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Beautifully Delicious Candylicious Papaya & Mango Bath Bomb

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Brand: Beautifully Delicious / Bomb/Fizzer / Type: Bath Bomb / Subcategory: Bath Melt / Bath Foam / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2011 08:02
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      A really disappointing and rather dull product from Beautifully Delicious

      As someone who absolutely adores their toiletries receiving a few items for Christmas from the Beautifully Delicious range was a real surprise to me, particularly as it's a range I am unfamiliar with. The items I received were a 225g papaya and mango fragranced bath fizzer, together with a brightly green colour cardboard packaged gift set containing further papaya and mango goodies; one of which was a 50g fizzer. Consequently, my Christmas evening bath saw me being accompanied and no, not by some gorgeous hunk, but a Bath Fizzer and this review discusses my experience of using the product.


      As I knew absolutely nothing about the company I decided to carry out a little research and learned that they are a company who specialise in producing budget price fruity bath products. They were launched only five years ago in 2006 where they initially marketed just four body butters and today they are responsible for twenty nine different products, which range from shower gels, scrubs, bath fizzers and cubes, body butters and scrubs. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and is rather eye-catching with its' easy to read text and plenty of images of gorgeous looking products.


      My first use of this range of products was the 50g bath fizzer, which is presented to us in shiny red metallic foil wrapper with silver on its' reverse and the fizzer is safely secured in the lower section where the wrapper has been drawn tightly at the top and fastened with a small length of elasticated silver cord. As soon as I cut the cord the fragrance of the fizzer hit me within an instant. I was quite overwhelmed with its' absolutely refreshing and stunning aroma, as I could most definitely witness the mango, which smelled almost good enough to eat! The 50g fizzer is relatively small in size and measures approximately 4 cm and is presented to us in the shape of a ball. To ensure it retains its' perfect shape it has been tightly packaged in a transparent cellophane covering, which I did not initially realise, particularly due to its' extremely strong fragrance. Consequently, I believed it would be considerably stronger the moment I removed this second layer of packaging.


      Whilst I normally dispense my beauty products into running water I wanted to be able to totally witness the effects of my bath fizzer, so I fully ran my hot bath and turned off the taps. I removed the fizzer from its' cellophane wrapper and was surprised to see that it was double wrapped! Just as I suspected its' fragrance was extremely strong as well as being very refreshing and natural smelling. I gently dropped it into the water and waited for the magic to begin! I waited and waited after the fizzer plopped to the base of the bath and very, very slowly started to dissolve. It was either the fact that I had become completely deaf or the fizzing sound was non-existent, as I heard absolutely nothing!

      Consequently, I lifted the rapidly reducing ball shape from the water and placed it to my ear and it was only then that I could witness any sound - a very faint and pathetic sizzling! I replaced the fizzer into the bath water and again it sunk to the bottom of the bath with a thud! A few areas of bubbles rose to the surface, but disappeared within seconds and no beautiful coloured water, as it turned a rather dirty shade of yellowy brown! It was a very dull and extremely disappointing bath fizz, particularly as it took almost five minutes in total to totally dissolve, during which time my bath water had started to turn cold!


      As you have probably guessed by now, this was an utterly pathetic bath fizzer and was not even worth the effort of removing it from the wrapper! This product did not provide me with a luxurious bath and only resulted in me sitting in a bath of plain and boring un-fragranced water, which was dull, dull, dull! The beautiful refreshing aroma that I had initially witnessed from the fizzer seemed to have totally vanished and I might as well have bathed with a few pebbles! There was no fragrance on my skin and the only positive was that it did not cause me any adverse effects. I had expected my Christmas night bath to be luxurious and totally relaxing, but instead it was a total disappointment.

      To add to my sheer disappointment of using this "fizzer" and to make matters worse, it left a horrible gritty soap scrum around the inside of my bath, which had previously been clean! Consequently, a good five minutes of my Christmas evening was spent scrubbing the bath clean, a chore I had definitely not anticipated! As I believed the 50g fizzer might have been faulty I proceeded to use the full sized 225g fizzer the following evening with identical results! As a result of my poor experience I cannot recommend this fizzer and it receives the lowest possible number of stars from me!


      We are informed that as this product contains natural extracts the colours may slightly vary and as with all products of this nature, care should be take not to get into the eyes. If contact should occur, you should immediately rinse with water. Once you have used your bath fizzer the packaging can be placed into your recycling bin.


      If after reading my review you are interested in purchasing this product I have checked on line for an up-to-date price. As previously stated, my fizzer was one fifth of the normal size, which is 225g. At the time of writing (4 January 2011) Boots have reduced the fizzer from its' normal price of £1.99 to £1.33, but don't bother purchasing, as you will be very disappointed!

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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