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Beautifully Delicious Strawberry & Pomegranate Bubblicious Bath & Shower Gel

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Brand: Beautifully Delicious / Type: / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2011 15:54
      Very helpful



      My newest favourite range!

      After receiving a bag full of goodies from my sister for my birthday (and I mean a bag full, yes I am that spoilt!), I have finally got around to reviewing one of the nicest ranges of bath &shower foams I have ever tried, with this particular one being the best "flavour!".

      The product in question is - "Beautifully delicious - strawberry & pomegranate bath & shower gel".

      Before receiving this as my birthday gift this wasn't really a brand I knew much about or had tried before, so to receive no less than 4 different items in one go meant for some serious bathing time (yes I know, any excuse!).The bottle itself is quite substantial looking holding 500ml of product within. The label is rose pink to match the slightly deeper shade of pink gel inside, making this scream feminine and strawberry just on sight!

      There is all the relevant information to be found, brand name, product name, contents and weights/volumes, fragrance and directions for use.

      On many of these newer types of bathing products it seems quite fashionable to write some sort of bathing mantra, with N-SPA being the first one I had tried, and with this product being no different, though not as imaginative.

      "Close the bathroom door - drench your skin in warm water - indulge your senses....", pretty self explanatory, though after having a cheeky sniff of this before running me a bath I was more than ready to indulge!

      To use this is a multi talented product, with it either being suitable as a shower gel, or my favourite method being a bath foam, though I did try both ways for the sake of this review!

      In the shower I squirted a small amount onto my faithful shower puff, thus using less product but being able to create more bubbles for washing, which it did in abundance!

      The scent I can only describe as a slightly tropical take on strawberry, with the strawberry smelling sweet and luscious (though more a fake strawberry scent!), with the pomegranate adding the tropical twist, though I can't say I have ever smelt one before, within this context it really does smell lovely.

      It is really nice used as a shower gel, refreshing to use and gentle on the skin, with my skin even feeling a little softer to the touch after use.

      As a bath foam this is luxurious to use.

      I ran my bath as normal, squirting a decent amount under the running hot tap, with the sweet strawberry scent swirling throughout my bathroom, the scent didn't seem to dilute down any with the addition of huge amounts of water either, bonus!

      This small amount gel produced HUGE amounts of bubbles, my kids (who always share the bath water after me) were more than pleased by the bubbles left in there, even after me bathing for a good ½ hour!

      Again my skin felt refreshed and cleansed, with this leaving my skin that much softer, with the scent of this product lingering deliciously on my skin, even after the application of my skin lotion, so the scent can be built on by layering other delicious scents on the top!

      Though my skin is not too sensitive, the rest of my families skin can be, so I was pleased that this had no adverse effects on them, my daughter actually enjoying the experience slightly more than my son though, he is of the age were this would be considered "girly", with my daughter being of the age where these type of products are "very cool", so I do tend to indulge her a little, nothing wrong with encouraging good washing practises, even if it means her wallowing for an hour in a bath! (Luckily my toilet is in a separate room, or else my husband would be having words!).

      I do find that this is very relaxing too, so tend to save my baths for night time, there is no greater pleasure than having a long soak, getting into my PJ's and getting into a freshly changed bed, small pleasures and all that!

      Price wise this is available (at present anyway!), in Sainsbury's (www.sainsburys.co.uk) for around £1.50-£2.00 a bottle, which for the quality of this is exceptional value, and so I have no problem at all recommending this!

      Thanks for reading x


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