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Avon Skin So Soft Soft & Fresh Bath Oil

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Smoothes, Refreshes,

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    6 Reviews
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      27.04.2012 17:48
      Very helpful
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      Gorgeous smell and keeps skin very moisturised

      ---Why I Bought This---

      I have been a great fan of the basic Skin So Soft range for many years - buying their talc and soaps as well before Avon had a brain-wave and discontinued them. Luckily they still sell the Woodland Fresh bath Oil - but now renamed Soft and Fresh.

      ---The Brand---

      Avon has been making the Skin So Soft range since the 1960s - firstly it was called 'Woodland Fresh' and thrn this was rebranded as 'Soft and Fresh'.

      ---The Product---

      Cream plastic bottle with flip lid - updated from image above.
      250 mls of bath and body oil.
      Skin So Soft 'Soft and Fresh' with turquoise blue SSS on label.
      The back label gives a shelf life of 12 mnths once opened and it is made in Poland.
      The top back label has to be peeled away to reveal the ingredients and instructions.
      A long list of ingredients including citronellol.
      USE - can be added to bath or used on the skin afterwards.
      WARNING - keep out of reach of children.


      £4.60 each but are often on offer - currently it is buy one get one free.

      ---My Opinion---

      I have always been a great fan of the original Skin So Soft Woodland Fresh frangrance range and bought this as it is as far as I know pretty much the same - though with a different name - the smell to me is virtually the same anyway.
      This bath oil has two great attributes for me - firstly the smell which I absolutely love and secondly the way it leaves your skin feeling so soft after using it in a bath.
      You only need to use very little in the bath - the oil will disperse across the water and you will be able to relax in the wonderful smell, which is not really describable as it is an aroma all its own. Not a feminine smell either as my son used to rave about this too.
      When you get out of the bath and dry yourself your skin is left feeling really moisturised with a fine layer of oil. There is no need to use any sort of body lotion and the smell stays on your skin all day so I would find I hardly needed perfume either - I just loved the smell so much. It is great for both summer and winter - both times when you can find your skin becoming dry.

      ---Insect Repellent?---

      There is much written about the SSS (Skin So Soft) oil and its buy repellent properties.
      This is not sold as such - but it does contain citronellol which comes from citronella oil which is a known insect repellent.
      Great claims have been made for this oil - from use by soldiers to being used for bathing horses.
      Avon make no claims themselves but it is definitely worth a try - the smell may deter insects and midges - and it is a better solution than using other insecticides on your body.


      The only problem I have found with this oil is that it leaves the bath very slippery. This was not a problem for bath users but now we have had the over-bath shower repaired I am very wary of using this oil in case anyone slips in the bath. I prefer baths myself buy son and his girlfriend have quick showers and I do not want to be constantly scrubbing the bath out for safety's sake.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes. Very pleasant smell which lingers on the skin and also very moisturising.



      ---101 Uses for Skin So Soft Oil---



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        13.02.2011 10:19



        Lovely product that I would recommend

        I used to be an avon rep and this was a really good seller so when it came on offer I decided I wouls give it a try. I bought the 500ml bottle and the first thing I noticed when I opened it was the scent - personally I love it. The smell reminds me of baby talc from when my sister was little and the scent lasts for ages on the body too mmmmm.

        There are 2 ways in which to use the oil, you can either put a little bit in the bath or you can rub it onto damp skin after your bath or shower. Personally I don't put it in the bath as I don't like the idea of the bath having oil in when I want to wash my hair. When I get out of the bath I apply it to my skin and it leaves it really soft and scented for at least a day or so. My hands do get very greasy from applying the oil but it does wash off easily.

        I still have over half of my bottle and I have used it loads as it really does seem to go along way. The bottle states that it lasts for 24 months. I have never had any reaction to this product and find it really gentle on my skin.

        A really good thing is that Avon are forever putting offers on different things so if you like a product you really never need to pay full price just stock up when the offer comes.


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        27.06.2010 19:28
        Very helpful
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        Its like marmite - you either love it or hate it

        After reading some other reviews on this bath oil I felt I had to write one and stick up for it. I think its like marmite and you either love it or hate it and I am one who loves it.

        The Oil -
        As the product states its an oil and it sits on top of the bath water when poured in. You do not need to add a lot as a little goes a long way. When you get in the bath it covers your skin with a slightly greasy film but this disappears when you rub it in, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Might not be the best product if you have greasy skin but for dry skin it is lovely.

