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Beautifully Delicious Papaya & Mango Bath & Shower Gel

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Brand: Beautifully Delicious / and Shower Gel / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      20.03.2011 12:40
      Very helpful



      A nice product, but not strong enough for me.

      After receiving a bagful of goodies from my sisters for my birthday, I was introduced to a couple of new brands not familiar even in name to me, wit this (unfortunately!) being my least favourite of the three products.

      The product in question is - "Beautifully delicious - Papaya and mango bath and shower gel".

      Of the three "flavours" I received in my gift bag (I also had honey and almond, and strawberry and pomegranate), this one seems to have the weakest aroma, which for me is not a good thing, I love strongly scented products that not only clean and cleanse my skin, but leaves a delicious scent lingering on the skin for a while after.

      That packaging (to me anyway!) reminds me of the "original source" products, with the idea being that these are highly scented fruity products, but containing plenty of naturally good ingredients for the skin nourishing purposes and to give your skin the scent of being "good enough to eat".

      The bottle is a nice large clear container, with the creamy peach gel being visible within, with an easy to open (even with wet hands!) flip design lid, though due to it's size you do find you cannot upturn the bottle towards the end to remove the dregs.

      There is a plethora of information to be found on the bottle's label, this ranging from brand name, through to contents, with this boasting a volume of 500ml (16.9 fl oz) which for the price (around the £1.50 - £2.00 mark) is exceptional value for money.

      The idea of this particular gel is that it can be used as either a bath cream or a shower gel product, so for the sake of this review (and of course curiosity too!) I have tried it both ways.

      For the shower I found that by squeezing a small amount onto a body puff or polisher the best route of cleaning with it, I have watched my children use this, squeezed straight in a hand, and have discovered that it slides straight off the hand or even (if it gets as far as the skin!) straight from the skin before any real bubbling action has taken place!

      If used with a puff I found that the bubbles were plentiful and thick, but unfortunately the scent was not really strong enough, even in this reasonably undiluted form.

      The mango and papaya makes for a truly delicious scent, very tropical with a slight "twang" to it, rather than being too sweet scented, this gave me an idea of grapefruits and fresh oranges, that slightly sour edge to it, actually making my mouth water, (repeat after me, this is a cleaning product, please do not drink.......)

      For a bath, again very little was needed to create a bath full of voluminous bubbles, creating a good 3" layer on the top of the water, this to me was decadent to bathe in, but for my kids (who usually insist on jumping in the bath, sometimes after me, but usually with me, upon which I am forced out!), downside is that the scent completely disappears, which for my tastes is a no go!

      Once out of the bath/shower I find that the scent has not clung in any way to my skin, which of course is disappointing, though my skin does feel nice and clean, and in no way irritated, with my kids skin being the same.

      As far as I am aware this is definitely available for purchase in Sainsbury's and is also available via www.amazon.co.uk.

      This is a nice enough bath/shower gel that for me loses a couple of stars due to the lack of scent when using the product, though it does smell delicious in the bottle!

      For more information visit - www.beautifullydelicious.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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        27.01.2011 08:04
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous bath and shower gel

        If you have been following my reviews you will be aware that I received a beautiful selection of items from a range that is new to me, namely Beautifully Delicious. I cannot believe that I was not aware of this company, particularly as I absolutely adore beautiful toiletries, so it was really exciting to try something new. You will be aware that my experience of using their Bath Fizzer was extremely negative yet my experience of their body lotion was very positive. Beautifully Delicious is a fairly new company and is responsible for twenty nine beauty products and this review discusses my experience of using their Bubble Licious Bath and Shower Gel in a papaya and mango fragrance.


        As all of my items were contained within a cardboard gift set, the sizes of the products are somewhat smaller than if you were to purchase them individually. Consequently, I checked on the Beautifully Delicious website to compare the packaging and whilst my 50ml of gel is presented in a sturdy plastic tube and the full sized 500ml version is presented in a bottle, the appearance of the packaging is identical.

        We are provided with an image of a black apple and the name of the company, which I learned by scrutinising my other products, is the company's rather eye-catching logo. On the lower right hand section there are images of a rather mouth watering mango together with a papaya. My transparent tube sits on its' black flip top lid and through the transparent packaging I can see a gorgeous creamy yellow coloured gel.


        The lid easily opened and clicked securely shut and only a small amount of the fairly thick consistency gel was necessary for me to experience an extremely luxurious shower. The fragrance is simply delightful and smells good enough to eat with the most gorgeous detectable aroma of fresh mango and papaya. It is very rare that I find beauty products that identically resemble their alleged fragrance, but this most definitely ticks every box in the fragrance department.

        The gel created a plentiful lather within seconds of making contact with my dampened skin and felt extremely luxurious and very refreshing. The aroma was evident for my entire showering experience and made me feel very uplifted. Consequently, I feel this is a product best used in the mornings, as the last thing I want is to feel uplifted prior to getting a good night's sleep. My skin did not feel dry after use and I suffered no adverse affects whatsoever. In fact, each time I used this gel my skin always felt extremely smooth and moisturised together with the gorgeous fragrance, which lingered on its' surface for a good couple of hours after use. As I was fortunate enough to have also received the matching body lotion I was able to layer my fragrances, which made this product simply delightful to use.

        You may be aware from my previous reviews that I always use a net body polisher in both the bath and shower for two reasons, as in doing so it allows my beauty products last much longer and you are not left with a soggy middle section, which generally occurs after a good few uses with a sponge. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and it most definitely receives a full 5 stars from me, as you will be absolutely stunned at its' zingy and extremely natural smelling fragrance.


        I have scrutinised the list of ingredients and whilst there are too many to detail in this review I would advise that I unable to see anything that would provide moisturising properties. Consequently, I believe that this is simply a very caring and gentle product. The gel should be used within 12 months of opening and the empty container can be recycled after use.


        A full sized bottle containing 500ml of beautifully fragranced bath and shower gel can be purchased for £2.99, which in my opinion is excellent value for money, particularly as this product is so luxurious. As I did not purchase this product myself I checked on line and would advise that some items from the range can be purchased from Boots with Amazon selling the majority of the range.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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