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B Scent Solid Sugar Scrub

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Brand: B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2010 18:08
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      B - Never to busy to be Beautiful Solid Sugar Scrub

      Cold bad horrid weather means horrible skin and in particular horrible lips and there is a gap in the market for lip scrubs as far as I am concerned because the only place I can ever find a decent one is by Lush, or more importantly can be found within their B range. The Lush B range or "B never too be busy to be Beautiful" as the B stands for, can be found within many Lush stores, not all of them. It is also available online and within the range you can find a wide variety of what they call Vegan make-up. None of it is tested on animals and nor are any of the products derived from animals parts. You can find lip creams, hair mascaras, eye shadows and facial foundations to name but a few of their products and they are definitely worth looking into especially if like me you like something which is different and stands out. So whilst out purchasing my lip scrub I noticed that they had started selling other items to make me all excited and weak at the knees, there on the shelf in front of me was a product which resembled a Bath Ballistic and with a choice of two to choose from, I chose them both - well how could I not?

      The description alongside these Bath products was "Let's face it; we all need something special to look forward to after a hard day's work (or a hard day's night!) So why not turn bath-time into play-time. Whether it is an outrageously luxurious bath bursting with silky-soft bubbles or fizzing with fun we think relaxing in style is a very necessary daily indulgence. For those of you who don't complete your bathing by singing into a hairbrush whilst wearing a towel 'dress' you may prefer the slower, sensual delights of a moisturising bath oil or a slowly dissolving bath powder - all made of course, with the most essential of oils" which I thought was absolutely brilliant and definitely caught my eye in the shop here in London.

      So the first of the "New Products" that I was introduced to was B Scent Solid Sugar which isn't the most imaginative of names to be honest and after the brilliant description was a bit of a let down, but it is only a name. As a Sugar Scrubs it is designed to be used within the shower or a bath as an exfoliating product to work its magic to remove dry, flaky skin from your body with minimal effort to leave you with soft, smooth and healthy glowing skin and for the rather expensive £4.50 for 30g I was hopeful it would do something a little more than Lush's version called The Sugar Babe Scrub.

      B Scent Solid Sugar is a bright white colour and looks very familiar, rather like The Sugar Babe Scrub which is also slightly rough in texture as you run your hand over it and shaped like a half circle shaped ball. However this version was two foil snowflakes placed on the top of it which falls out as soon as you begin to use the product, they are only for decoration and not actual use and it contains glitter which gives it that sparkly look.

      So, with B Scent Solid Sugar in my hand I decided to test it out in the shower. The instructions for using this product are to make sure your skin is quite wet before using and then holding it within your hand, within which, due to its shape, it fits rather nicely, you rub the product over your body in circular motions, the reason for doing this is because it helps improve your circulation, and as you move around your body you can actually feel the sugar being released onto your skin, again very similar to the Lush version Sugar Babe, and as it scrubs the dead skin cells from the body and you can definitely feel it working against your skin as you exfoliate because the tiny particles of sugar grind against your skin very slightly and the harder you press down the more you will feel the sugar on your skin. The one thing about this product which does differ to Lush is the aroma, which was delightful and not as potent as the Lush version in my opinion because when you pick this up in the shop it is actually quite a subtle scent, mix it with water and it comes alive.

      The ingredients for this product start with Jasmine Absolute which seems to be a common theme for me currently with my products, but I do like the fragrance that jasmine gives and as with the last product Jasmine is recommended for relieving stress and pre-menstrual tensions whilst helping to relax the mind and body, it also helps with easing muscular pain and can act as an aphrodisiac. Secondly there is Grapefruit Oil which isn't something I have come across regularly in a product like this, but it is high in Vitamin C content which is good for the body in helping the immune system it also has an uplifting effect on the mood and helps with stress and depression and helps to combat muscle fatigue and stiffness, clearing the body of toxins and helping to clear congested oily skin which means essentially it does a bit of everything and you can smell the grapefruit oil alongside the Jasmine which makes the aroma so lovely and fragrant. Coming next is Fennel Oil, I found it slightly odd to have Fennel Oil because it didn't seem to fit right but anyway Fennel Oil helps to cleanse and tone the skin and is commonly used to help clear over oily skin and help with the wrinkle and cellulite fighting. Finally there is Rose Absolute which hosts excellent moisturising and hydrating properties for the skin and is especially useful to those people like me who suffer from bouts of dry, itchy skin because it deals with inflammation and skin redness. So those are the main ingredients and I was surprised to see no hint nor sign of Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil or Coconut oil which most of the Lush products seem to use as their main ingredient, so I was a bit unsure as to how soft my skin would feel after using.

      I have found with similar products (Sugar babe) of this kind that you need to pay particular attention to the areas that are not always considered with treatments - those areas being your legs, bums and tums because these areas are often ignored when it comes to the exfoliating process. So how did it fare on the skin? Well to use it was really easy and because the sugar was quite well grounded although obviously you can feel it on your skin, I found that with my legs I did need to exert some pressure when using this product because not only is it one of my more problematic areas I wanted to ensure that I tested this product as much as I possibly could to see how effective it was. When it comes to washing the product from your body, again it takes no effort but I did find it particularly useful was to massage any excess off using the running water from the shower to ensure nothing was left clinging to my skin because there is nothing worse than feeling like you have just run across the beach with sand stuck to your body as you dry yourself.

      After using this product and patting my skin dry I was delighted with the effects, my skin was soft and smooth to the touch much to my surprise because as mentioned previously in this review, it didn't contain any of the ingredients I was expecting it to that would leave you with soft smooth skin. The Grapefruit smell was the fragrance which remained on the skin after showering and thankfully there was not much glitter left on my skin after using, because I was showering when using it, it washed off with little effort.

      Whenever I have used these products, it has always been in an evening after work or on a weekend before I have gone out somewhere and the smell does linger on the skin for quite some time. These products are designed to only be used in the shower and not the bath it contains sodium bicarbonate which is used on both Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bar Slices from Lush which whiz around the bath once they hit the water to create bubbles and release essential oils and if you use this product in the bath it reacts like a Bath Ballistic and starts whizzing round and you will end up with no sugar scrub. Instead when it comes into contact with the water from the shower it releases the oils and the sugar at a much slower rate enabling it to be used much easier.

      So I do recommend this from B, the sister company to Lush? Yes it is fun to use, it smells absolutely divine and it is really easy to use and not to mention it does soften and smooth the skin by relieving it of dead skin cells. Further information on other ingredients and this product can be found on the B website. However, it is more expensive than Lush and it does exactly the same job as Sugar babe which is around £2 cheaper and three times the size which means you can use it a lot longer than you can this version which lasted me three washes.


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