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Beautifully Delicious Candy licious Coconut & Shea Bath Cubes

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Brand: Beautifully Delicious / Type: Bath Melt / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2010 15:32
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      disappinting bath cubes from Boots

      I think Boots have probably survived the recession thanks to my impulse buying and their own offers which I've found too tempting to ignore. Having recently received copious amounts of smellies for Christmas I needed to find somewhere to store them in my bathroom amongst the Soap & Glory sets, Lush products and The works products, some of whose collections have been added too over the festive season. Whenever I have a clear out I always come across products that I had bought with an intention of trying but then seemingly forget about them and they end up being pushed back to the far end of my shelf or have their views obscured by something else. So a little clear out a few months ago unearthed a raft of goodies that I had forgotten about.

      Firstly I love bathing, it is one of my favourite things to do and I find it incredibly relaxing. One of the things I try and ensure I do at least once a week is to find one whole hour out of my busy schedule to myself to relax and unwind in a hot bath of luscious bubbles and a product of my choosing. It is far to say that I tend to have on offer a host of Lush, Bomb Cosmetic and other goodies to choose from at all times, as one collection runs out I stock them up. However this time I decided to use something totally different and it's a product from Boots called Beautifully Delicious Coconut & Shea Bath Cubes.

      Those of you who read my reviews quite regularly will have noticed that I am a bit obsessed not only with having a bath, Lush products and Soap & Glory products, but I also have a love for all things coconut whether that is a beauty product or a food product. So to find these cubes sitting on my shelf with only a few removed can mean one of two things. I either didn't like them or I simply forgot about them and as I can't remember either way I decided it was time to try them again.

      Beautifully Delicious Coconut & Shea Bath Cubes are sold in a rather flimsy looking plastic tub; it is made of a softish plastic material which is slightly squeezable, although you need to be careful as too how much pressure you apply to squeezing said tub because you might crush the contents. If it was to sit on a shelf in someone's home or indeed within the shop it could be described as looking very similar to a small jar of sweets that you used to see in your local paper shop housing the 1p sweets. The tub is clear plastic so that you can see the contents perfectly clear and the only design to this packaging is the small sticker label which is placed in the centre of a white circle and within the circle are the words 'Candy-licious' in what I would describe as candy pink lettering, a picture of a coconut and then further writing to explain what the product is. Sealing the tub is a black harder plastic lid which secures itself quite tightly on the tub.

      The contents of the tub remind me of sugar cubes, inside you can see lumps of pink and white shaped cubes, slightly bigger than sugar lumps but that is what they remind me of. Once in your hand two of them sit neatly in your palm. The instructions on the back of the packaging state that you should add one or two of the lumps to your bath to get a candy-licious smelling bath where you will enjoy "the luscious scent as you indulge yourself in a sweet tropical paradise". So they sound nice enough.

      Once I have got my bath water running, I need to add that like any other product that should dissolve in your bath water, you need to ensure that there is at least an inch or two of water at the bottom of the bath before adding one of these cubes to it. So because I am interested to see why I hadn't used all of these cubes I decided to put two of the pink cubes into the water and then watch and see what happened next. I was expecting a mad fizzing of the cubes and copious amounts of bubbles to be created as they dissolved into the water. So I watched and waited and not a lot happened to be honest, the water turned a murky looking colour and not the candy pink I had hoped for and nor was there any bubbles. So I am not quite disappointed and not really looking forward to my bath, but then remembering that Lush Bombs also do not create bubbles either they might be worth testing after all.

      The promised 'candy-licious' smelling scent that would help to 'indulge myself in a sweet tropical paradise' was also not that evident if I am totally honest. When the cubes are on the palms of your hands then the aroma of both Coconut and Shea are really noticeable, more than likely because you smell the scent by placing the cubes under your nose, however within the bath there is nothing released in the steam vapour and I am not getting the much hoped for Coconut aroma that I really liked and enjoyed from other products. So again disappointed for a second time. My only hope is that my skin is now really taken care of by this product after bathing.

      With an absence of a decent aroma I was interested to find that two of the ingredients listed amongst a whole host of others were both Shea Butter and Coconut Oil both of which are well known to moisturise and soften the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth to the touch. I particularly like both of these products for those very reasons and because I tend to suffer with dry skin, I find that using a product which contains Coconut oil, Shea butter and/or Cocoa butter always helps to deal with the dry skin and add some moisture leaving me with soft, smooth skin.

      So after spending around an hour lazing in the bath with a book, the water has now reached a temperature that I am not too comfortable with and that means I need to get my lazy self out of the bath, dried and into some lovely warm clean Pjs which are waiting for me. So once I had dried my skin it was soft and smooth but I wasn't as impressed as I have been using similar products, namely because my skin had no scent to it from the cubes and only having got out of the bath did I notice that one of the two cubes had half dissolved.

      Within the tub you get 30 cubes and at a price of £3.99 I was probably expecting a little too much from them and have been rather spoilt by how good Lush and Bomb Cosmetic products are and I have now realised why I hadn't used up all of these cubes, I was obviously not so impressed at the time and decided I wasn't going to use them anymore and the perfect place for them is actually in the bin because I didn't intend to subject myself to more bath torture with no aroma, no bubbles and no nice pink bath water. I will instead stick to using products that I know and like, even if they do cost a little more.

      So overall I didn't like them, they didn't leave me feeling relaxed and I didn't go off to some tranquil paradise and whilst my skin might be soft and smooth, this product didn't leave a nice lingering scent on my skin. So money wasted for me and I don't recommend them.


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