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Bomb Cosmetics Butter Be Good

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / bomb / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Subcategory: Butter / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 20:56
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      A prettily presented bath time gift from Bomb Cosmetics

      Bomb Cosmetics Butter Be Good
      This beautiful gift box from Bomb Cosmetics was one of my Christmas presents from one of my children, my step son in fact.

      It comes beautifully ready wrapped which is always a bonus as he hates wrapping gifts. Inside the box the items are packed in wooden shavings which are quite hard but burned very well when the fire went out and I used this to help start it up. At least they were not packed with polystyrene which I hate and this is at least biodegradable or would have been if I hadn't used it to re start my fire.
      Inside the box I was quite delighted to find seven lovely items. There were three bath bombs, two creamy bath melts, one heart shaped massage bar and finally a really pretty soap

      The first one I tried was the BUTTER BERRY BATH BLASTER. This was the size of a big Lush bath bomb which was pink down the bottom and creamy coloured at the top and looked like a MrWhippy at the top.
      I broke mine in half as I always find that these have enough product for at least two baths. I did notice as I broke this one that was a piece of cocoa butter or similar that went into my first bath. The bomb fizzed nicely and the sweet fruity strawberry scent did carry quite well into the room. I also noticed that lots of tiny strawberry seeds floated around as the bomb fizzed away.

      As I got into the bath the water felt nice and soft, it didn't smell that strongly once the bomb had fizzed away and the buttery bit did make the water slightly greasy as though I had used a bath melt instead. It was a nice enough bath but I was less thrilled with the strawberry seeds which stuck around the sides of the bath and I needed to wash the bath with a cleaner to get rid of them and the greasy residue left behind.

      This is such a pretty little bath creamer as it looks like a small cup cake with cream icing. It is a pale green on the bottom and about three 'icing' flowers' on the 'icing' top'. These make lovely gifts as they are so pretty and smell lovely too.

      I used the whole one of these as they would have had to be cut with a knife and I didn't have one in the bathroom. It melted slowly giving off a lovely creamy coconutty aroma. There was also a hint of ginger and mandarin but it wasn't that strong.

      Once in the bath the water felt creamy and quite oily again from the cocoa butter. I do love bath creamers but they do give a bit of an oily/greasy feel to the bath water. They also leave a very obvious greasy tide mark around the sides of the bath meaning that you have to clean the bath after you use them.

      As well as the greasy feel there were also bits of desiccated coconut floating around which again I found less than pleasant as they floated and kept getting stuck on my slightly moisturised ( greasy) body. I wasn't totally convinced about thios one apart from the fact it smelled nice and looked very pretty.

      This is another bath creamer with added cocoa butter chips designed to make you a lovely moisturising bath. This is a beautiful ,mock cup cake with blue 'cake' and white 'icing' decorated with a couple of chocolate drops and three pink flowers.

      This smelled a lot stronger than the previous bath melt and I also fished this out when it was half melted as I hoped the bath would be less greasy. It smelled of ylang ylang and the scent carried well into the bath room especially when I fished it out half way as the warmth of the bath made the scent come out more.

      Once again the bath water was oily as this is a creamer but this one had strawberry seeds in it which I felt were a waste of time and just filled the bath with annoying seeds again which once again stuck very well to the greasy residue left when I emptied the bath water. Once again this needed me to clean the bath with cleaner after emptying the bath water which is always a but irritating but I do realise this when choosing a creamer for the bath.

      Once again this makes a great gift for someone like me who likes bath treats but do be aware that they do make a bit of a mess in the bath and you end up cleaning the bath quite frequently when you use these.


      This is a pretty heart shaped massage bar with a pink flower in one top corner and the actual bar is a greenish colour with a pearly sheen through it.

      Mine came sealed in soft plastic which was easy to snip off. It smelled really lovely creamy and has a vanilla aroma. It is supposed to have fruity elements in it but unless they are deeply hiden within I have not noticed these.

      It is far harder than Lush massage bars and even holding mine in warmed hands doesn't really make it melt much. I found that it was hard work to get the massage oils from the bar and it really is lasting me a long time.

      The oils do allow my skin to be moisturised but I wouldn't really want to rely on this as a massage oil as it is too hard to release from the bar.


      This is a bath bomb and quite a decent size so I broke mine into three. It had added cocoa butter so that it makes the water not only soft but also moisturises your skin while you enjoy a lovely soft scented bath.

      This one smells mildly of fruitiness but I can't pick the fruit exactly. I imagine it might be strawberry as they are lots of tiny seeds in the bath bomb. I really don't know why they put the strawberry seeds in there as they were not there for exfoliation and didn't really add any scent. All they did in my view was float around and then get stuck in the greasy film around the bath as the water went out.

      The scent was subtle in the extreme and I could only detect it when I went out of the room and came back in as the bath was filling up. I liked the soft water and the fact that it also had cocoa butter in the bomb which gave a really nice moisturising element to the bath too. I enjoyed lying and relaxing in the bath knowing that my skin was being softened and the smell was pleasant but far from overpowering. On getting out my skin did feel soft and moist but sadly the smell didn't really last much on me.

      I did have to clean the bath and properly as the layer of grease with strawberry seeds was not appealing.


      Once again I broke this in three as I noticed it also had the cocoa butter in it and I found that it was quite greasy enough using a third.

      This one had a slightly floral scent; I think it was lavender judging by the lavender flower bits that floated around in the bath. It wasn't obvious that the smell was lavender and considering that is quite a strong scent I was surprised. It also has clary sage and lime oil which are there to uplift and inspire.

      Anyway it fizzed away leaving a clear slightly green bath with bits of lavender flower floating around. The scent once again was subtle, pleasant and sort of floral but definitely not strongly lavender. The water was nicely softened and of course the cocoa butter added a nice scent and the lovely moisturising element as well.

      Once again I enjoyed my bath because it was relaxing, nice pleasant scent and left me with lovely soft skin. Once again I had to clean the bath and remove the layer of grease and lavender flowers before getting into bed which was a bit off putting.


      This was my favourite of the three bath bombs. The smell was lovely, not obviously banana, and more creamy caramel fruitiness. A bit like a Banoffee pie sort of aroma and it also had chocolate chunks in it.
      Once again I broke it into three and it was easy to see the chunks of white and brown chocolate in the bath bomb. As I dropped my third in to the warm bath water and watched it fizz away. The chocolate bits sat on the top for a while until I swirled the water around and then I could see the chocolate melting into the water. It also has pure vetiver and sandalwood oils which help soothe and calm.

      I LOVED this one and really enjoyed lying in the bath and the scent was a cosy sort of smell sweet and comforting. It felt lovely and soft and my skin felt soft afterwards too. This scent did last for a bit of time on me but sadly it did need me to wash the bath after I had let the water out but I have sort of got used to this by now.

      This soap is very pretty with bright reds greens and yellows and sort of abstract designs in a clear or transparent glycerine soap. It has a fresh minty or more like tee tree sort of scent but not overpowering.
      It does sadly have sodium laureth and other chemical sounding ingredients which is a shame as they profess to be all natural. They are committed to animal rights and the protection of the environment .


      Yes and no. This is beautifully wrapped and presented and all the items inside are pretty and unusual but they don't have the wow scent that Lush products do. They all had the cocoa butter element so all were moisturising in the bath but this also means that you have a rather greasy bath to clean after you have finished relaxing in the bath which somewhat detracts from the relaxation.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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