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Beautifully Delicious Honey & Almond Shower Gel

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Type: Shower Gel / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2008 18:47
      Very helpful



      A nice, everyday 'feel good' shower gel!

      I find that when it comes to buying myself body care products for my bathroom I really do spend out on bubble baths and fancy soaps but I ignore my shower times. Now I like a lot of people on here I love a bath but I don't always have the time and when it comes to buying shower gels I like nice ones but I don't take a lot of notice of what I buy really as long as it smells ok and it's all a bit mad really cos the most of time I shower! So walking around Sainsbury's with money in my pocket, time to spare and nothing in mind to buy I decided to look at the toiletries and sniff everything within in sight and find something to treat myself to that would care for my skin!

      There was a small range of products I hadn't seen before within this range and they were on offer! Yep I did stock up lol

      The Packaging....

      250ml long, tall, recyclable clear plastic bottle with a black plastic flip top lid situated on the top. On the front and back there are beigy/yellow sticky labels. On the front I'm told It's 'Beautifully Delicious, Moistu-licious, Honey & Almond Shower Gel', with honey & sweet almond oil for normal to dry skin. (My skin I'd say can get a little dry from time to time) Then there is a picture of honey on a stick thing and under that I'm told ' Three easy steps for the feel-good factor:

      1) Close the bathroom door
      2) Drench your skin in the warm water
      3) Lather your skin in the honey blanket.

      Finally the size is stated (as I've listed already). On the back once again I'm told what the product is. I'm then told a bit about the product, directions for use, cautions, ingredients, contact details for Floraroma Ltd (the manufacturers of this product) and bar-code. It's really nice packaging and doesn't look cheap and/or nasty!

      About The Product....

      Moistur-licious shower gels are full to the brim with sumptuous ingredients that are almost good enough to eat! For a delectable shower experience, indulge your sweet tooth whilst you lather with the irresistible scents of Honey and Sweet Almond. What a delight!


      Squeeze moistur-licious shower gel into your hand or on to a body polisher and massage over damp skin before rinsing.

      The Shower Gel....

      Almost clear runny gel which has a tainted golden colour but it's only very slight in it's hint of colour. It comes out of the bottle really easily and if you tip it upside down it will drip out of the small hole but you can give the bottle a little squeeze for a bit extra. I was a little concerned about the consistency as it seemed rather thin but it was a gel.

      My preferred method is to splodge some shower gel on a scrunchy. The smell is delicious! Really, really gorgeous! The most prominent fragrance is honey with the almond smell sort of wafting gently over the top of that honey smell taking the edge off the overwhelming sweetness that could be achieved by just honey alone. It is sweet and incredibly girly and there is no disguising this is a honey shower gel but it remains sophisticated in the smell department at the same time and not sickly.

      So about the size of a 50p piece is enough to wash the whole body with and that's being generous. Feel free to use more for a luxurious shower as it doesn't feel sticky no matter how much you use (providing you wash it off off course lol). To apply on the scrunchy can be hard as it is runny so I squeeze some on with one hand and rub it into my scrunchy with the other so I don't get it dripping everywhere and lose it!

      A little does go a long way of this and it lathers up into big thick white, rich bubbles very speedily indeed. It glides on skin beautifully and is none drying out and as I said previously none sticky. The only other thing to watch out for is it can make the shower tray/bath a little greasy so make sure your careful not to slide out!

      This is perfect for shaving with as it does contain a little oil and a razor glides simply over giving me a really close shave which I like because I just cant be bothered to use a separate shaving foam or gel in the shower. This is simple and unfussy to use in every way. It washes off the skin easily and when dried off your not only left with lovely fragranced skin which isn't overpowered with fragrance, there is no feeling of residue and skin is left feeling soft, smooth and supple. The smell fades after about a couple of hours and although fragrant it isn't so much so you have to be careful with what other fragrances you choose to use after using this.


      A really, really nice everyday shower product. It actually makes me run to the bathroom to use it as I adore the smell. I find it really kind to my skin and I do suffer with sensitive skin such as the odd blackhead appearing where I'd really rather they wouldn't appear and I also suffer with patches of greasy skin, particulary on my shins on back. Although this in my mind certainly contains a small amount of oil (Almond) this really doesn't upset my pH balance and appears to be rather intelligent. It keeps me fresh and clean till the following day when.... I can start again! Recommended at £1.49 a bottle currently on offer in Sainsbury's and usually around £3.00 so it's the ideal time to try it out ladies!This isn't a Sainsbury's product but I don't know where else this is stocked to be perfectly honest but it is worth keeping your eyes peeled for!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      For normal to dry skin / Lather up in the sweet smell of honey and almond /

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