        The Smell -
        It has a very distinctive smell that is very hard to describe. One other reviewer said it was not flowery or fruity which is very much correct. I would say it is a light fragrance that is a bit woody and of leaves ( I know this does not make it sound nice but honestly it is!!) and it could even be a little like baby products. I think though it is its own smell and you need to smell it for yourself to see if you like it.

        The Bottle -
        Avon have updated the bottle from the cheap looking green bottle to a white one and it is a different shape. Looks a lot better although it is the same size (250ml). It used to come in a 500ml bottle too but I dont think its available anymore.

        The Price -
        It costs £4.50 for 250ml which I think is a bargain as it lasts for ages if you only use a small amount. It is often involved in other offers with Avon including 2-4-1 so can be even cheaper.

        Warning -
        My partner has a very different view of this oil as after using it (even after cleaning the bath) it leaves the bath really slippy - he says its like a skating rink so be very very careful.


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          27.12.2009 03:21



          smells great and a good body oil

          i love the smell of this range.. a firm fav when it comes to body oil
          the only thing is.. it leaves the bath mega slippy .. so should come with a warning for when you stand up to get out :-O
          saying that.. if you like to suburge yourslef and enjoy a long soak ... this did cause me spots on my bath because of the oil sticking to my skin.. but my skin was silky soft on getting out, which is a bonus as i didnt need to apply moisturiser afterward
          the other added bonus.. this the pump bottle of dry oil.. this is great for excema skin, on both me and the dog. saved me loads on prescription bath oils and vet supply of dog shampoo
          worth putting up with a few spots as ive learnt to be careful in getting out of the bath afterwards.. and always scrub the oil off the bath afterwards ready for the next person.. or they to may end up slipping.. which again i found out hahah


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          17.09.2009 17:38
          Very helpful
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          I Hated This Product And It's Proper Expensive As Well

          I brought this from the Avon book when I had a problem with dry skin but I only used it one time because I didn't like the smell of it and even though it left my skin nice and soft after my bath it made the water feel proper greasy even though I'd only used a little bit in the water.

          The smell is the first thing to tell you about because it's horrible and I don't think anyone would want to have a bath in it. It's proper overpowering and doesn't smell soft and powdery like most of the Skin So Soft stuff. I can't describe it much apart from that it smells like a mix of aftershave, grease and some unidentifiable smells that are a bit woody but not in a good way like in perfume.

          Avon tell you that you only need a few drops in your bath and i reckon that's right because even though I only put about 10 drops in the surface of the water was still oily and when I sat in the bath I knew straight away I wasn't going to like the feel of it.

          The horrible smell stayed for ages on my skin and I couldn't get rid of it even when I put some body spray on afterwards. I was surprised that my skin didn't feel oily after I'd had my bath and it didn't even feel a bit sticky like a lot of bath oils leave me feeling.

          My skin felt proper soft after I'd had my bath and smooth as well and it had helped with the dryness and that's a good thing but I don't think I could stomach bathing in it again because I hate the feel and smell of grease on my skin.

          It costs £8.00 for a 500ml bottle and that's a proper rip off because there are loads of better products out there that are a lot cheaper.


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            12.06.2009 14:34
            Very helpful



            Avoid... Avoid... Avoid...!! >:-o

            I could never be described as one of those people who LOVE their bath. You know the sort of person; they take their book in there, their glass of wine or whatever, and they are literally in there for over an hour. Me? Well, I guess I must be too impatient or restless or something, because I just can't seem to sit there 'relaxing' for all that long.

            I much prefer to jump in a quick shower, get washed, dried, dressed and then I'm usually to be found rushing out the door. If I DO decide to have a bath of a morning, which is quite often to be fair, probably a couple of times per week on average, then I will happily sit in it for a whole ten minutes or so, before getting bored and restless.

            I am telling you this, dear dooyooers, so that you will understand my predicament when I was recently reprimanded by both my specialist nurse (I have a chronic illness and am under regular supervision of said nurse, who I see at a clinic within my local hospital) and my GP, for being under 'too much stress'!!

            Of course I'm stressed (was my indignant reply) - I am too ill to work, and therefore have rather large worries about financial matters, whilst worrying all the time about my ever-failing health. "Will I be able to walk down the aisle?" "Will I need to move house sooner rather than later?" etc.

