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Bomb Cosmetics Chilly Willy Bath Blaster

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2011 21:53
      Very helpful



      Rather disappointing bath product

      Bomb Cosmetics - Mistletoe Kisses - Chilly Willy Bath Blaster

      Bomb Cosmetics is a company that sells on the internet, through Amazon and also in shops such as Past Times on the high street. I first came across them as I was given a couple of sets by my children for my birthday. I believe I have written reviews on two of the sets and although both were very nice I think from choice I would go back to Lush as their stuff has a stronger aroma and also I can really feel the benefits of their bath products which I struggle to really enjoy with Bomb Cosmetics products. This was a special Christmas gift box produced by this company for the festive season. I treated myself to this using some Amazon vouchers when the box was reduced early in the year. I read some reviews about the products enclosed and thought that I'd give them a try.

      I have had a couple of their sets and like Lush they present their products in very different ways which is part of their charm. They also profess to be cruelty free and use natural ingredients as far as possible.

      This gift set is no different. It came beautifully gift wrapped in a white with olive green leaves thick wrapping paper and tied around the parcel was a Bomb Cosmetics red ribbon with the gift tag attached. Once I had unwrapped the paper I found a cardboard box sealed with sticky tape which I had to cut through. On opening the box I was hit by a lovely fresh smell of bath goodies which were buried in curling wood shavings. It was a bit like a lucky dip hunting out the various goodies hidden within but I am reviewing each item individually so you don't get overwhelmed with too much excitement as l take you through each item individually and give you my person verdict on each.
      Inside my gift set was:

      Santa Baby Bath Blaster 160g - review written already
      Chilly Willy Bath Blaster 160g - this review
      Ho Ho Holly Bath Blaster 160g - review to follow
      Snow Time Like the Present Soap 100g - review to follow
      Christmas Wonderland Soap 100g - review to follow
      We Three Kings Bath Creamer 30g - review already written

      The product I have been using in my bath on the last couple of night Is the 'Chilly Willy Baby Bath Blaster'. This looks a bit like a snowman's face with peppercorns for his mouth and eyes and a 'carrot' for a nose. If you would like to see a video of this being used in the bath ( not naked bodies I'm afraid!) then use this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj2ddW3BcXw He is a bit odd looking but not as weird as the Santa Baby one I reviewed previously. It is about the size of a tennis ball and is all white apart from his eyes and nose. The Chilly Willy Bath Blaster weighs in at 160g.
      According to the Bomb Cosmetics people these are the benefits:

      'Stay out of the cold by taking a relaxing warm bath with Chilly Willy, which is made with warming Cinnamon and Sandalwood essential oils and reviving Sweet Orange Oil'

      This bath blaster is still available from Amazon should you wish to test it for yourself at the cost of 2.35 which in my view is rather a lot for this one. I notice the reviews on Amazon all give this 5* but I would not give it more than 2* myself.

      This bath blaster is supposed to be a winter warmer with warming Cinnamon and Sandalwood essential oils and reviving Sweet Orange Oil. Considering what a powerful smell cinnamon has I was unable to detect this at all in my bath blaster neither when it was dry nor as it fizzed in my bath. The sandalwood was barely detectable either; in fact the only scent that I could smell was the sweet orange oil.
      I used most of the blaster in my bath but kept a bit aside so that I could re-enact the fizzing in a cup while I wrote my review. As I sniff my cup of blaster water I can only describe the smell as similar to Alka Seltser or the disgusting fizzy stuff you buy from the pharmacy when you have cystitis. It is fizzy and slightly citrus smelling but in a rather wishy washy way.

      A bath blaster is designed to do the same job as a bath bomb. The main ingredient in both is bicarbonate of soda which makes it fizz and also does the job of softening the water. So apart from the scent these fizzy beasts are to soften the water and give a bit of fun by fizzing to release the aromas held within. At first I wasn't sure what his mouth and eyes were made from but in order to enlighten all of you I but into one and discovered it was I as suspected a peppercorn. The nose was very odd, a bit plastic like and didn't dissolve in my bath so once again in the interests of full reviewing information I decided to bit into in. It was a sort of chewy sweet I think, but even I wasn't going to go beyond finding it was sweet and the consistency of a chewy sweet.

      The scent once it had fizzed was in my view not evident in my bath water at all. It wasn't even particularly evident that the water felt softer either so all in all apart from the fact that I had a few peppercorns in my bath and bits of partly dissolved sweetie there was any obvious change to my bathwater.

      When I have bought essential oils in the past I had sweet orange oil and only a couple of drops in my bath made it smell lovely. If there were essential oils in this they must have barely waved the bottle over the mixing bucket for this one. I found this to be a very unexciting bath experience with little or no scent and no discernable water softening or skin moisturizing benefits either.

      I would suggest that is a purely novelty item for Christmas and not the sort of thing I would buy for myself usually. I only bought this as it was on sale on Amazon. Frankly I think that the fiver I spent on this was more like the price in should be. In fact I think I got two sets for just over eight pounds which was half price. Had I paid full price I would have felt very ripped off. So save your money as I would in no way pay full price for this one.

