of body wash products leave me spoilt for choice and leave the bath surfaces shiny too! I love using body washes as they generally contain moisturisers and some can even be used as complete cleansers too, being able to use on the hair, just like many baby wash products. But, and this is a big but, as opposed to the old type soaps, many body washes do contain many active ingredients that can cause allergic reactions to those with sensitive/dry skin so caution needs to be taken when choosing this method of washing. Beware; no ingredients are listed on the container! I have found difficulty finding out the components used in the manufacturing of this body wash! Although some areas of my skin are dry, I do not suffer any negative reactions from using body washes, as in the case of this one too. I do like the Skin So Soft range of Avon products and was looking forward to trying this wash with water mint.

      *The Colour*

      The shade of the product can be clearly seen through the transparent container. Like the packaging, the body wash is almost as transparent but for a very faint blue hue. I like the refreshing clean appearance of the gel, it has a distinct impression of natural purity, but of course, the ingredients would probable show otherwise! I often use Avon cleansers and the ingredient's listings are fairly diverse!


      *The Aroma*

      Upon flipping open the lid, the fragrance of the wash is instantly noticeable although far more subtle than I had expected. As the product contains water mint, I had anticipated a strong minty aroma. I am glad that the lotion doesn't have an over-powering mint fragrance as I find the smell a little too intense for a wash, especially in the smaller confines of a shower enclosure. Unfortunately, the scent is perhaps a little too light! The fragrance has a lovely citrusy overtone combined with a wonderful floral sweet essence, but alas, not lasting!



      Now this is where I find the product very disappointing! As a body wash, especially in the format of a gel, I prefer thick honey like consistency. But this is simply far too runny, much like a gravy or sauce that hasn't had enough corn flour added! When I apply the gel, it flows out too fast and tends to slip from my limbs onto the surfaces of the wash areas. Even under the lightest of water pressure, the gel cannot withstand force. I hardly squeeze the pliable container as the gel needs little encouragement in free flowing from the up-turned bottle. The texture is so thin that it is difficult to work up a substantial lather. I need to massage the areas in a circular motion I have centred the gel on in an attempt to boost foam. The froth evolves into a light and mild creamy meagre froth. Although the texture does feel like a pleasantly rich moisturiser, the suds are far too pitiful and sparse to afford good coverage. I need to keep re-applying the limp liquefied gel which ceases to furnish ample coverage. I find the watery consistency of the body wash fails to give good value as so much gets wasted and does not provide sufficient lather to cleanse areas well.


      *Ease of Usage*

      The flip top lid can be a little rigid to open but I tend to keep the catch unfastened throughout the time I'm in the shower. The container is very flexible which, was it not for the dreadful runniness of the gel, would be a real benefit. There is a slight curvature on both sides in the centre of the bottle which affords a comfortable hold whilst cleansing. The bottle's plasticity means the container is flexible to squeeze and light to hold; at only 6 ½" in length it also makes for a very easy to handle product.



      I do like to use fairly moderate to hot water when showering, though it is noteworthy to mention that having read a clinical paper that encourages the avoidance of using a particularly high temperature as it expunges the skin's essential natural oils which in turn causes dryness and can even lead to skin irritations. I would normally use around a fifty pence piece in size of shower gel and body washes for each section of my skin. But as I mentioned above, the negative fluidity of the gel; makes this near on impossible to control. I have to gently tip the bottle to a slight up-turned angle to catch the gel on my skin, which soon drips off like rain water from my limbs! I prefer not to use flannels and sponges in unison with washes but it seems the only way to hold some of the product!

      Unfortunately, using such items loses even more of the gel's foaming ability so I am left with a pale off white sad looking sud-like spread! I need to use at least a good dessert spoonful each time I attempt to cover a section of my body to wash. For all the unfavourable negatives of the gel's watery inconsistency, my body does feel cleaner and subtly fragranced. The body wash leaves my body feeling a little more moisturised but not so much that I can omit the use of a good body lotion after my shower. In my experience of using this product, it does not provide '24 hours of hydration for all-day softness'! :~(


      *Supplementary Information ~Water mint uses*

      From cleanser, pest control, antiseptics, ingredients for cooking, even used in aromatherapy to assist in the debilitating effects of depression! Water mint is a precious flora!
      'Known as mentha aquatica in scientific circles, watermint is a perennial plant that is found in many parts of Europe, especially in the northern section of the continent....The flowers on watermint plants are usually within a range that runs from pink to lilac, with the blooms appearing during the middle to late summer of the year. The leaves are especially important in the use of watermint, and forms the basis for most of the currently applications. In the kitchen, dried watermint leaves can be used to brew an excellent, aromatic tea, or mixed in with other teas to create tasty combinations. The oil derived from the watermint plant can also be used to add flavour to oil and vinegar based dressings, which can be used for green salads or to give raw fruits and vegetables a little extra taste. The mint also can be added to cake batter, providing an unexpected burst of flavor to chocolate and lemon cakes.

      For centuries, the plant has been used to provide natural pest control, as mice and flies are repelled by watermint. As a cleaning agent, watermint is an excellent antiseptic when mixed with a small amount of water. When it comes to hygiene, watermint may be used in soaps and mouthwashes, as well as use as a facial astringent. A more recent addition to the several uses of watermint is as part of the formula of some shower gels, since it provides many of the same benefits of bathing with products that contain peppermint.
      From a medicinal perspective, watermint is also understood to be an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning surface wounds, removing excess oil from the face, calming ulcers, and helping to relieve indigestion. As part of aromatherapy, watermint is understood to be an ideal option in helping to ward off depression, and restoring emotional equilibrium. In some schools of alternative medicine, burning incense made with watermint is recommended as a way to relieve stuffy noses and other temporary and minor cold symptoms. While watermint may not be used for as many different applications as spearmint or peppermint, there is no doubt that the plant continues to be a valuable asset around the home.'


      ~*~Would I Recommend? ~*~

      I feel rather mean saying an outright 'no' as the body wash has some positives! I do feel cleaner after using the product. My skin feels quite moisturised and hydrated after using the product though I fear this is probably, in the case of the latter, the steamy jet spray water. The fragrance is light and captivating with its reinvigorating citrus aromas and beautiful sweet flowery undertones. But the scent does not last and is rather too light even on initial impact! All in all, the product fails to live up to the hype of providing '24 hours of hydration for all-day softness' and even as an adequate cleansing agent.

      If however consumers wish to give this product a try, maybe preferring a free flowing substance as a bubble bath or shower accompaniment, then the body wash is currently on offer at a saving of £2.01 for the price of £1.99. The product is available either through your local Avon representative, which is how I obtained mine or on the Avon website. It is also worth mentioning that this product is even available on other websites such as EBay and Amazon, all at very competitive prices.


      Thank you for taking the time to read my rather candid take on this less than pleasing product!


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