            Anyway, to get on with the product in hand, my lovely other half decided that enough was enough (hmmp!) and I was to sit in a 'relaxing' bubble bath with a nice glass of white wine and some lit candles. I know, a very nice offer, and very nice of him to think of doing this for me, but that's just the kind of guy he is. (I know, I'm a very lucky girl!)

            He picked out a few aromatherapy candles and lit them around the bathroom, then poured a generous helping of scented bubble bath under the hot tap and allowed the bubbles to settle nicely on the water, awaiting my arrival.

            After all of this was in place, he made that fatal mistake... he added THIS skin so soft bath and body oil to the bathwater!

            Of course, he wasn't to know that it was a vile and disgusting-smelling product, and he DID add it to the bath with the best of intentions. My guess is that he read the word 'oil' and this conjured up all sorts of images of aromatherapy and relaxation and the like. Hence, he squidged a good old dollop of it into the bath to hurry along the relaxation process. (Or so he thought...!)

            To clarify to those of you who are wondering, I DID actually buy this product from Avon myself, as I thought it would be a nice addition to my bathwater. After using it once, I quickly ascertained that this product was FAR from ideal for my own personal tastes, and it was quickly confined to the back of the bathroom cabinet, until such times when I decided I would like to give it another try. It would appear that that decision had been made for me, and so with trepidation I stepped into the bathwater...

            Before I go on any further, let me tell you about the smell of this product as best I can. It is in no way a fruity or flowery or even-slightly-attractive smell. It is the sort of smell that you cannot help but wrinkle your nose at when you pop up the cap and inhale a few whiffs from the bottle. It is also the sort of smell that would be better suited to a garden or household product, such as kitchen cleaner or something, rather than the sort of product you want to bathe yourself in.

            It is spicy smell, similar to 'old-spice' aftershave perhaps, with a hint of plants or greenhouse-type-smells about it... Just what you've always dreamed of bathing in, no doubt! >:-o

            Ok, to cut a long story short(er), I didn't manage to lie in the bath and soak myself for hours on end. I think I lasted around fifteen minutes (which were really out of guilt and care for my other half - I obviously wanted to spare his feelings) which really was as much as I could stomach, given the fact that the over-powering whiff was really starting to affect my head - I actually had to take a headache tablet upon removing myself from the bath. (And open a window to let the smell of the stinky oil out!!)

            Anyway, should you wish to purchase the large bottle of bath and body oil (oh yes, it's body oil too - you can actually put this vile stuff DIRECTLY onto your skin, though heaven knows why anybody would want to) it will cost you £8 for the large bottle, which is 500ml in size.

            The bottle in question is a light green colour, and the fragrance is "soft and fresh" (which makes me laugh). The oil is also available to buy in the "Soft and sensual" fragrance which comes in a pink bottle, instead of a green one.

            It doesn't surprise me in the slightest to learn that lots of people swear by the Avon skin so soft 'soft and fresh' dry oil body spray to be used as an insect repellent! I wonder if this bath and body oil would have the same effect?!?

            My other half actually commented on the rather unpleasant whiff of this product, which proves to me at least that it must be very noticeable as he never comments on such matters.

            If you actually like this product then a good point to note is that the scent remained on my skin for quite a long time after I had got out of the bath. Even after using my fragranced body lotion, the scent of the skin so soft oil remained on my skin. In my opinion of course, this was a down-side to the product for me, although naturally I wouldn't be saying that if I liked the scent!

            Another plus point, and the one thing I DO like about it is that my skin is lovely and soft after using it in my bath water. For that, I would have given it one star. Dooyoo has done this already, so I won't be adding any more.

            Beware lovely dooyooers that if you are going to try this product for yourself, extra care should be taken when you are getting in or out of the bath tub. I already have mobility issues so I have handles and things to hold onto, but if I didn't I would be very cautious and nervous about sliding all over the place.

            I also find that the oil also remains on the sides of the bath for quite some time, even after heavy scrubbing and cleaning with bleach. This product actually makes cleaning the bath even more of a nightmare than it is already!

            All in all, I couldn't recommend this product, and am horrified to think that at one time I spent a whopping eight pounds on this! Needless to say, I will never be buying it again, even if it is on special offer.

            Take my advice, save your money and avoid this oil like the plague!!


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          • Product Details

            A couple of drops to bath water help soften and smooth dry scaly skin /

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