      So would I recommend? No, I think I'll not bother buying this one a second time. Lush, have no fear I am not abandoning you in favour of Bomb Cosmetics as so far everything I have tried has been less exciting in terms of smell and body moisturizing benefits too. A very unimpressive product that I would not recommend at a pound never mind the 2.35 it does cost.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name


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        06.01.2011 14:01
        Very helpful



        Overall a nice bath blaster but not nice enough :o)

        On to my next Bomb Cosmetic treat from my lucky winnings from Dooyoo; another one from the festive range I had never tried nor seen before. The results I had from my last festive bomb left me in good hopes for this one, but sadly was a little disappointed with the results from this bath blaster.

        Bomb Cosmetics - Chilly Willy Bath Blaster 160g:

        'Stay out of the cold by taking a relaxing warm bath with Chilly Willy, which is made with warming Cinnamon and Sandalwood essential oils and reviving Sweet Orange Oil'

        Looking at this bath blaster I thought it looked very funky and fun for bath times; it looked just like the face of a snowman even had the carrot looking nose to match! When taking it out of is plastic wrapping it didn't give much scent off unlike the bath creamer I had previously tried and this was three times its size. I was hoping that it would give off more fragrance once it hit the water as I love orange and sandalwood fragrances.

        My Findings:

        When I first popped the bath blaster into the water I was expecting a lot of fizz from the name 'bath blaster' but this melted away like any normal bath bomb I have tried in the past. I did notice a sweet spiced orange aroma which started to emerge from the bath but it was very mild.

        The first this that came away from the bath blaster was it's black pepper seed eyes and mouth which had to be fished out the bath as they didn't dissolve within the water and well didn't want them ending up in places they shouldn't! It didn't take long for it to fully melt away; the only thing that was left after a couple of minutes was its carrot looking nose.

        I waited just a couple of minutes longer hoping it was dissolve like the rest of the blaster already had but no it was still there. I got myself into my bath picking up the snowman's nose on the way, it was a little rough and solid to touch and it smelt like marzipan but I can't see that within the ingredients list?
        I rubbed it between my hands and it soon melted away, while laying in my bath I could see the water glisten from the oils floating around in the water which was rather pretty looking in the candle light. The bath water more or less stayed the same colour just going ever so slightly cloudy.

        As I couldn't smell much when smelling the bath blaster before in went into the water I was hoping the heat from the water would release a strong aroma as the oils dispersed from the bath blaster, but sadly this fragrance was extremely mild. To me it was just like orange juice with a hint of spiced cinnamon which was really nice; I just wish it gave off a stronger aroma.

        The water within the bath feel soft to touch but again not as soft as the other bath bombs I have tried from Bomb Cosmetic's in the past, once getting out the bath and drying myself my skin was nice as soft but I still needed to moisturise after use. Normally when using a bath bomb I don't feel the need to moisturise after a bath so that was rather disappointing. Once I was completely dry I could no longer smell anything of the bath blaster, which was another let down.

        How to use:

        Nice and easy just put your bath blaster into your already run bath while still warm! Or put in your bath blaster whilst running your water. Soon as your blaster hits the water it starts to melt, once melted relax in your bath.

        Price and Availability:

        To purchase this from the Bomb Cosmetic's web site they no longer have it to buy singly; however It can be purchased as part of a gift set which is how I received mine, the gift set is called Mistletoe Kisses for £11.99 and contains -

        Santa Baby Bath Blaster 160g
        Chilly Willy Bath Blaster 160g
        Ho Ho Holly Bath Blaster 160g
        Snow Time Like the Present Soap 100g
        Christmas Wonderland Soap 100g
        We Three Kings Bath Creamer 30g


        Which as I have found out makes a wonderful gift for all bath lovers out there, and can also be purchased from other online stores such as Amazon for £2.39 (for the single bath blaster) plus delivery which I do admit is on the pricey side for just one bath blaster.

        Right now this can be purchased for a bargain price of £4.80 for the gift set from Amazon!

        Orders over £25.00 are free delivery from the Bomb Cosmetic web site.


        I don't think this is something I would purchase singly it didn't give me the results I was hoping for, and from the same range I have had much better results so rather let down by this one. The fragrance was rather weak, I still had to moisturise after use and scent didn't transfer to skin.

        To purchase this blaster on its own will cost around £2.39 and for the results I do think that is somewhat pricey given the results are not brilliant.

        I think it is far better value purchasing the gift set as long as you like the others inside the set of course; and though the results was not outstanding I wouldn't mind another set for Christmas 2011. I'm a little on the fence so to speak when it comes to recommending this bath blaster or not; as my sister tried this from a set she had for Christmas and loved it but she likes much milder fragrances in the bath room.

        So I would say give it a go if you can get it cheaper or even better given to you in a lovely gift set.

        Two out of five stars from me

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        Suitable for vegetarians.
        Bomb Cosmetics are environment friendly with there cards and glasses can all be recycled, none of their products are tested on animals.

        Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics
        Unit 4, Wallisdown Industrial Estate,
        502 Wallisdown Road,
        BH11 8PT

        Tel: ++44 (0) 1202 859059


        Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance), Sucrose, Aqua (Water), Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) Seed, Prunus Amygdalus Amara (Almond) Nut, Sorbitol, Saccharide Hydrolysate, Glucose, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet Orange) Peel Oil, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Beta Carotene, Albumen, Lactis Proteinum, Triticum Vulgare, Citral, Limonene, Linalool, CI 47005, CI 15985 (Yellow 6), CI 16225, CI 73015 (Blue 2).


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        Description: Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Bath melt / Bath bomb

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