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Beatitude Joy Bath Oil

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Brand: Beatitude / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2013 10:48
      Very helpful



      Luxury bath oil

      As a tester for the Beauty Bible I was sent this last year to test. I love nice bath products, especially as they are not things I'd buy myself (I tend to pick up whatever takes my fancy/is on offer in the supermarket) so I was keen to try this beautifully presented bath oil by Beatitude.

      Beatitude is not a brand I am familiar with; they were founded by a Beauty Therapist who had also studied Bioscience and Health. The company ethos is top quality, natural ingredients for skincare and better general wellbeing. Products are made in Britain, are not tested on animals, are biodegradable and packaging is recyclable. So far, so good.

      The packaging of the product is superb. Environmental-friendly packaging does not mean minimalist or boring. The recyclable bag is tied with a brown ribbon and looks very pretty in thick cream paper with brown print. The font and design is both simple yet sophisticated, making me think I am in possession of something special. Inside is a glass bottle with a square stopper lid and a bronze ribbon round its neck. It is much prettier than the plastic bottle of Radox currently on the corner of my bath.

      I was given Joy Bath oil which is designed to cheer and uplift. I usually have a bath to unwind rather than wake up but I was prepared to give it ago. I use it on weekend mornings, as that is the only time I have for soak in the bath, other than an evening. Perking me up before bed is not the intention. The first time I used it I had not had a good night's sleep but had a busy day. I found that it did initially perk me up but I was obviously still tired - it can't perform miracles. Using it subsequently after better sleep I did find I felt mildly more energetic and ready to get on with my weekend tasks. I can't say conclusively I felt more uplifted than after a shower, but I was certainly bright eyed and bushy tailed. Did it affect my mood and cheer me up? I can't say if I would have been as cheery without using it obviously. A longer time to linger in the bath would have been nice though!

      The ingredients list is printed in full on the bottom of the bag and on the back of the bottle. It gives the Latin and English names, and although it is quite small print, there was nothing alarming that I could see. The packaging states that they do not use sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals/mineral oils, silicones, artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The delicious fragrance comes from the naturally derived essential oils. One of the key essential oils in Joy is mandarin. This is the one I notice the most when I take the stopper off and the scent that lingers in my bathroom and on my skin afterwards. It is presumably what gives the bath oil its golden colour. It is mixed with grapefruit which takes the edge off the mandarin scent for me. Grapefruit essential oil can be used to help people who are depressed or lethargic and those affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is most of the nation after the world's longest British winter. There is also orange essential oil extracted from both the skin and the leaf for its uplifting properties. Also present is bergamot essential oil which is a well known skin soother. All beatitude products include Camellia oil for its vitamin and antioxidant properties, oat oil and peach kernel oil for moisturising and skin smoothing.

      The directions say add a teaspoon (5ml) into running water as you prepare your bath. I don't use any other products. As the water first mixes with the oil a few bubbles appear and then disperse and my bath water looks a bit cloudy but does not take on any other colour of the product. I can smell the Mandarin/citrus scents and park myself in the bath to relax with the radio. Whilst the scent maybe natural, the strength of it did make me think it was a bit syntheticy. Using the bath water to rinse my skin, it feels soft, but upon getting out I still used my usual moisturiser at first but this is more habit than because my skin is crying out for it. I deliberately didn't apply some the last time I used it, and was pleasantly surprised by how moisturised my skin was - problem areas like elbows and feet still needed a bit of attention though. I have tried washing/rinsing my hair in the bath water when this oil had been in it. I don't recommend it as it left a greasy feel to my hair which was them impossible to style unless I wanted the 'sticking randomly out from my head' look.

      After my bath I was pleased to see that there was no noticeable residue left around my tub like some products leave - a quick rinse sufficed. The scent lingered in the bathroom for a few hours and on my skin for quiet a while. My 100ml bottle will last for 20 baths apparently but I am a bit haphazard with the measuring (or rather not measuring - just guessing) so I don't expect to have that amount in total. The bottle I had would cost £38; the 50ml bottle £22. It is a luxury product to treat yourself with, rather than an everyday product. As much as I like the product and am convinced of its claims I don't think I would pay that price again. If someone wanted to gift me one, I would probably opt for a relaxing and soothing fragrance as a way to unwind before bed. Products as available to buy online, or at a few select retail outlets in Scotland. Details are on the website.

      This is a lovely, luxury product and one I have enjoyed using; however the price is too much for me to repeat the experience. I think it would make a lovely gift for someone who likes and enjoys bath products that are natural and something a bit more special.



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